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On this forum he is known as: mikhail224


Michael J Spinler is a Generation 4 Super Soldier.  He had microchips in his body and has been age regress.  He has memories of being a communist before he was age regressed.  He is a Reptilian hybrid.  He remembers his back turing into scales while growing up.  He remembers being used in alter to do "wet work."  He claimed on one occasion in alter he lifted a jeep.  He claimed to be from a royal reptilian line.  The faction that uses him opposes the Illuminati.  He claims that they are run by reptilians.


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Welcome to YPX News this is your host Nate Grey.

This show will be featuring a story about a MK Ultra named Michael Spinler.

Michael Spinler became a Delta at age 17

A Delta is a sergeant while an Alpha is a basic troop.  and an Omega is a guard

an alpha is a more robotic alter from than the delta alter form, alphas are often used to guard government officials and illuminati leaders.

According to Michael Spinler recruits are started out and most are killed at age 5

He is one of the few that has survived the process.  It is easer for the government to allow them to die than it is to put the throw aways into a cover life.  Some are made examples of, while others are shot or beaten, and some die instead of breaking.  That is how the alters are created.

Micahel Spinler claims that Russia, China Iran and Saudi Arabia are examples rogue nations not controlled by the illuminati.

Spinler informed me that a historical figure named joseph mengele designed the original mind control programs in Nazi Germany and his research and methods are being used by the United States to this very day.  These methods are referred to as MK Ultra.  There are rumors about age regression and DNA bloodlines that date back to that time period.  Michael Spinler hates Johseph Mengele and the New World Order with a passion.  He claims they made him what he is against his will.  One personality loathes the new world order while the other does its dirty work.

I will now read an excerpt written by Michael Spinler about his life




Michael  Spinler

Butler hospital mk delta special 1997

Handlers – Barbara mc michaels- erik prince

Eric Prince started a mercenary company that was called Blackwater.

There comes a time in every mans life where he opens his eyes and realizes he has been living a lie. 

Some men experience this at a young age, others just before death.

I suppose in my case both apply.


Born to Michael j spinler and Karen ann wood. Women and infants hospital, January 10 1992.

3lbs 9oz DOA. Resuscitated 3 times. Studied by the hospital for months after birth.

Home video tape of basic motor functions and cognitive functions prove perfect intellect and motor skills. 

At age 6 I was put in a “special class” in school. Not for “stupid” or even “slow” children. This class was for violent children. But up to this point I had not been violent.  In this class we were made to draw. Taught nothing. And at least once a day would be thrown out of our seats and restrained violently by 5 adults. Or placed in solitary confinement. This was at the OAK HAVEN elementary school in covenrty rhode island 1996. One day the “behavior specialist” began to choke me as I entered the class so I knocked her out cold. 7 years old. 78lbs of child. And I shattered bone. I was arrested, put into a police sar where sue lyons was waiting. We went to the police station and a police officer names robin winslow said she wanted me to be studied at butler hospital in providence rhode island because she didn’t want “another one to slip through the cracks” so I went. Was placed in a strait jacket and wheeled in on a gurney at age 7 by the men in white. I was placed into a room and I broke 3 strait jackets before they found one strong enough to hold me.. the next thing I recall is being 9 years old.

This was my induction into the illuminated ones.



At age 9 at the Coventry baseball fields community center july 4 2001. The first UFO. 

One beautiful night me my mother a friend and his mother went to the local community center to watch the fireworks. From the middle of town fireworks surrounded us. It was wonderful. But as me and my friend at the time watched a triangular shaped ufo hover into view, over the trees and land in a parking lot at the other end of the fields. We turned to tell our parents but when we all turned back to view it it had vanished.

This marked the beginning of the truth for me.

Over the course of the next few years 9 -15 years of age I had witnessed at least 4 of the same aircraft always near that field or hovering over my residence.

Triangles with white lights on each corner and a bit spot light in the middle. Tr3b in white letters on the side. This was my indication of its oragins. And the beginning of my missing time.

