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Hello. This is a descussion about any famous figures you met in person. you can also mention media characters if they are based on the person you met.  You can also tell a story about when you met them. 

Im not sure how active the forum is but i will go first. i met bill clinton when i was a kid. For some reason my family wanted to take a look when he passed by for a speach in my town. A adult party member told me to say hi mr president.  So i did so. I promise it was a average family and not handlers in this timeline. 

Lets say president clinton did have charisma or a magnetic personality. Expert in eye contact. when i said hello he turned and imediatley came over to shake my hand and ask me my name. The room not only vanished like how old school people socialized but the vibe put a smile on my face. 

Yes maybe he was not all human . he could be a clone for a presidential double. He could have been a reptilian in human form and had the classic charisma to go with it . i Had no idea what his interest was in me. Maybe my young age? Perhaps A vibe that im not all average human as well? Can they even track passing by cavilians with rh neg blood type and future milab kids? Who knows. So thats my story. Your turn . 


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I used to go to the same country club as bush and Barbra bush told me I was cloned kind of like the bounty hunter in star wars.  I wonder how she knew that, at the time that was new information.  I got to talk to the CIA people that hang out with bush as well.  they clone more people than just me though, one person is not the entire army

@Nate YPX Grey your input is always welcomed. I see what your saying since i mentioned clones. Its a interesting thought to think i shook a clones hand. It would make sense if a clone made speeches out of the white house  instead of the real president. its also interesting how barbra would mention something like that considering her public image. Now they have dna test for a persons backround. So i could be cloned if they had interest because i took one of those. I know you mentioned the bush family, but you can also mention someone you met in person that you thought was interesting. You probably met some interesting beings .

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