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Some of the stuff Casbolt said was true, but he went overboard exaggerating.  The early clips of him look like i different person compared to the modern clips and pictures.   It is very creepy and it led people to think he was replaced by a clone or a stand in.  Max told me personally that he thought James Casbolt/MIchael Price was replaced by a clone.  I didnt know max that well, but I did talk to him about casbolt.

Nate, I do recall a statement saying that Casbolt was replaced alright. I was curious to know if Max worked with him in the past or not. If not, how would he be able to make a comment like such !? I know memories are very sketchy to say the least with MK’s but I can’t recall hearing Max giving legitimacy to Casbolt’s claims of being an MK soldier of sorts. I am not naieve to not think it’s quite possible of course and i can’t take a news paper article as 100% fact either I’m a curious son of Eire is all, LOL ! What do ya reckon lad ?

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You see Nate, this is where the confusion comes into play here imo. Did Max verify what Casbolt stated about being shot in the head or does his memory not serve him on this occasion or what!? Making the statement does not verify such but merely adds to the drama and is unsubstantiated by all accounts! How is it that Max felt a need to legitimise Casbolt while at the same time, deal with his own dramatic shite at the time. This is where I can’t connect the dots ! I found Max to be a very affable lad and with good heart and intentions but I did feel at the time that his occasion was hijacked somewhat by the Casbolt camp and highlighted extensively by bases and Camelot ! So, on that basis we have at least 4 main characters controlling the narrative that we have to digest from the outside looking in! There is a lot more at play here I feel. It has hallmarks of a certain incident that occurred in west Cork around the 90’s. A powerful elitist French family was involved. An ex wife of this powerful family was found murdered out in the boonies of my homeland. Sophie Tuscan De Plantier was the woman murdered and to this day no one has been held to account other than an unsubstantiated English journalist of questionable character who was a patsy. All types of cover ups by the cops etc. And an earlier report of a sited individual who took a ferry in and out of Ireland. What I am getting to here is there is more to this than the presently controlled narrative, for sure in my view. It’s very easy to dismiss Casbolt because of his past fuck ups but was he wired to self destruct or what !? I hope some day that I get to the bottom of these 2 incidents and until such time I can only engage in speculation of course. It’s a maize of shite for sure but I will get to the bottom of one of these at least. I find all of this intriguing and curiousity is my fuel, LOL! If you have any insight please share and I will do so also. You take care Nate. Slan tamaill !

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Nate YPX Grey posted:

anyone remember this stuff, its been a while, but  I found this article on casbolt

They charged him with blackmail? Seriously? That girl made too many mistakes, for one someone like her shouldn't need the internet for a guy and when he asked for the photos she should of told him to use his imagination, she trusted him that much? Did she ever consider even if he was a good guy what if his phone got stolen?

This whole story is full of crimes, first a step up from blackmail, when it's the kind that is demanding money that is extortion and then posting those images without her permission is exploitation, add stalking and harrassment, assault for throwing her on the bed and child abuse because she was holding a baby.

Creepy and psychotic, glad he is gone.

James Casbolt/Michael Prince, I believe him to be part of one of the very first ancient pre-earth cosmic elemental nature male/ and/or man Soul Lineage and/or Line. With affects of severe compromise from evil incarnate (bapht'/baphomet), and now many others infected. Initially an extension from off his mind (as his beginning self/Time) as a "node" in outerspace, by default, evils' self-start.

He, I believe is Time/Time Satan' (one of the Satan's). Max Spiers of the same Lineage, prob calling "himself"/J.C. out.  Slender Man, mentioned in the article,  of that same Soul Lineage. And N?? MothMan same Soul Lineage. Not the pic/video you posted here on SSF Nate, that Mothman' was a lucifer gmo'ed one there (that frequency feeling of the original album cover from Rush ~  Fly by Night, the Owl).  Not the original Mothman, Time/Satan.

These handsome ('devils'/evil now??) had to pay taxes to evil (their own set-up) with the Mothers' expression ~ Goddess original Yin beauty in a f.g.bag/evil, rearing/raising them, telling them what to do and what to be, with Ultimate receptive power, beauty and sexuality!

In order for them to be with a natural normal woman in that dichotomy, It's with the 'contapulual' (whatever that is -agreement/s), eg. you can't do this with her......bla bla = frustration (and I want sacrifices too, the real 'requirement').  And the 'swahili' party loyalty games', designed to steal the integrity of Yourself, the Soul agreement/s to Yourself and ?

It Doesn't work! They are not men that way, they become owned by the f.g.b.g./Hagather! Men should not have to be told what to do, they should already know how or what to do, right? You know in nature thats how its was supposed to be? With Providence, cause you know we are not perfect. We have to be given general guidelines. The set-up has/is turning elemental men into a hag drone wannabe giggilo/ a fragment of. They atrophied.

