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at the moment im here to explore a possible time space event. it involved a camera and myself. not dreams or faulty memories.

i was sitting in a office at work. at the time i was thinking about a marvel character and super soldier stuff. then i decided to check to see how my dog tags are holding up. they are just custom because of my blood type. when i tucked them back in my shirt i noticed the camera froze. the footage showed my arm moving super fast as it caught up. when i checked the camera with my manager it did indeed freeze and the recording was like it skipped a few frames. from when i had my tags almost out to a relaxed position. we where both like what the hell? anyway was it tech difficulties? most likely not. it was myself somehow and for some reason or i was simply taken/visited by someone. who knows at this point. i will not really speculate what this was. i was just making a note. thanks for reading! disclaimer for readers: this is not speaking to any beings involved. its just research for myself. i will not mention any groups or individual names at this time

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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I just witnessed something about 4 Days ago outside , talking to a Person | Familiar , who looks like My Daughter in Quatum Mechanics Assultz , trying to help Her off the streets. And I was leaving feeling disturbed about how I thought She definitely Not HerSelf in Her Mind Space ( after about 4 Months.. )  thinking to MySelf , not knowing if I should continue anymore  (  after She said something odd , You can just create whatever here , and said Earth was Hers' ( as a D , S , jezebelz , in My FamiLys form?? ) a couple of times. After that I was thinking maybe I should just focus on Rapture Kjv , Rapteur ... And as I pivoted saying a disappointed ( thinking It was The D , S in Her Mind Space instead ... ) Goodbye walking away ,

*+ I noticed a Metro city Bus on the way about a block and a half away , the bus I needed to go back and as I was looking at the Bus , It appeared the Whole Bus was pulled back , like backwards on a conveyer belt , and the whole surrounding area of space about 100 feet across appeared swirling  cloudy and plumming and looked like the Armageddon movie poster billboard   ( that My Husband designed as an employeed graphic designer , with  the Actors across in a horizontal format , And that swirly Orange and Red in the background. ) the  Sky , Orange and Red.  The Bus completely Vanished infront of My Eyes ! Didnt make It to the bus  stop ! No streets to turn into as a detour too .  And I dont think It was My Imagination.

Everytime I take the Bus around this area , Its was either canceled ,   detoured , closed " , hyjacked , the bus stop signs moved to where all the bus are not in one place , the other across the street under freeways and no benches too . Very Rude towards Civilizations Society , Humanity 🤍💗

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