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Did the FBI mishandle Trump - Russia Investigations  ?

4 : 35 Minutes Video by CGTN America

I left this comment ... 2 attachments.

The comment Not appearing on the comment counter on the yt video , last I saw. And I was prompted to post this.   🤍




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Also just prior to that time ( 2016 )     Max Spiers .. was doing Full Disclosure    ( priming regarding Pizzagate too )  Precursor to Trumps Presidential Race with H Clinton. Max passed away , a couple Months prior to when It got more heated.  Assassinated *+  by M.A. and / or All '  ??  🤍🩷

Several Diversions And Block towards pizzagate Sra Issue ConcludeD!

To the recent explosive blurp and turn out on TV by Tucker Carlson  , " Pizza " after all that time ! About 7 Years now . Please ALLLLMerciful! 🤍💗

It didnt' get better until It Did And Does. Completly Neutralized And Eradicated by[E] Nows , No Gmoed! 🤍⚪️

Max apparently mixed with 666 issues though too - in the past by defauted' ??

I saw Him in 3d a couple of times after He had passed. With a new name.

It wasnt Good what had occured.  I reported about on SSF about 4 Years  ago .

I Witnessed A Total hyjack of His Mind Space ( by ketu , freddy k , jz. , lilith,  the d , satan " ) .  H' actually said [ when I noticed And called It Out ]  ... H'  , has      ( His New ) Body for 3 Months " ! And We started yelling at each other ( this all occured on the Streets of         Los Angeles , CA on a bus bench , walking on our way to My Studio then. )  .... H' tried to accost Me.  I  had to leave  Him , I was trying to help Him too 💖🩵🌠🌌⬜️⚪️🤍

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yeah that is a complicated matter. they own everything so i dont know whats going on. like they own the fbi and they own the presidents. they own both parties.  plus the real trump could be gone and replaced with something or someone. a example of something is a android which could replace presidents in various realities. yeah they own russia to. or they are attempting to. they can even say someone is a russian spy to make them look like a bad guy. so yes its complicated in general. even hard to say who means well. that includes trump possibly meaning well or just following orders. i just know one thing. if im invited to join a group i hope they are not with the american government in this reality. such as fbi or cia. thanks. - eclipse

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

Yes , thats why We require Diagnostics  , Gnostically | Knowing . Gnoing who We are actually conversing and fluxing and forging with.  Sustained and maintained  Humanity Of and For Everyone And Everything . Of course the World ' Is Of that Logic Still. Though It is Not appearing so .

At least there could Be some formal Organic Cognizant Psyops platform to work out with that too ?

Rescue , Policing , Protecting , Sheilding [ also Anti - The Antis. The : Ehp Sra 666. In the interim At least trying to make Full Circle Progression  , Amends , PermanentLy Out of The Sra mfh H Pain  MachinE , The Abyss , Loopy - LooppeD '!  That would Be The Most Important Focus And  Movement (s) Of ALLLL 🤍💖

... Focused on No GmoeD! , Rescue | Movement , Rapture  ( Kjv too ) ~ while also maintaining and sustaining the  Normal  ( and Natural ) standards and policies of Existence for ALLLL. Respect RuLe of Law .  Especially for The most targeted Ones 🤍🩷

The conventional baseline of Living : Comfort , Health  and Well Being , Resonance.  Constantly Sustained And Maintained ( for Plateus Out too )  . The Baseline , Production , Providence , PrincipLe.

... The Continuity of going with a seemingly more simple oulet Of allready known Person [ A Person , Respresenting People And Peeps. Symmetry Synergy Affinity of ALLLL Beings.  A Real Authentic Genuine Person. A Person Is A Person. ]  at least can be utilized as a barometer measurement to adhere  too [ as whether this is of PrincipLe Continuity of A PrincipaL , And streaming Produced Providence , Humanity . With Gnostically Gnoing Knowing if they are the Origjnal , Avatar                 ( polyfragmented by Assultz And Attacks  , by default-ed' .  Person ?? Or Not ) . We dont totally know until We Do , TruLy !  The Whole Intricate  Truth , Only in Good Probabilities ,  Quantum of course!

The Duh Pov of Spectrum baseline OnLy

There is OnLy One Nuclei FamiLy ,  Gods ~ Nuclear FamiLy Humanity , ALLLLL Verse Is ALLLLLove Verse , ALLLL FamiLy 🤍⛅️💖😇🌠⬜️⚪️☯️🌌🙏🩷

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