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This seems too daunting to Account for The Unbelievable ' Experiences       I Witnessed  . As You can tell in the Pictures I recently posted ? Hopefully You ALL were able to see them .

This Post ~ Thread I want to focus on Summer 2019 Los Angeles to Now , back in Los Angeles from SLO .. during the laspe , a One time a trip back from SLO to LA in October 2019 , for just a few weeks . 

Pardon the formation of relay . Im going to try to piece it together with Pictures I was able to take along the way . Mostly dealing with major gangstalkers cueing and trying to bank off My Element of Living  , in Every which way including major Archetype Events . Which I believe is evident ,  Affecting in Ripple Affects ! And Effects are notions of what is actually . The saturation of the Infection of Crime/Criminal design and structured machine in attempts to Take Down Modern Soicety | Civilization like Atlantis , Lemuria  , Africa ( And now The America ?? ) , Global ,            Cosmic Universally too ! Believe me I not lying .

Natures Existence DisRespected and Disfuncted ' and the evil system of trolls here pretending to be fancy , normal to try standardize ( McCann type of set down , casheirs , desk jobs ,  pizzagate Peeps.. ALL the same machine and factory ) . Pretending to be of Humanity ( And even of Providence too ) - Cultured even Christian while cognizantly and coherently trying to Destroy ALL Creation/Nature/Humanity  . In the while of juggling gorging on Us ALL  , including to themselves n their groupies of thugs n hooligan bullies n while also trying to dodge and destroy ALL Karma Technologies .. And Also , quickly trying to Destroy any Platform to Organize Restored - ALL Creation .

A Predatory Parasitic ehp tumor frenzy  , belligerent ( more now , less controlled placidly rabid , its seems like its coming to the frayed ends ) and reprobate As hatetors falling down frome the Sky and SpaceShips literally do hate Crimes down here and Everywhere ! Remember when         Max Spiers said they destroyed Everything , Elsewhere And Earth ( The Heart ) is The Last Stand ?

And Like that Gary Numan song I posted on SSF as Soft Disclosure . Down At The Park " , the lyrics .. You wouldnt believe the things they do " . Here on Planet Earth as Centric Axis of Humanity Providence of Everywhere in The Entire  Cosmos and Time and Space Schedule ' |Moment of Space And Spaces more Importantly  ! Value and Quality of Genuine Authentic Nature Spiritually, Existence ~ Under The Real Genuine One God ! ! His Sovereignty of Creation . As Protector And Guardian A True Father | The Son ~ The Sun  - Humanity Sovereign - Natural Procreation and Respectively !

Now Everyone and Everything Affected - Obviously Not in a Good way . Love RuLes OnLy by Respect - Divine Law and Order ~ Rule of ALL Laws of Enforcement of Principle Element Archetype and ALL Principals of Power . It Must Be that Respect that RuLes instead of ehp form n formula in blackflubs in grey scale pretending and working for who and what ? In other words WHAT IS The Production |Product and Kingdom  - It BetterBe Good , Humanity and Love , Nature Respected and Peaceful  . Thats The Only Treasure of ALL Treasures ~ Humanity ~ Ruled by Authentic Genuine Providence - TrueGod . So We ALL can be  InLoveExistence and Kingdoms  Under God - Providence  | Humanity  .

No Lies n Liars Monsters jezos rules , rule or have Ever RuLed ! And ALL that other extracurricular stuff can be Appropriated by Authentic Genuine God , there can Only be One Chef ' in The Soul Kitchen so to speake . I know why You ALL know why that is , in common sense exhibited by that embellished analogy . The Sentinels.    ( by Proxy ) Sentimental Sentinent Nature Beings : Father Nature , Mother Nature And of Course Under God !  Respectively Providence Producing  Humanity  !

* Im going to try to make it short and concise as much as possible . I know I tend to digress  however , its usually for background information about and related to the topic typically . I will probably be adding to this and fine tunning editing for more clarity as usaul .  Sometimes 3rd party unsolicited comments were added before to my comments here and elsewhere , Hopefully it wont be a problem .

I know this very important to  Disclose  . The newest Technology can easily swipe a Company Business very easily Im noticing a lot more lately  . Also with the bullying and taking the Mind Seat of  a Customer Service Person ..

Thanks Nate and You ALLs here And behind n beyond the  scenary ' for keeping this Forum capable handling the harsh Truth  . For The Truth Shall Set Us Free - In Absolute Truth in Absolution We Are ! Somehow Im still here to Tell .

ThanksGivings to My and Our Protectors and Comforters

ALL Merci For Grace , For Grace       ALL Veena ~ ALL Children ~              ALL Creation  )

Yang Yin ~ Yin Yang Harmony             has to Be !


Im going to try to make the short and concise statement of Major Occurrences with Pictures to follow ..

