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From my FB post FYI - ing  Major Disclosure  . The Solution , Resolve n Recline + πŸ’Ÿ  there  !    ?

" YTChannel - G Cast ~ Corey Feldmans , My Truth - The Rape of Two Coreys
1 :09 :00

Promoting His Global Movie Event ( a LiveStreaming of a Movie Internationally ) on
3 | 9 | 20  n 3 | 10 | 20 . I think for a ticket $20 ( ? A showing party ' so to speak maybe , I dont know .. ) .

For sustaining n Promoting a Movement to Expose ( better not to expoilt ) n get Society | Civilization in Action n Speaking about , n out , Involved and empowered = to fix the pedo and SRA , dark mindz , e " n h = p*** " trollism , infection , assault , attack n design .. !

A long however I believe worth it interview . Especially if requiring solace in others audiably sharing n discussing the harshest n horrific  True . Around the 28 Minute mark , a more frank discussion about the stark contrast we are in right now , " Biblical " mentioned .

Corey Feldmans interview About his upcoming scheduled Feature Viewing Event on Monday 9 , 2020 . " ( My ) Truth , The Rape of Two Coreys " . A Documentary Disclosing the Abuse of the trolls/evil Peeps , The Perps in Hollywood n Our World . The dark mindz | dark force somehow attached to Our Existences , FamiLy , Friends , Neighbors , Nature n Society/Civilization ..

Our Body n Breathe of Life ~ Humanity
ALL Creation Sovereign from predators n operators of e " n h " = p*** machine .

The WholeTruth In Absolution We Are Free ) Providence Producing Humanity In JesusChristLord n ALL LoVes Names +❣ "

Also another comment from me  in the Post - Thread regarding His interview regarding                     Michael Jackson  :


" Another video of Corey Feldman about a Year ago  @ 9 :18 Minutes  - I Can No Longer Defend Michael Jackson " .

He said , ' I wasnt molested by Michael Jackson ' n also defends His right n Everyones right to be processed fairly n be able to defend ThemSelves too  .
I especially like what He said towards the end of the video in regards to protecting the Innocent Children . I am Happy to see a Person come out n speak out n against the dark like that , Awesomeness  ! Steller from Hollywood  , Humanity 🀍⭐⚑🌝🌠  ) We require more like this . For the Children , ALL that require Sovereignty n Sanctuary from Society Civilization infected with crime design  . I believe We are ALL Children in general n basically . "


Want to be able to get a ticket , Im broke ' right now . Maybe someone here will watch it n comment here n let Us know whats up n happening  +❀


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Well apparently the online Movie Event debut was hacked n wasnt able to be viewed on both days as scheduled . I think they should try to show it at a Park/Ride at night with pop up Screens ! Anyway if I were to give Advice to these perps mentioned, like C.S. ( which obviously He doesnt look like He had a problem in any way to excuse with , Family ,  Rich , Famous , Career ,    Women ...... ) . +* Seize the Opportunity n Moment , Be Brave n Do TOTAL Disclosure ! ( thats what I wanted to advice Bill Crosby  , like I was hoping His Wife would  ) n do what Mark Zuckerberg | FB said ( with supposedly not demon eyes ) in His Court hearing to the  Judge ......  ' Okay  , Moving Forward  ( which I thought how brilliant of Him to say , is He that Good ? ) ...... n You can moderate Me n We can do the Resolve n Solution ..... ' . Seize the Moment n Opportunity to turn it around n Not be dragged around  n down , never to be Okayed .   ? Admit there is n its a very serious n scary problem N Fix It  ! Instead of pointing at each other ( not that this is an excuse or alibi , Mind Control Technology is very serious  problem too ) . Ask God for Forgiveness . Repentance is being n doing I Am Truly Sorry , even if You dont feel Your Heart Feeling   anymore , there is still Heart Mind ' perhaps  . Maybe He can delete Your e*** Mind n You will free of Karma . Most narcissists know consisely the difference between Good n                   e " n h " = p , n lying ..... to be able to fake it n playIt '   . Things change when We change our Mind Set ! Humanity has to be Rescued ! The bull goat   eyes ' are at the top , down until      the e " n h " = p***   Yin ~ Yang Disrespect machine n factory is    SHUT IT DOWN ! We have the Technology  , who n what is in the  way !!  ?