When really they were/are just puppy dogs wanting Love. Not a 'dog', who and is trained to sell himself out for stupid sex. When it was happening gorgeously anyway!

How long did it take to lose their handsome guy self? Instantaneously, when they are Consciously doing that!

These Elementals 'raised by f.g./evil as their 'Mother'. Now they are messed up f.g. bastards/hag/chore boys? Whoa!!!!    bapht' and his gang hate woman......... They tried to train them.

His ex wife seemed to want to work with him, grounding him bringing back to Earth.

In the article he's saying in a fatherly way, tell your daughters to not be stupid girls basically! That seems to indicate his elemental stem?

I don't think it's a simple fix, with what has happened and what was set-up as 'systemic'. I think the Avatars have to merge back into their one HighestSelf**.  Evolved from that, (not devolved) stained and distorted.  Sacred Divine Universes' expression/s. Its not managable the way it is. Its beyond crazy. Merging would be difficult (because of time logistics, with deep Self thoughts, analysis, editing, etc.....  Because they are individually naturally apathy (as an ancient male, it works with natural empathy/woman, not with"anti" though) as a **' 'Self-Universe' (which we all basically think anyway) the center of everything pov (but X's Infinity, from there). I believe they have to get pass that, and surrender themselves back unto and into their whole unfragmented unstained Authentic Genuine Self!  (Self-edited and 'self-programmed' to The Highest Self, and with Providential, after everything said and done, not f*gatized!). Like a Rock n Roll band of themselves, in sync , in the All Moment (feeling or thought feeling) ruling, not the ego or false ego/without self esteem/true credit badge of purpose. Ego can block Love. Anyway, The band of Self/Selves making:  coherent cool beautiful music!  Synergy, natural affinity of Self/Selves. With ''groupie' Selves, hanging out , the 'alters', the quiet Self, or budding back Self, etc.... hanging out with the main dominate Self's. Hanging out you know, like what those Alpha, type A personalities, the sometimes spoiled braty Rock n Rollers do with other Alphas', they surrender to the fun of it, not the egos' trippin over each other.

All in One body (if nebulai still as 'one body' but formated with many parts) Satelliting each segment of Self as One Body Self with many "facets of Self/Selves). Similar to like the chakras, including 3d and ALL Dimensions and Space. Some of us are  big and olde enough for a few Authentic Avatar Self core bodies (2-3) but it's more complicated and confusing than having one base body/Core Self. I feel One is the best and natural, the way we were initially Naturally Born. I don't know how they do the alters ?   Where is God in this ?*

Ancient males are typically very sensitive raw elemental egos, can't handle it, more than a real ouch sometimes!


In Jesus' Name and All Christs' Name

Last edited by CosmicDancer know what, I just tried to re-edit my censors on the last above post. As I was ready to update the post with corrections, I tried to copy and paste, as usual and they killed switch the interface, gone! Never happen before like that. Usually it recovered somehow. So, I give up! I can't and will not keep up with that f*git sh*t! Im not chasing the f.g.!

Every edit is a misleading total opposite of what I'm trying to relay. In this instance specifically the last paragraph above.I have had to do this many times before, I put a lot of critical thought into my writings.Im not going to try anymore that way.

Did/does anyone or anybody care anyway. No, I don't think so. F.g. yup/yuppy. So all fall down into the black goop abyss!

This will be my last post here, probably anywhere.***Nate is there anyway to download all my articles, my own copy?

Anyway, F.U. F*gs! Guluk(a) Vedic scripture name/H.C./C. the Great? You are a wannabe c. You're so not worth it! What a joke a supermodel?

H. Christiansen?? With a Christian last name. Total blasphemy! A joke? I think your not going to be able 'play' the laugh tactic! Your not funny........

Perpetually bye to evil in anyway shape or form.

Invictus Amore Adoramus ~ Adoramus Invictus Amore!

In my name(s) and in Jesus', The Christs' Names. For Humanity (All Creation) ONLY!

Sacred Divine Universe of Only Crystalized and Crystallined SpiritualLoveMind Rule! Protectors, Guardians and GateKeepers in ALL Macros ~ ALL Micros ~ ALL Moment of ALL Space and Spaces. In Now ~ In ALL Now.               

O 'Mother Not in Pain, Not in Vain! AHMen, Amen, ALLBeing, ABe"I", We Be We**, Free, Humanity!

+ DuBouzet +

💥 💜 ❤ 💪

 **How stupid, they put or 'allowed' the original post here, the one before I tried to correct the                                           evil censor/edits....  Just noticed  after I posted this re-edited one.


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