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Starting from here at this new location in Beverly Hills , CA . Just 4 Blocks from Rodeo Drive  , less to Four Seasons n Saks Fifth and Neiman Marcus .. I grew up in Carthay Center area more like Beverly Hills adjacent  . I lived in Beverly Hills with Dad for a short while . My first Apartment moving out when I was 16 was near here . So I know a little about  Beverly Hills and what I see here isnt a Good sign that things are prim and proper in Society Civilization  .



This Building is on Beverly Boulevard , the Entire facade of the Building is defaced without signs of Construction and Remoldeling . Its a Major National Bank Building . This isnt working out as The Wealthiest City in The                  United States  . In Singapore if You have a dent on Your car , You can be put in  jail ( that was in the 90s , Not that Im saying thats right * )  It would be an Embarrassment . Its Not Fly n or Super Fly Like Rodeo Drive ' or any fly.. Anywhere , Even as in Kansas   anymore ,  something some would say .



This is a close up Image of the balcony across the Street from my new home yet .. Im telling Yous this would have never flied ' in  Beverly Hills or in Suburbia  .. , Not even in the Boonies ..  Dreaming of n for a Simple House and Life to make and be  !

The Apartment Building across the Street from new My Fourplex isnt looking well kept too - regarding the 2 Images just above  . I looked more closely  . It appeared that the Wood was jaggedly torn ' off ( My Eyesight isnt as Good as it used to be , got to get that Lutein for My MortaL | ImmortaL Bodies1 ) .  Some other Buildings around seemed like they too were affected by an ill wind ' . 

ALL around here mostly Office Buildings to My Left and Duplexes and Smaller Houses and    Apartments .  ALL with bright and shinny Lexus ,  Porches , Maserati  , Audis .. ( even the Apartment Tenants have ) . Youd think they would be concerned about keeping the ascetics of The Township  , nope not even for pretend ! Thats why Im thinking its really beligerant and fraying now . And I didnt even tell Yous about my Experiences at The Major Brand Stores , Lyft ... And at the last Airbnbs in Los Angeles this time too .

The Museum  LACMA Los Angeles County Museum , the sinage even removed  . You Guys ' didnt get to see ALL the devastating Pictures ( with them trying to be like , dont worry folks we have Everything covered '  ...     - with ehp .. LIES ! ) , somehow the Museum Pics messed with . And The Peterson Car Museum across the Street from LACMA - I forgot to tell Yous its a complete atrocious  eyesight ! Before it was controversial  , I was like its a loud design , I was Indifferent to it basically , I thought Artistic Expression , without harming Anyone its Okay - However Now they added beyond more , like more than Double after several Years of controversy when it was first built . Its Obnoxious +* looking there now , like a boldly Caged Building and Power Tripping to match .  Coupled with LACMA , Everyone , Everything Elsewhere Else , Not looking Good even Superficially !



Okay one can argue that it looks   CooL . However the CooL factor before was enough . To Add ALL Out  , more than Double  ? And it doesnt really match the area there . The Picture is angled so it appears that the Street is Larger and can accommodate it . An average City Street ( Not even a Large one ) , with an Industrial Park outfitted type of Building  . Its really over bearing at the Crossing there . It looks intimidating to go into that building now more . Sad to say Ive never been in even though I really like  and Appreciate Car Design , Engineering  and Craftsmenship .

* Not Only that , the tearing out of the Public sidewalks on inner Major City Residential areas ! With a lot of crazies driving rudely also ! I noticed it in SLO   ( also with removed Street Signs and Crosswalk Lights too even , n also Google Maps deactivated and ascewed ) and Now in Los Angeles in The Palms Area this time as in    Arbnb ..

Also Voodoo , tribal ' loud drumming and Loud DJ sound music ' ( n some loud speaker talk in SLO in ALL Hours for a period of 7 Days Straight ) . I Called the Police in SLO about it , n most pretending and Not hearing it ' . I tried walking around to find where its coming from and thinking also in another D in also in 3D ... Frome SLO and then in Palms and now in   Beverly Hills , CA . Noise Pollution       (  torture " ) and rousing . I dont believe its Good drumming , its for    +* rousing ehp machine peeps and jezos who are Crime/Criminals . Hate Monsters , that appear like Humans and of Humanity  , pretending to be Normal with ill intent as Narcissistic cannibals even .

Where is the Organization , Operatives And People and Peeps to Counter and fix the Problems Everywhere ?




