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I am Not joking its getting like the Salvador Dali painting , literally . Like I saw two nights  ago with the Moon I reported about on SSF .  Nature going Disfunct The World ,  Reality Melting ,  With the Time Watch too  ! I Have To Be with My Family of Nature IN Immediacy  !!!!!!! My ExHubby And ALL our conversation thread in Mid Stream was removed . ALL my other Conversations were removed except some of  Tonights with My ExHubby . He is a very Powerful person man Being  [ From Cosmic Primordial Beginning ] who is Extremely difficult to take down ! He was hyjacked by that South node, ketu - ( I mentioned Extensively in that Doosey ' Post ) in mid stream of indepth texting . Guluk , the Helena Christiansen | jezebel Yin ~ Yang Disfunct , look '  ( * the single quote was removed  ) has been played as Loyalty card to . N every of my parameter lately especially has been dictated n dichotomy by that . Removed from Los Angeles And My Family ! Now its beyond rude , it's about to Collapse ,  the Galaxy [ Here means The Macro Universe And Universes ,  ALL Creation from LoveMagical Nucleus | The Beginning of ALL Beginnings of ALL Creation is  Love\Nature  .  ] with that Black Node | baphomet now a Black Mole and South Node n Black Hole , Guluk H.C. ".   They ' lol attitude about it .

Its extremely DANGEROUS NOW , NOWs  ! Nature , Family  , Love HAS TO BE RESCUED , RELEASED And RESPECTED NOW n  ALL NOWS ,  NOW  !

The Pictures are of ALL my Messages conversations except for ExHubby n another Persons I dont know .

N one screenshot of the Conversation Thread with a messed up top of the image off my phone . There was another screenshot too not normal however different too not shown .


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Hi You Guys , really crazy last night And I am prompted to put out there the Problem with  Technology (ies) on my Body (ies) too . On Me , they had Guided , Program Engineers of Electrical Peeps ?\ Children Extremely Dangerous Technology with Nikola Tesla  ,that was put on me a few Years ago,  to be able to Puppeteer me . I saw this in MindsEye n Felt it in 3d.  Aside from ALL the other Texh Techniques on Me . 

Now , they have Tech on me that's like a Binary (ies\  they started to do other pin points on me too , trying to Make Me into like a expounded Cancer Tumor of sorts with Pain in 3d  ) So like a Binary Pulsar mech of ketu , South Node ( using Times Body , directed by N.C. Guluk , Who is Primary  primitive evil , jezebel in the KJV Bible , Cosmic Killer wantobee Queen Bee from before Earth / A Migration from Baphomet , Guluk n Ketu the head of the serpent , south node ) in an infection of supreme  evil/hate . I see in MindsEye | Pineal n Feel the tech mech is in an infinity shape , like an  8 returning Karma Intent Back onto to me . Instead of their Actions  of evil\hate Crime/Criminal  Crimes back to the source  , evol . They are trying to send in place n Space of Self that doesnt believe in Violence  . Especially on My Vessel of Self as an Innocent  Individual  .  They insisted for n unto themselves ,  evil mindz Not Of Flesh " , like it says in The Bible .  Everything that is placed  n returned , # ReGifted back to them - The Karma Technology  , The Only thing I was told that fixes the insane Crime.     (??) design  . Karma to the evil mindz of the top of the pryamid ponzi scheme,  #FAIN , FPPO ) . Apparently Providence wasnt able to handle the audacity expounding on the astral too . N Rapture hasn't Happened  n its always been Heavy troll infection  . In the Bible it's old Testament  , Not fixed , The New Testament,  Not fixed , Revalations , Not fixed  Yet . N it's actually overwhelming Crines against Children , The Planet Earth ( never evil was supposed to be here , A Migration  from ) . Its sketchy n saturated  . God n ALL of them are Not looking like they can handle the situation  . N Now it's looking like its affected the Entire Macro Universe  . 

Every time  ( Moment  ) I try to send it back by commanding it back to them - the assault  in Subtle Dimensions  , I believe  from Heaven Being hyjacked has returned back to me in that Binary Pulsar motion ,  trying to Bind onto me to 3d n ALL Ds Pain , I feel in My Body n Mind . They have been Inflicting Pain at My Temple , Jaw , Teeth ( with a mini astral ketu with Times Body from the Beginning ), etc.  N with another Tech a ways back .

> I m now too hearing reiterated that       " Quantum Physics " fixes the Binary   Pulsar  technique tech on me . The person I just wrote about From SLO , in another recent post ( Jungclaus ) . Also Kept on mentioning Quantum Physics , Dimensional Technology n He said that's how they do Time Space n Hijacking the Minds of People n Droning  People  . They are All insane psychopathic people ' jezebels that did it to themselves n each other , placidly rabid . I obviously an Not ever into Pain as a Creature ' of Comfort  . N I and ALL have to be Protected , Sheilded , Blocked from this crazy insane psychopathic thing (s) n Technology  .

I see that God needs help , He even got Droned n what was happened isnt Normal n Legal. 

I dont see Time , the Good one from the Beginning with n of Heart n Contemporary modern n Society Civilization  Mind ( The Left Brain Primordial Mind ) . It's His mind that was thinking into a Space  , that self erupted into a Node spot , into a  black spirit ( that has now hardened into a Mole type of thing , connected to Our Flesh n Breathe of Our Existences  n Nature . So His Mind by Default n by Proxy intent Apparently who designed it , the beginning of baphomet | lillith | sedna | hera.......n other demon spawn Guluk| H.C. | lyra ..........