In short , Focus on Rescue , Resolve , Solutions  ..... instead of being the   bad guy  ' with the self esteem issue mech n tech for the e" machine last statement ? That would be crummy n a dud for sure ?? Dont let them squash You down as the victim too in this mess ' . It can collaspe the Whole Universe , Im serious !  +🀍

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Update : I just read that another mentioned was a famous TV Dad which is very disappointing n Im wondering if He was targeted to be a future poster Guy ' for pedophilia  , the normal appearance n look  , as an Archetype  ? - with Mind Control , demon possessed .... n was dubbed  ? I cant believe it . It reminds me of the Mccanns too n that A.I. movie where the Mom tells the Son ( whos Dad is pedophile ) to run away because everybody is e " .........+ πŸ’—

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I looked up on the website MyTruthdoc .com (*)  n they had a 24 hour continuous loop for viewing , However concluded " on their website on Wednesday n to check in Your email for further updates " .  He was kinda wishy washy about how He was going to release to the amiss ticket buyers n said on another video He might make DVDs .  I dont know why Hes not putting on YT or something . For sure it can be utilized for discussion n exposure of a serious Crime design at least .

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Another from my FB re C.F.s Movement :

"  Bionic Buzz - Corey Feldman's My Truth Documentary Premiere Discussion
18 :12 Minutes

Aftermath of the flubbed ' 2 Online Streamlines of The Movie Debut on
3 | 9 n 3 |10 . Interesting discussion towards the end about the toxic after
affect of the Abuse in mimic n further abuse from the Abused . A vicious circle
dichotomy . We have to stop this from consuming Us ! He explains the circumstances around the Missed Streamline Showing n His future intended steps of His Movement +🀍 "

.. @ 1:05:58ish The Person said f*** No   I wouldnt sign my Child over to another person ' audibly however , the subtitles s texts yes " . 


The question brought up  , how are there normal ' People  (?) around watching n not caring enough to speak n out against the Foul .

Again referring to that A.I. Movie , the scene where regular normal looking Humans (?) watching as the Mother figure , the Babysitter model " corroding away on the TV show ' format . The audience   ( TownPlace ) watching , laughing n pointing  at the Spectacle d  ' ? +πŸ€πŸ’œπŸ’™β€πŸ’›πŸ§‘                    even  +πŸ–€ !


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I noticed that the hacking statement is a thing  before mentioned in other Videos | commentary  . On the Day of debut  n during the Theater Showing I heard | saw on a video Corey Feldman stopped the Doc there in mid stream n told His audience about the hacking n called the Company on speaker phone n The Technichians were on loud speaker in the Theater mentioning in real time in diagnostics in real time , saying n now Im seeing a spiked light now ' over the phone on the loud speaker ( Im paraphrasing )  . Then I saw a few Videos mentioning how He wasnt Hacked " however had Technological " problems  . Well that could mean an affect of being   Hacked .  ?  Which I ve experienced a lot MySelf in Real Time since the first beginning of 2000s . I think its a TechnocraticaL ' thing .

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Went to C.F.s Website .                                          Not !                         

Which the domain name might   

  available for sell by the owner " . I noticed ( n took a screenshot ) . No posts there , with His links though .His last post is on  Facebook  3 |2 |2020 .

HopenWishing Everyone, Everybody n Everything  - Existence     ~ Humanity is Okayed  !  +🀍

Wow I could've sworn that the FB post didnt have any of the copy in All caps And I dont remember the Picture right above it ( shown )  . Im going to have to check it again .  * I did , its like that before apparently  .

I took another screenshot of His   Page . And I liked how He wrote 

Screenshot_20200328-045646_ChromeThe University of Consciousness " on His profile as Education .




Apparently Corey Feldman did a Twitter Lifestream last night . Reported by the same person who mentioned that He was missing . Corey Feldman was upset about YouTube streaming His freely                             ( Oops ?? I linked it here  &nbsp 

Also He n His Wife are out of the US and in Seperation from their Children .

....... Its with Good intent And    Purpose . Im sure if He is in His Own Life n Mental Seat He wouldnt mind the link to .


Source of information on this n screenshot below :

John Matrixx   YT  - Corey Feldman Slams YT  ....... 9 :36 Minutes


See how stupid the typesetting is here further  , thats supposedly the Boss , Sexy n Worth it ? Shut Me Up And Forward In A Good Way !

