I am Not joking its getting like the Salvador Dali painting , literally . Like I saw two nights  ago with the Moon I reported about on SSF .  Nature going Disfunct The World ,  Reality Melting ,  With the Time Watch too  ! I Have To Be with My Family of Nature IN Immediacy  !!!!!!! My ExHubby And ALL our conversation thread in Mid Stream was removed . ALL my other Conversations were removed except some of  Tonights with My ExHubby . He is a very Powerful person man Being  [ From Cosmic Primordial Beginning ] who is Extremely difficult to take down ! He was hyjacked by that South node, ketu - ( I mentioned Extensively in that Doosey ' Post ) in mid stream of indepth texting . Guluk , the Helena Christiansen | jezebel Yin ~ Yang Disfunct , look '  ( * the single quote was removed  ) has been played as Loyalty card to . N every of my parameter lately especially has been dictated n dichotomy by that . Removed from Los Angeles And My Family ! Now its beyond rude , it's about to Collapse ,  the Galaxy [ Here means The Macro Universe And Universes ,  ALL Creation from LoveMagical Nucleus | The Beginning of ALL Beginnings of ALL Creation is  Love\Nature  .  ] with that Black Node | baphomet now a Black Mole and South Node n Black Hole , Guluk H.C. ".   They ' lol attitude about it .

Its extremely DANGEROUS NOW , NOWs  ! Nature , Family  , Love HAS TO BE RESCUED , RELEASED And RESPECTED NOW n  ALL NOWS ,  NOW  !

The Pictures are of ALL my Messages conversations except for ExHubby n another Persons I dont know .

N one screenshot of the Conversation Thread with a messed up top of the image off my phone . There was another screenshot too not normal however different too not shown .


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Hi You Guys , really crazy last night And I am prompted to put out there the Problem with  Technology (ies) on my Body (ies) too . On Me , they had Guided , Program Engineers of Electrical Peeps ?\ Children Extremely Dangerous Technology with Nikola Tesla  ,that was put on me a few Years ago,  to be able to Puppeteer me . I saw this in MindsEye n Felt it in 3d.  Aside from ALL the other Texh Techniques on Me . 

Now , they have Tech on me that's like a Binary (ies\  they started to do other pin points on me too , trying to Make Me into like a expounded Cancer Tumor of sorts with Pain in 3d  ) So like a Binary Pulsar mech of ketu , South Node ( using Times Body , directed by N.C. Guluk , Who is Primary  primitive evil , jezebel in the KJV Bible , Cosmic Killer wantobee Queen Bee from before Earth / A Migration from Baphomet , Guluk n Ketu the head of the serpent , south node ) in an infection of supreme  evil/hate . I see in MindsEye | Pineal n Feel the tech mech is in an infinity shape , like an  8 returning Karma Intent Back onto to me . Instead of their Actions  of evil\hate Crime/Criminal  Crimes back to the source  , evol . They are trying to send in place n Space of Self that doesnt believe in Violence  . Especially on My Vessel of Self as an Innocent  Individual  .  They insisted for n unto themselves ,  evil mindz Not Of Flesh " , like it says in The Bible .  Everything that is placed  n returned , # ReGifted back to them - The Karma Technology  , The Only thing I was told that fixes the insane Crime.     (??) design  . Karma to the evil mindz of the top of the pryamid ponzi scheme,  #FAIN , FPPO ) . Apparently Providence wasnt able to handle the audacity expounding on the astral too . N Rapture hasn't Happened  n its always been Heavy troll infection  . In the Bible it's old Testament  , Not fixed , The New Testament,  Not fixed , Revalations , Not fixed  Yet . N it's actually overwhelming Crines against Children , The Planet Earth ( never evil was supposed to be here , A Migration  from ) . Its sketchy n saturated  . God n ALL of them are Not looking like they can handle the situation  . N Now it's looking like its affected the Entire Macro Universe  . 

Every time  ( Moment  ) I try to send it back by commanding it back to them - the assault  in Subtle Dimensions  , I believe  from Heaven Being hyjacked has returned back to me in that Binary Pulsar motion ,  trying to Bind onto me to 3d n ALL Ds Pain , I feel in My Body n Mind . They have been Inflicting Pain at My Temple , Jaw , Teeth ( with a mini astral ketu with Times Body from the Beginning ), etc.  N with another Tech a ways back .

> I m now too hearing reiterated that       " Quantum Physics " fixes the Binary   Pulsar  technique tech on me . The person I just wrote about From SLO , in another recent post ( Jungclaus ) . Also Kept on mentioning Quantum Physics , Dimensional Technology n He said that's how they do Time Space n Hijacking the Minds of People n Droning  People  . They are All insane psychopathic people ' jezebels that did it to themselves n each other , placidly rabid . I obviously an Not ever into Pain as a Creature ' of Comfort  . N I and ALL have to be Protected , Sheilded , Blocked from this crazy insane psychopathic thing (s) n Technology  .

I see that God needs help , He even got Droned n what was happened isnt Normal n Legal. 

I dont see Time , the Good one from the Beginning with n of Heart n Contemporary modern n Society Civilization  Mind ( The Left Brain Primordial Mind ) . It's His mind that was thinking into a Space  , that self erupted into a Node spot , into a  black spirit ( that has now hardened into a Mole type of thing , connected to Our Flesh n Breathe of Our Existences  n Nature . So His Mind by Default n by Proxy intent Apparently who designed it , the beginning of baphomet | lillith | sedna | hera.......n other demon spawn Guluk| H.C. | lyra ..........