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What occurred in Palms area  . Was horriffic too . Cannibals  , Jezos , Pedos , total f*gg*rity  and at     Trader Joes Market several times  ... Tried to call the Police several times . Finally a Detective ( a Baphomet " ) saying its a religious thing  , regarding Child Abuse ( I suspected as I saw from a Bus Stop what I thought a Child trying to escape .. ) and Pizzagate -  I asked if the Phone call was Recorded and Shi said No . How come they record customer service calls but Not reception desk Detective Calls ? The trash can infront of a Dark Blackish House smelled of Human remains , two door away from The Airbnb I was staying out in Palms , a lot occurred there too .. I remembered in Redondo Beach Bus Bench trash did too in 2018   - Airbnb the last I was with My Family ALL together , in some way +🀍

Then after that Location , another Airbnb booked with a Gyspy Hate Crime , involving High Tech ' . I put You in the Alley "  n the neighbor pulling in the driveway is going to airbnb manage You "  , fiasco for several Hours in Santa Monica .  Then actually paid for Uber to my next booking that Day at Extended Stay . Also a total biff  , all the way in           EL Segundo  from Santa Monica fiasco with paid Reservation and paid , to another total scam and hate Crime with        No Accommodation designed for that day even though booked and paid for in Modern day Technology . Stayed at Townplace Marriott instead , really Nice .

* Lyft they were switching n canceling my rides . Putting holds on my card , canceling my rides , way overcharging me , only giving wait n save , changing addresses , Charging me for No Show without Showing up and lying n charging that $5 No charge fee . They tried to give me a $5 credit from the last diss however took it back . I feel they are doing a lot of Crimes that way too . Their GPS seems real time screwy intentionally too .

And that gypsy type of vibe n scam in Santa Monica Person that was posing as Jewish too ( My Dad is )  is a Familiar(s) Woman apprearance Everywhere I go n do , in Quantum Physics ??  Shi wanted me to sign a 5 page lease contract after paying via Airbnbd ! To pay $1000 Security Deposit and $2700 a Month thereafter .  Then Mid Wishire area Abominations  with another Airbnb . And now here  .. With ALL kinds of crazy things occurring still .

And also in order to Deposit my check at B of A I had to wait for One Hour and Half plus ! The line out the door was very long at 11 :30 am on the 2nd of this Month on a Weekday . My ex couldnt believe it when I was texting Him that . Too many Bank issues and credit fraudulently charged . Like an obvious $150 extra Hotel charge last Month , with obstruction with customer service  . The Month before 3 extra Hotel nights overcharged right before I left to Los Angeles .



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..... and when I was taking an additional Picture of that first Building here  , I noticed another swanky  National Bank And  Entertainment Building  across the Street with the Sinage of the address defaced . The Metal signage  at the front facing the Street side . It wasnt that way Yesterday  ! I took Pics of and I noticed they put pock marks on also the smooth Metal surface , like those Metal finishes on Kitchen appliances like the Refrigerator and Stove , several times doing that , I think with Astral Technology in Real Time too .. I saw on that Building the same type of pock marks on  . The Camera Not taking a Good Pic of those . Almost like the image is messed with Techology ( that has occurred before in a crazy way ,  2 other Stories ' ) defacing of the address showed though on the image I took .

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You ALL - I want to FYI . Today and Tonight , .. a few hours ago I just was saying to MySelf its going to be                     24 Hours  .. [ Im surprised if more , to total Collaspe with Nature Not Being Respected Ever , And Always Being Spiritual was dictated by          trolls/evil jezos  ] . And I kept on seeing ' ( Pineal and Telepathically , n Gnostically  ) and hearing.  " 24 - 48 "in response and regarding hours  ...several times thereafter confirmation and just saw " now             " I concur " ..

And I also was thinking of the lyrics to Blondies ~ Rapture song too . And Salvador Dali painting too ..

Its not looking and feeling Good  . Its Not sustainable , especially down here on Earth  . It so e *** up there too .

HopenWishing Everyone is Safe and  Easy . And if Im wrong and dellusioned , its a Blessing in Disguise , like My      Mom used to say  ) 

In ALL Creations Names  LoveExistence Only !                PerpetualPeaceLove +πŸ’—ForeverInfinity JesusChristLord +🀍 )

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 A few Minutes ago , I noticed the title on this Post - Thread was altered by another entity - The Positive Plus Glyph And White Heart was removed from the title . And when I tried to correct it , it sent a weird red  message . It went away when I erased the "  ....  " at the end of the last word , and then I put .. two n it worked .Screenshot_20200712-221636_Chrome


You know how I Always put A Positive Glyph Symbol with a Heart usually . It was removed , after I posted the prior comment above  .


It posted fine with the allowed characters before with The Plus sign Heart , periods And Cosmos . 

And Notice how wacky this post looks . There is photoshop n or illustrator  layers on to this texts interface ( see screenshot below ) . The image is on top of text a little . I took a screenshot  . This post has been Hacked ,    compromised ! 



