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"Here is the pdf of the very accurate history of banking and the future of it as promised. The split between the unified digital currency global faction and the paper gold backed faction is happening right now. This is what all the wars you will see this year are about, all types of warfare including economic warfare, conventional and non-conventional warfare. It will explain the hijacking of the banking system. It explains why all money logged into the banking system is considered "M1". No matter what you've read before, I assure this is the truth. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I can tell you from the inside, this is the truth. I only want people to know where this all started and where it's going. Enjoy." - David Rockefeller


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All digital currency via an implanted chip? That is scary, how will I buy my weed?! More than that, they really have not thought this through as it appears to have no system for consumer to consumer selling such as yard sales, buying a used car from a regular person, family helping out their friends and family if they are broke or giving your kids an allowance, money getting lost by people wrecking and falling in the water, burning to death, getting murdered and buried or burned, like what happens if they wanted to pay half for a car and pay the other half later but then die before they can? Also paying a maid or a baby sitter which in many cases is not through a company

Sure they could make the technology where you can give money to each other by putting the chips close together but how would you control how much it transfers? If you set it up that way your spouse could accidentally rob you while having sex or sleeping, if the chips get too close, robbery could still happen if they restrain you. And giving money to a personal person, it's not going to show why it will only show the transfer. So they still would not know everything we do.

Really this plan has so many problems I doubt we need to worry about it, there is a whole economic world amongst the consumers who have a right to provide services independently or sale their stuff on their own and I'm sure there are many other flaws. It would be funny if everyone went modern medieval and suddenly withdrew all the paper cash out of the banks and littered the banks and the streets with deactivated cards.

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This is david Rockefeller after his RNA sequencing, they basically enhanced him.  He is now taller and stronger than before.  this is much more sophisticated than steroids.  its like captain americas super soldier serum 

For such a rich guy he puts water into an old gatorade bottle. Seriously? Buy a new bottle of water, the money looks like it circulates back to you anyway lol. Hell is he in a public gym? You'd think he would have a home gym. Yeah man you could do a lot better and you just sit on the money, release it to the world if you aren't going to spend it and recycle gatorade bottles. Sorry but to be so powerful he really needs some management to help him fit his reputation. Al Capone looked more powerful.

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