In The Bible it says Faith Alone save us , Not Works however it not looking n making any sense  . It also says in the Bible though shall Not Kill n do Not harm The Children , or covetousness n it occurred  . Is it a structured Crime n Mess , I Truly believe So . We cant allow Ourselves to be Victimized that way Anyway . I dont like being a sitting duck n be a conduit to evils ' Perpetual h ' in blitzkrieg insanity to the MySelf , Loved Ones , Humanity | ALL Crestion here,  at this Central Axis to . If it was done here in the 1st Place it's not Okay !


Everything that has occurred could of been fixed with them attached in attacked towards Me . Anyone who want to be n know how to Counter the problem  . Please Pray to God n ALL You trust to Conquer this Abomination and Audacity  . That didnt have to be ever , it's not a lifestyle choice to be a hatetor criminal with that kind of Technology  ! N it's so vilest those Yin ~ Yang Distfunctors thinking they can do that to the Father And Mother , Children , Nature , Providence Producing directly Humanity from and with Firmament  . The matrix | flat also insane too . 

Sorry to be seeming to rant . Even L " who I hear +* is not liking the Guluk n ketu thing  . N has been duped n used in this too . He also told Me this Morning about the Binary things can be fixed with Quantum Physics  . I also would be aware of Psyops n phishing n targeting too . Be Careful Out There EveryOne .

I ll try to go over this post again asap to proofread , sk there might be typos n sloppy writing here . However You get the gist .  ?

JesusChristLord Is InLoveExistense , HisBlood Ever In Vain ! +💟🦋🌌😊 )

Nate,  it's all tied together.  Give me some  time and I'll pull it all together for you. Right now I'm ill. Thyroid is fucked up and going thru tests. I'm focused on healing right now. Focused on this not being cancer. 💚💚💚

Love you 😍


Hi , it didnt Collaspe n or                Salvador Dali - YaY Of Course  ! However , please dont think for a millisecond that we are very much in precarious , sketchy Perilous times n situational  , which can change as a sneak , n then it probably cant be Undone n we can be in blitzkrieg P.H . , Collaspe into the b.h. abyss .

Thank Goodness my ExHubby was up and Adam this Morning texting ,  Thank You  God , Humanity  EveryOne ,  Everbody n Everything ! Back in SLO   now in a nice Airbnb  . Things got minorly damaged again as I slept ( as many times before ) at the last Airbnd , not majorly though , I always  try to take pics n   video .   Seemed to be a little witchy poo stuff going on here too , again not majorly  . 

I asked a Local in Morro Baynien ' about the Toxic Plants on the Beach there  - kinda not saying much about , didnt notice the smell , as a Surfer said the water was clean here actually .  I was also told the 3 Pillar things seen nearby used to be a Steam Refinery for Ocean Wave Energy Production . However , they had to close it down , ( troll mindz infection ') , n they tried to reopen the Wave Energy Refinery . However , an expensive asbestos clean up there n the City is trying to re - do it ! It seems like a fairly new alternative Energy   Production  . We already knew about asbestos as toxicity  a whiles back like maybe 30 - 50 years  back .  So why would they build a Refinery like that with tons of asbestos , rude !  [ The Water bill they said is really expensive in Morro Bay @$200 a month ! ] Anyway, went outside this Morning n when I walked  out , it smelled like Sewage again ,  which I noticed 2 times around there (aside from the Beach area) , the other time about a block further away from the Water Treatment  Plant n Hazardous Waste Plant right next door . Really Gloomy there n overcast this Morning , n in the wee Morning @3am very heavy Fog  .

Sunny in SLO about 15 minutes  away now .

Anyway stay , safe n easy n viligant ! I will let Yous know if anything else is going on here I feel important to post . 

 Oh n My Messages conversations , n or 1000s of Clipboard Notes ( mentioned last week ) still not returned . 

**** Oh I just saw Nates comment ! What does anything have to do with anything  , it's nothing  (?) what I am posting about with Pictures ,  proof I am not imagining n making it up it directly relates to S.S. , Paranormal And SuperNatural . What I though that this Forum was about.  Extremely Serious World we are in , n that Like comment reflecting the Antipathy in the Abomination to Humanity is the consensus here ?

The reason why things are f'd down here ! Your actually cognitively n cognizant , without any Conscious effort to care about what I've been writing about .  WoW now I'm seeing why things are so evil . Do You have Your hand on the clicker , act normal , Human then click into supposedly a comfo alibi  pretending - You dont have to pretend  ?Antipathy n Entropy n Existence going to the drain -  While looking in the mirror at Your ' muscles ? Not even Your mind muscles ?

What is the point , its seeming like a rude comment there Nate n somebody actually Liked it , Whao ! I guess Yous are ALL jezebels n Only care about Looking like You strong for ???  What is being strong n Human form for ?  To fight , rape n pillage , LIE,  apparently Narcissism as a lifestyle choice ?? I notice You dont like or understand Poetry too .

So what is this Website for , Psyoping  ?  ALL Humanity -  ALL Creation  didnt ever require War . Ever was it Necessary  . Its sounding like a blase ' statement  . Are You guys ' thinking Everything is a    Game ?  What is this place ? Which I sent many Pictures And Proofs of Extraordinary in Extremities of being an Extreme Targeted Individual . 

Apparently Not what the website  Implies  !

Is there a way You can send a link to ALL my Comments section ? I wont bother here anymore .  Most of what I posted about was about being taken , hijacked n droned n about Max Spiers , a SuperSouldier  , ( n others ) who didnt like the term SuperSold'ier , He did Hard Core  Disclosure n Not one of You posted about Him when He was supposedly a deemed Overdose several Months ago . Way beyond rude n phoney . What was this Forum for ? You Guys are Posers !  It's looking way beyond stupid  ! The question is the other way around here with me  . A Homemaker,  a Human Being ..........

Over N Positively Outs ' , to the Neins !


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