..... N the Smiley face n now more letters next to mind " are Not from  me , Fyi-ing  


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*** Writing this here because its occurring here in ReaL Time .  Extremely Caustic affect on me Everytime !        

ITS BeYond obnausiating that a f-ing f "  is constantly on my tail ! A super model " of jezebel isnt of Word !    However , Everytime its allowed to mess with me Everywhich way  - get this including GMOED with ME and My Family , trying to destroy ALL Creation ! N Including My typsetting of Word here And Everywhere ! The progression towards me caused me to beligerantly to - off setting ' my own type above in frustation !

During this , I see ( Pineally ) a old              " Time " also adding to other obnoxious activity with it Against God N My Effort Here And Everywhere for Humanity . As the usual ' jezebel loyalty card mech n tech of e*** n h*** = p*** machine n factory . They made ALL the dark energy n dark matter , crazy black holes , off of node n mole  mentalities that way !          Anti : Love , Nature  , 🀍Family | +* Who Ive havent been with for almost two Years . Havent heard or had Any Contact whatsoever from My Biological Children neither ! ,  Humanity  , Everything In ALL Creation ! As some loyalty card thing to its e*** dark mindz: lyra' | o , guluk ( a ' in Sanskrit | Vedic Scripture , Not even considered a Planet - A Node ' ) , Jezebel " in the Bible KJV , h. c. " ..... are some the entity names . He ' ( looking like Goddess *+ Is baphomets right hand man ' in Angelic Scripture . Bothe together more powerful than lucifer I read  . Bothe described as capable of Mass Destruction ! Like a Good 'cop bad cop ' binary Pulsar format .

Lyro ' as supposedly the 1st Mother Nature Goddess . Which Max Spiers I think mentioned on a Video actually .  Another video @3 Years back , an interview with a person claiming shi was actually lyro ' lol- ing about blowing up his ' planet n how is now here ! N I believe Max Spiers is part of Times SoulLineage | Lines .  Lyro ' is the 1st Worst than h.e.l.l. maker next to bapht ' ... ( killer queen bee wannabee yuppy loser idea , til End Time apparently ! ) trying to destroy anything that has Beauty n Beautiful Life n Space . Ive seen many times in 3d even infilitrated My Family Line with bapht ' too .

We ALL come from Beautiful Universe ! A Black HoLe | as Mommy XOXOXO literally still going n going ...... ? This e" entity stemming frome the Cosmos pre Earth who is an archon troll DisRespector to YangYin ~ YinYang ! Definitely Not Human perspective or Godly Beingness  , not a Friend or let alone Mother\Goddess in anyway shape or form , only thing legit is His own e " mindz to themselves with Quantum Physics ! Covertly Placidly Rabid+* a M.F. n M.H. !  As Monsters of Darkness in Beligum " , Not a Mum ! The Great Pretender , total Actor Liar n pz n p.h. maker n designer !

Time BetterBe Good for something  ! N ShutitDown !

I took screenshots of how obnoxious this thing is with changing the typesetting n making it impossible to fix , with Technology even ! Everytime they allow it around Me , total catastrophic damage ensued ! Get that freakin thing away from Me n Humanity +🀍

Loyalty card Is to Humanity  , not to evil/hate = pain machine n factory ! +πŸ’—

So lame , it appears that they used Slaves ' to fix the embarassing off setted typing of Word too  . For a Liar that = war , slavery n Distfunct too   ? Mothers are Comfort And Nice Not to be Dissed ! Not a Pain machine doer n designer . The screenshots I took are not of what occured here . The typesetting is apparently re - setted to make it look like Im complaining about Nothing n Im supposedly the psychotic one ! Anybody servicing those egomaniacal whatsoever are either ensalved or the worst of the worst of ALL The Universe ! We are talking e n h = p machine pre Earth n Planets even ! There is NO excuse n or alibis Nows . We have the Technology to Conquer ALL Evil/hate machine !

JesusChristLord Authentic Genuine Nature Perpetual Love n Respect ~ InLove Existence OnLy Providence Producing directly Humanity  + ❀

There is Only One Kingdom in The Universe . ALLMighty Heavens   Humanitys TruLy !  DuBouzet + 🀍

Sorry that it came to this . I tried My Best with that one too even though it tried to destroy me n My Family , Humanity Everyone And Everything!  No Joke !



