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John Stormm Bio:

My name is John Stormm, and I am an MKUltra survivor. I'm a highly trained ninja and a master martial artist and very, very hard to kill.

In the summer of 1953, I was one of the first batches of infants to be inducted into the MK Ultra program. I was subjected to torturous physical, mental, genetic, psychological and chemical conditionings, designed to make me into an unstoppable hunter/seeker/assassin. A master of what the CIA used to refer to as "the happy accident". An untraceable stealth weapon capable fracturing skulls, necks, spines, ribs or whatever and in a split second, leaving a corpse that can be easily set up to appear as a car wreck or household accident that leaves no embarrassing fingers pointed or homicide investigations.

In the late 1960s, I was trained and used as a remote viewer in an MK Talent portion of the program, and by 1970, I had taken on some of my first combat roles taking and terrorizing my victims from the Cambodian side of the Ho Chi Minh trail, making them disappear and die silently in the jungle shadows as they crossed over to avoid US troops. 

I trained Khmer freedom fighters in stealth tactics to facilitate them equipping themselves from the weapons and stockpiles of the Khmer Rouge, just prior to the US bombings of Battambong. I became "problematic" as an MK unit because my cooperation as a killer was dependent upon me believing it was always for the greater good. I was pulled and given the option to join up as a "contractor" with the DEA and other alphabet agencies in hunting down drug lords and other such monsters in Central America. My unit was designated as "Disney Toons" and my call sign was: "Thumper", probably for my machinegun punching style.

With well over 140 different programs under the MK Ultra umbrella, there are many aspects we have in common, including ritual abuse, abusive families and constant terrorizing as children. 

Secondly was dislocating and micro fracturing our bones (Google: "Wolf's Law"), making them harder, denser and stronger to further protect our organs, making us more survivable to knives and bullets. Also preparing our skeletons to handle the increased strength without breaking. The pain and terror of this also facilitated the first item in this list.

Thirdly was the shock treatments. There were less of these to the head, when we proved to be "talented", which also contributed to our terror and conditioning to separate ourselves from the pains. Also making us nearly unstoppable by any normal means.
Drugs, hypnosis, sounds, flashing pictures to forcibly opened eyes also were used to condition and program us. 

Advanced martial arts training and tactics from various experts and masters involved nearly every weapon, including devastating "kiai's" (shouts) that have been the last sounds to violate a man's ears. 

There was also "the chair", which was used to either implant false memories and/or remove any memories in a debriefing and replace them with something a bit more innocuous. Over time, the real memories seem to return... mostly.

Many variations in training, drugs used, genetics, ultra-steroids, bionics, implants and more are also used in these programs, almost all of them will include much of what I've listed here" - John Stormm


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"Well... not ENTIRELY true: If you gave your oath to uphold and defend our Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic, and realized there was no time limit set on that oath. And if you realize that the BIGGEST and truly ONLY threat to your freedoms are NOT some poor, Third World Muslim (extremist or not). You will view such an ATTACK, an ASSAULT on such and you can fight back. You can rationalize that any way you like. But for myself: The moment someone tries to put hands on my and use force to get THEIR way over my rights: It's an act of WAR, and the survivors can argue in a corrupt court at a later date. Ii didn't see the blood and guts of my brothers spilled all around me, in places that were no threat to our American ways of life, to turn into a mewling little pussy about it now. I'm STILL under that oath!"



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This is a message I got from John Stormm, it is not the condition I am in, it is the condition he told me he was in


"I'm very, very sick. And I have seizures and stroke damage besides. I can't even step out of the house for more than a couple hours at a time without endangering myself. Most of my peers are long dead, and of less than I'm carrying in me now. I won't be around that much longer, and as often as I have courted danger: That bothers me less than you might imagine. Dying is easy. Living like this, under this corruption and persecution is HARD. Don't get me wrong: I'm *not* suicidal, by any stretch of the imagination. But at 7:55am this morning, I turned 61, and I truly wish that I passed on quietly the last time I was hospitalized instead of surviving to live like this, and see this all happening around me. But, no warrior goes before his time, and for whatever the future is bringing my way: I'll fight this to the end, with all due extreme prejudice towards the monsters who took such a big hand in fouling our world." John Stormm

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Being chewed up and spit out is the condition of most of us on this forum. We have the common factor. Military, govt, etc. It pains me to see anyone suffering, especially to this degree. I know you are fighting this with everything in you. Don't stop. We have them running nuts and we are not backing off now. Some of the shit we found in the labs......nightmares. I will help you if you want. I do some healing.  


Peter Parker, spiderman, john stormm


That's pretty much the one I remember from 1970, in  Company 305, 11th Battalion at Great Lakes Naval Base.  I envied him.  He wasn't constantly being pulled out of line and sent to the dispensary for more tests and blood letting.  I got no end of that in the Navy.  I had originally joined to put some distance between me and MK Ultra, but that actually got worse.  I left under an Honorable Discharge after 2 months and 26 days of service, for refusing the over abundant medical procedures on me, all of the time then.  I did better as a fully active Ultra than that.  Parker seemed to go through that without a single hitch.  I figured he might even make some kind of officer status someday if he decided to keep with it.  Most of us, liked him no little bit.  


After Company 305, I went totally Ultra and they sent me to Cambodia for a few months.  I didn't see Parker after that.  I was assigned another outfit (Disney Toons).  But still, there *were* a number of people that I always had some inklings of.  Most of these were not "Ultras" as such, and some were some kind of disturbing next generation style folk that I could never put my finger on.  It was like I was kept from them or vice versa. - quote from john stormm

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Read that this morning, Nate. Thanks. Yeah, the shit is getting too deep and it's time to fight back. 

My milab friend, sis and i are going thru reimplantation and blood taking. I don't know what the fuck is up now....even more brain surgery. I wish they would leave my fucking head alone. Sorry, new implants on raw nerves connected to every area of my head and face. Insane pain into my teeth and in my head. This is sadistic.


Just got a needle in the back, ribs. I don't know what is up, but things are moving and strange things are happening with some of us milabs. the invisible injections are constant. 


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Originally Posted by Nate YPX Grey:

10460447_10152505790168293_3649162733581989491_nThere were 4-5 throwing knives, 4 darts, 8 shuriken, and a small handgun in this picture.


Brass knuckles, unnecessary. My bones are harder than that. There was 3 full sized, weighted throwing knives (one in the middle of my back, just under my shirt collar, one sheathed on each shin.). Two 5 inch wide shuriken (chest area), six smaller, thinner Togakure style shuriken (pockets), A manrikusari (a 40" thin steel cable with lead weights at each end) wrapped around my waist. A handcuff key under one 5 inch wide, black leather wristband, plus 3 dirks. A lockpick and tension bar inside of my belt. 3 darts under the other matching wristband. Hooked into the tops of BOTH wristbands were "ninja hooks", comprised of an S-hook attachment to my wristbands, a length of steel chain going up my sleeve to my elbows, and a larger hook at that end. These could be brought out and joined to garrote, block, entangle and opponent, or used to grip things to allow me to dangle from my wristbands at heights, as long as I needed to "hang out of sight" from my quarry or pursuers. Old ninja proverb: They NEVER look UP!


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