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I and my youngest heard a Raven calling us yesterday, 26 November '16 at 2am. We are on the 'Storm coming' list. Then this morning just as I was waking I heard a Raven again. (As stupidly I hadn't registered the warning last night. So it must be important.)

The last time we were warned by a Raven personally, was about 9 months ago on 18th February 16, when there was a outgassing of Sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide explosion from the Earth on 25 Feb 16, on the West coast of America. That cloud made us feel breathless and tired.

So by that reckoning we have a week between warning, and trouble in the atmosphere.

If you don't know about this 'Storm coming' list, Ravens are told first of all the birds about anything dangerous, then they tell the other birds, who tell the ones on their lists. (A little bird told me! is real.)

My eldest has actually seen a group of 50 blackbirds meeting and talking to each other.

Owls have a Parliament, and Crows are known to have forensics meetings to see why a comrade died and if it was natural causes. And they have funerals for their friends.

I have a photo of my mum with a Raven sitting on her head, as she had the gift of conversing with birds too. They always seemed to come up to her.

Back in UK I knew about a storm coming and it was summer, so the bedroom window was open and there was this little bird chirping urgently at us, whilst in the 40 foot pine tree, right outside our window at our level. So I say to the bird, "Are you telling me about the Storm? Thankyou." It cocked it's head as if to say 'How the heck did she know before me?'

And whilst living in the mountain area of Iceland, we were warned of the approaching hurricane that hit Iceland in late 2015 by a very insistent, little bird.

So fair warning is delivered. Before 3rd December something dangerous and hazardous to health is coming. (IF it is sulphur based then eating potatoes msy help as they have molybdenum.)

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

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Yes a storm is coming, we feeling it for sometime...Great Spirit is announcing the war on the dark magicians and their handlers. Last night we noticed a shaman called Raven on another forum, this is serious, because this person was deleted from the site.

The Raven is the announcer of a storm as you pointed out, and we must be ready for it!

blackbirds and ravens are always around me. They follow me when i'm driving my truck thru town. One landed between me and a store door the other day. Wouldn't move. Had its back to me until i spoke. we talked for a moment or 2. Always get warnings. but warnings are not for us to prepare for the shit to they are our forewarnings to stop the shit before it happens. Ancient warriors all over the world are prepping and on standby. WE are taking the astral. It is where everything against us is born. Like the ring returning to Mordor for its must we hit the astral all at once. It will not be posted in 3d. If you are to make this battle for astral and earth you will know when and where. Only warriors who innerstand evil and interdimensional warfare.......


the ravens and blackbirds are calling you to the battle....we know not when....but be prepared. Any weaknesses within self and that is their weapon against you. This is a battle of wills...of knowing self, of having  faith in self. They take your will thru your weaknesses. Forgive yourself for all failings and own them before going into interdimensional battle/warfare. This is the war we came back to earth for. This is it. We cannot fail as we did last time. 


Eevie; I didn't realise they were asking me to stop the shit before it happens. I have been asked by angels writing me stuff and the Earth herself asked for help audibly. A Hidden folk female in Iceland asked me for help and fairies asked me to stop missles that were hitting their gardens.

But I thought the Ravens were warning me because one told me, 'Danger from there'. He cocked his head towards the East where the Sea was. I usually pray anyway and just leave what I don't know to Uncreated Creator.

These last 2 years my two girls and I sometimes have the same mission and therefore the same dream from 3 different perspectives. Much more than any other year.

I was going to share our latest shared mission but apparently I have been sharing too much and I have been PM that I am rocking the cup and it will be a living hell for me and the people who PM me. I don't know what to do or believe.

My life has been a living Hell since before I was born, so no news there then but I don't want to be the cause of pain to someone else. My weakness is my compassion. Any ideas? Do I share or not? I could just pray for the people and share.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

Share your stuff ! who threatened you?? say the name on this public forum and this will expose them.

Ravens are messengers and crows are judgment, the poem of Edgar Allan Poe states, "The Raven is a messenger. It is similar to how we decide to interpret it,

We need to be above this, bullies back down when you expose them and humiliate them. Humiliation/Shame is connected to the ego, which in turn is connected to a low or weak self esteem.

Related Poem Content Details

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
         Only this and nothing more.” "
And than there's this native American animal medicine explanation,  
"Raven is about the magical act of creation, internal magic and transformation along with miracle of a rebirth. Raven tells us to be aware of omens that become a harbinger of the mystical and exotic. He can show how to stir life without fear and teach to balance life's playful aspects. Raven also brings in the light of awareness and knowledge with opportunities of great changes that are in store for you. Raven will teach how to usher in these new energies. He shows how to dive into the depths of the inner being to illuminate the true self. Are you ready to uncover past conflicts and long forgotten emotional issues? Raven will teach how to transform your spirit. From the deepest part of you healing begins. What has been in darkness will now emerge into the light."


We are not failing, we are whole, we have never been broken, even if it appears so... and it is within each of us to deflect and overthrow the opponent that uses the heart energy of this planet to break our hearts, to make us feel that we disassociate from ourselves.

We need to activate our heart centers, speak ourselves into awareness the power of sound is a force that we must use to create and overthrow the minority controller parasites. We need to be above this, bullies back down when you expose them and humiliate them.

We will be fine!



i feel the same as the others... I'm ready to fuck someone's worldup.  We need to unite as one ... a force like no other... I feel stronger just knowing you all.  For the longest time I felt I was on my own.  I didn't understand my life, other than it sucked and I was always in tormented pain. Since joining this forum, I don't feel like that. 

A raven came to me while I was at the beach. I was told to prepare.  The veil is thinning and we need to prepare for what comes next.

Love & Light



Be the change you wish to see in the world..... Marvel

I have more intel, I only saw it today but I think this is it.
I saw this video;


The problem is stated in this video, that people in US cities could be seriously impacted if the electricity grid goes down. Lets hope it doesn't.
People need to get a secure and safe form of heat and light now, and a way of cooking your food and making hot drinks. Many US cities have baned fireplaces.

I have these items (as I am a Prepper and I and my family used to go on wild camping vacations) and I can testify to their low cost of fuel.
A Storm Kelly kettle uses twigs to boil water, that can rehydrate meals in bags. Place on a concrete/cement paving slab and you can cook indoors. Collect twigs now.

Cobb bbq can be used indoors to cook roasts. It is used on small boats safely so indooors agin no problem.

Candle powered terracottta clay pot heater  Have these just sitting aound? Well make a heater.

Get a Winter survival kit for your car. You can make a heater for your car out of an empty paint tin, a toilet roll and soaking it in rubbing alcohol. Just remember a lighter.
Make a tent out of duvets in one room.

For light; a wind up torch/flashlight won't run out of batteries. Candles always good but they willl run out at same time.
God bless and be safe.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

And the threatening PM was me misreading it. It was an ambigous post that I, in my usual paranoid state, took as the worst possible meaning.

Fortunately for me I left it for a few days to think about it and cry, when I went back I saw my mistake. I could have made a right fool of myself.

But guys, thanks for sticking up for me, I can honestly say, you have made my year. Noone ever sticks up for me.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

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