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I have to put this out there right now , it seems to be an reoccurrence  , at the last Place in Mid - Wilshire  , a major chain SNF . And just now back from the 99 .. And My Sister drove me there and In line  buying things for My new Apartment  .     ( wanting to do a Home warming Community mixer thing too ) . And the Peeps in the line were rude , The Cashier was Normal . A female appearance in line made some grunts n I said sorry I just moved . And the Guy ' with a 6 Year old Girl Child right behind me didnt let on any discontent until I was grabing last bag into a laundry basket ( my Sis took the cart ) And He was jolting His basket at me a couple of times as  I was , infront of The Young Child . So telling my Sis about it n out in the lot n He comes with The Child .... while He was maklng angry faces towards me  n like He knew I was talking about Him telepathically " ..  So I had  to take a Picture of His license after He made to His car n Flip Me off n death eyeing  me ( my sister called it a mad doggin it look " .. admitted to it after I was freaking out basically ) infront The little Girl my Sis and I went into the car , my sis freaking out now n I had to take a Picture of His License as He was leaving the lot , right quick got out of the car and I was able to take Picture as They were pulling out n He now Yelling at me , n  was angry about that too . Im afraid for The Children  ! +🀍 Total Maniacs ! Why are Children in this mess ?

The last time I called Police n it was Baphomet pretending to be a Detective !  Do I try and call the Police ??  I think the Pics of the Car n License came out . However they were able to mess with my photos before .

And I didnt tell about the SuperMarket things prior I had dealt with , this time around here . Same type of thing at the last airbnb at snf a Major ! Prior however the Guy ' actually touched me with the cart n didnt apologize after , nor did the cashier or Manager  .... way f " ! .  Other Market things too I got to go now ..

The Pdas .... , behind in the back , the burned down the 99 in My last Apartment in 90066 and The Dollar Store too was infiltrated  . Whole Foods n AMAZON  ......

Hi. Keep posting what you feel. Sometimes it takes a bad feeling to think there is something going on instead of just using logic. Which people like i get. Actually one has to watch a bunch of videos on umbrella to thin something is up. in cases where you need to use intuition it may be a decent thing to have multiple points to bring it together . im just sticking up for certain posts that seem esoteric. Im sure a few will be posted by myself as well. Anyway carry on super soldier.

- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

Its Not My Imagination or just Esoteric  . Its actually Intangible  | Tangible  bothe , Eso and Exo with Multiple  Synchronicities .. with a lot of inorganic  time scheduling involved .. Occurring actually in 3d Exoteric , mostly carried over from Astrally  , from My Minds Eye | Pineal , Telepathically and Intuitively as Empathy . Many  times to know its Not Me mistaken or something  . I dont think " it  is  ,  I believe " because its Evidential  . Not a Theory , if its Rude and way out of line n seeming Personal by a stranger ( a gangstalker , which I have too many every day before that  .. ) Its Not Your ' Imagination .  Some People and Peeps  get bent out of shape for others looking at them wrong , I dont . However if they are trying to physically attack Me , thats definitely Not Normal or Okay  .

Too many occurances and too crazy to make up . Ive been evaluated so many times by Psychiatrists ( over 30 + Times in Horrific Situations ) , they stop Incarcerating , drugging and poisoning   ( even they ' tried to assassinate a couple of times ) Me . The last time almost 2 Years ago ( very scarey , totally black demon eyes too , without IDs even  ! I didnt know if I was able to get out those 2 times back then , about a Month apart put in the hospital . Horrible ! Since 2003  off n on ( if You add how long ALL together , maybe about 4 .. probably even close to 6 Years Straight ) .   - They stopped trying to say I was psychotic .. Doctors saying I dont know why Youre here even ..... One even asking if I was in Polictics . 

Ive been doing Disclosure for about 2 Years here on SSF  . And Ive been saying about ALL these things before ALL this Global and Universal beginnings of hyjack .. attempt  and End Time Events had occured .  Most of My Comments  and Posts have been tampered with , n Not Only   here . And again Not My  Imagination .... Doing relay of actual Events that occured with Many Pictures too . And I know as a Homemaker ( with some High School and Extra Courses and Training  ) with No Military      background ' .. I have almost 2800 points at #3 on SSF .

I Gnostically have given beyond serious Disclosure , Esoteric and Exoteric Knowledge here . My Motive isnt based in Ego and Im Not a Lie or Liar .  Im actually a Concern Citizen of and for Humanity .

This isnt a blase ' yuppy wicked game ' poser jezos effort here .

I want ALL EvilHatePain Machine And Factory To Be Completely Eradicated  ! NO 666 sex , sex , sex , jezos agenda against YinYangHarmony . I want ALL Good to RuLe . And Respect And Love Rule , RuLed and RuLes ALL Creation .

Thats is what is Really Happening is this WorLd And Macroscopic Universe   Nows  .


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