In The Bible it says Faith Alone save us , Not Works however it not looking n making any sense  . It also says in the Bible though shall Not Kill n do Not harm The Children , or covetousness n it occurred  . Is it a structured Crime n Mess , I Truly believe So . We cant allow Ourselves to be Victimized that way Anyway . I dont like being a sitting duck n be a conduit to evils ' Perpetual h ' in blitzkrieg insanity to the MySelf , Loved Ones , Humanity | ALL Crestion here,  at this Central Axis to . If it was done here in the 1st Place it's not Okay !


Everything that has occurred could of been fixed with them attached in attacked towards Me . Anyone who want to be n know how to Counter the problem  . Please Pray to God n ALL You trust to Conquer this Abomination and Audacity  . That didnt have to be ever , it's not a lifestyle choice to be a hatetor criminal with that kind of Technology  ! N it's so vilest those Yin ~ Yang Distfunctors thinking they can do that to the Father And Mother , Children , Nature , Providence Producing directly Humanity from and with Firmament  . The matrix | flat also insane too . 

Sorry to be seeming to rant . Even L " who I hear +* is not liking the Guluk n ketu thing  . N has been duped n used in this too . He also told Me this Morning about the Binary things can be fixed with Quantum Physics  . I also would be aware of Psyops n phishing n targeting too . Be Careful Out There EveryOne .

I ll try to go over this post again asap to proofread , sk there might be typos n sloppy writing here . However You get the gist .  ?

JesusChristLord Is InLoveExistense , HisBlood Ever In Vain ! +💟🦋🌌😊 )

Hi , it didnt Collaspe n or                Salvador Dali - YaY Of Course  ! However , please dont think for a millisecond that we are very much in precarious , sketchy Perilous times n situational  , which can change as a sneak , n then it probably cant be Undone n we can be in blitzkrieg P.H . , Collaspe into the b.h. abyss .

Thank Goodness my ExHubby was up and Adam this Morning texting ,  Thank You  God , Humanity  EveryOne ,  Everbody n Everything ! Back in SLO   now in a nice Airbnb  . Things got minorly damaged again as I slept ( as many times before ) at the last Airbnd , not majorly though , I always  try to take pics n   video .   Seemed to be a little witchy poo stuff going on here too , again not majorly  . 

I asked a Local in Morro Baynien ' about the Toxic Plants on the Beach there  - kinda not saying much about , didnt notice the smell , as a Surfer said the water was clean here actually .  I was also told the 3 Pillar things seen nearby used to be a Steam Refinery for Ocean Wave Energy Production . However , they had to close it down , ( troll mindz infection ') , n they tried to reopen the Wave Energy Refinery . However , an expensive asbestos clean up there n the City is trying to re - do it ! It seems like a fairly new alternative Energy   Production  . We already knew about asbestos as toxicity  a whiles back like maybe 30 - 50 years  back .  So why would they build a Refinery like that with tons of asbestos , rude !  [ The Water bill they said is really expensive in Morro Bay @$200 a month ! ] Anyway, went outside this Morning n when I walked  out , it smelled like Sewage again ,  which I noticed 2 times around there (aside from the Beach area) , the other time about a block further away from the Water Treatment  Plant n Hazardous Waste Plant right next door . Really Gloomy there n overcast this Morning , n in the wee Morning @3am very heavy Fog  .

Sunny in SLO about 15 minutes  away now .

Anyway stay , safe n easy n viligant ! I will let Yous know if anything else is going on here I feel important to post . 

 Oh n My Messages conversations , n or 1000s of Clipboard Notes ( mentioned last week ) still not returned . 

**** Oh I just saw Nates comment ! What does anything have to do with anything  , it's nothing  (?) what I am posting about with Pictures ,  proof I am not imagining n making it up it directly relates to S.S. , Paranormal And SuperNatural . What I though that this Forum was about.  Extremely Serious World we are in , n that Like comment reflecting the Antipathy in the Abomination to Humanity is the consensus here ?

The reason why things are f'd down here ! Your actually cognitively n cognizant , without any Conscious effort to care about what I've been writing about .  WoW now I'm seeing why things are so evil . Do You have Your hand on the clicker , act normal , Human then click into supposedly a comfo alibi  pretending - You dont have to pretend  ?Antipathy n Entropy n Existence going to the drain -  While looking in the mirror at Your ' muscles ? Not even Your mind muscles ?

What is the point , its seeming like a rude comment there Nate n somebody actually Liked it , Whao ! I guess Yous are ALL jezebels n Only care about Looking like You strong for ???  What is being strong n Human form for ?  To fight , rape n pillage , LIE,  apparently Narcissism as a lifestyle choice ?? I notice You dont like or understand Poetry too .

So what is this Website for , Psyoping  ?  ALL Humanity -  ALL Creation  didnt ever require War . Ever was it Necessary  . Its sounding like a blase ' statement  . Are You guys ' thinking Everything is a    Game ?  What is this place ? Which I sent many Pictures And Proofs of Extraordinary in Extremities of being an Extreme Targeted Individual . 

Apparently Not what the website  Implies  !

Is there a way You can send a link to ALL my Comments section ? I wont bother here anymore .  Most of what I posted about was about being taken , hijacked n droned n about Max Spiers , a SuperSouldier  , ( n others ) who didnt like the term SuperSold'ier , He did Hard Core  Disclosure n Not one of You posted about Him when He was supposedly a deemed Overdose several Months ago . Way beyond rude n phoney . What was this Forum for ? You Guys are Posers !  It's looking way beyond stupid  ! The question is the other way around here with me  . A Homemaker,  a Human Being ..........

Over N Positively Outs ' , to the Neins !


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