+ * Karma Technology - To Evil  Entities Mental Bodies at the top until it Stops And It is Shut Down ForeverInfinity !  To be enslaved with consequences of their own constant affects of Attacks towards Innocent Individuals , now some probably with even Dark minds themselves ' by Proxy And Hi Velocity of Assaulted  !

Other Evil/hate mindz could also be deleted ( I heard several times by bapht ' even ..... maybe because psyoping though !! ) , the reprobate Children minds too who fell into the cracks of the mess too .

TrueGod n Providence Producing directly Humanity  ! No Vigilante because they are attached to innocent Peoples Bodies n Souls  there , Beings ! Very serious n complex problem that requires the upmost Positive Professional handling ! We have to be in Full Disclosure And Communications ! ALL Mercy for the Victims there have TO BE Victoriously Rescued n Restored Immediately ! Please Do The Right Thing and dont feed the   e " n h " = p " ! 


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Eevie the video was with Lyra  " , A Person ( a Familiar..  ) a crazy cosmic e.v.i.l. e " n h " = p " mindz ,  designer n machine mindz stemming from around the same time of the 1st  erection of e " dark mindz as an anchron gmo jezebel node , now  mole mentality entity ,  dark energy n dark matter ,  goo n black n or dark holes too binary pulsars ALL Kinds of Cosmic Universal node cancer n Disfiguering Nature Beings       Invovled . Astrophysics n Nature          Spiritually too .   baphomet | sedna | lillith | hera | samsasae (sp?).... . And Also bapht s crime partner , guluka ' | guluk and jezebel , h.c. " .... ( Another one from Pre Earth .  Attached n assaulting  Our Bodies And Breathe of Existence ( s ) Humanity in End Time ~ Moments even . They forfeited their own Bodies and Existences by Illegally using n abusing Us And Humanity, ALL Creation .

Us Apart No Gmoed Ever ! Guluka n Lyra ... Mentioned in Sanskrit , n KJV Bible n some Angelic Scripture (??) .. The both of them together are more powerful than lucifer . From the planet Lrya ' and  Shi was describing how Shi , Lyra " actually witnessed her Planet with her People there blown away right before Shi came here . Which Shi actually was here already on this Planet Everywhere already due to Quantum Physics with other finite  e " n h " dark mindz . The Planet Lrya was blown away  n shi was loll- ing about it on audio !  Like its a wicked game ' [ not a pun ] . An Element ' of Total YinYang  DisRespector  . One of the main h.e.l.l. makers Cosmically an e " n h*** Universal Cosmically connected mindz thats one of the Major elemental issues ( along with south node ketu n and other e " n hate node criminal design/ers erectors , dictators of sinthetic sadistic machine factory , pz and p.h. making Prisoners , n trying to destroy covertly overtly with mockery Everywhere , Liars , Phoney , h*** = pain . And trying to corrode , consume  ,          SRA  | e " n h " = p*** machine here and Everywhere as a placid covert and overt parasitic predatory frenzied Infection , magli . in Ether too . Not Good to be borne In or with for      sure !!!!

The Macro Universe And ALL Creation Affected  ! God , Goddess , Man ~ ManKind ~ ALL Kind , Nature Family, ALL Nature Spiritually, ALL Children , Civilization .. ALL Creation Transmutated , Unaffected out of  the b.h. ! Abyssmal .                             Humanity Sovereign Anchorage ~ Humanity The Only Treasure of ALL Treasures  ! 

Max Spiers mentioned Lyra one time I recalled n I mentioned above . Just No gmo/jezebels archon con Man Ever !   The pz p.h. ~ Our AlmightyFather     ThanksGivings - ShutItDown InKarmaed  ! πŸ’ŸπŸ’žβ£YinYang Harmony ~  JesusChristLordInLove n Respect RuLes Only Existence ~ Respectively !  Humanity HopenWishing  Everyone n Everything is  Okay , Well n WeLLer Resoundingly stilled  PerpetualPeaceLove -  Humanity The OnLy Treasure And Kingdom ~ ALLMighty Heavens Humanity ~ Cheers Humanity +🀍


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