I would wake some nights with beings holding me to the bed. Or I would wake to find a poisonous snake between my legs. A green mamba. And some nights would wake with reptilian scales covering my body. My mother would put a “special cream” on me and send me back to bed. And in the morning would tell me not to tell anyone because they wouldn’t believe it.


My mother at age 15 began teaching me witchcraft. And I began to look into past lives. And astral traveling. A act which terrified my mother and me when I picked up a knife out of body and dropped it on a counter upon returning to my body. Telekenetics of sorts. Or astral assassination was at once viewed as a possibility.  And I would never view the world or myself the same way ever again.

My mother was killed one year later when she developed terminal cancer and the doctors refused to operate. Their excuse was “she might die during surgery” which I thought, the cancer is terminal… doesn’t that mean she will die anyway? And they basically shrugged like it didn’t matter. Kent hospital. When I was 16 years old. The only person I ever trusted was gone. And I was sent to an uncles house. This is where things began to change for the worse. I noticed physical changes, as if I had been working out for days but hadn’t moved. Mental coldness. As if nothing in the world mattered and I could never be hurt again. As if life and death were meaningless. And this changed me as a whole.

I took up drinking and recording myself while drunk. But what came out of my mouth were war stories. Stories of being beaten and tortured and shot at and being in active combat with no option but to fight. And I began to speak of being 5 and put in matches of death and games of death at points where other memories existed. And I realized I had been living multiple lives and missing memories. I began to look into secret projects that control the mind. And I found mk ultra. I found people from it and began explaining certain things to them and leave out big parts to test their medal and they would fill in things down to finger nail color eye color and accents. the best of these coming from john storm. I had never explained the appearance of my handler in great detail to anyone but I asked john. “do you recall a mk ultra named barbara mcmichaels?” he began to tell me exactly the woman I had remembered so many times down to the finest detail. Her hair her build her eyes her style her voice. Everything. Then he says oh yeah I knew her back in 77. But we both know her at the same age. She hadn’t aged a day. And that struck a memory line in me. Dr green. Dr joseph mengele. I had been with him in a limo and ms mcmichaels, Barbara bush and a SS names justin who I have spoken to in passing. This made me realize at once. It was all true. But to make sure I had to ask the family. I began asking and found out my mothers closest sister had the news I needed. I asked plainly. “am I an mk ultra?” she said  “ yes and you will deal with it for the rest of your life, your mother wanted a normal life for you but knew it wouldn’t happen” which made me step back and estimate blowing my own head off. That meant al l the scenes of war. Grizzley murder and kissing the asses of the highest ranking scum bags who I would spit in their eye if I ever met them now… it was all real.. I was the monster all should fear.. and I never felt more afraid.

This is why I have come to the surface. Not for fame. Not for fortune. I expect and require neither. I just seek justice. For me and those like me world wide. To see the 13 lines brought down by the 187 they thought they destroyed to take this planet in the first place. But we still exist. John is proof of this fact. And in the end. For what it is worth, we must all stand at the feet of heimdel and beg for acceptance. So why worship RA? Exit the fraternity and gain free mind. No matter the cost. Blackmail is nothing. Do not let them sway you. You are the solution. We are the tools.


A strange event happened last night august 28, 2014


mcmichaels is the only one with my master codes


too much info


do not tell - spinler


is that what your brain is telling you? - nate grey


afirmative project ypx


delta 44 delta 666 delta delta.... omega red is dead like fred - spinler


omega red is a communist - nate grey


was.... was a communist - spinler


now what is he? - nate grey


surrounded.- spinler


what did the message you sent me mean - nate grey


44 detal 666


next morning august 29th


i had a room full of demons last night - spinler 


What did they look like and do?- nate grey


dark cloaked figures blocking the light fromn the window and the mirror getting within inches of me and leering at me like i was a bad bad boy. to which i laughed and went to bed like a baby - spinler



im sick of them doing this


its sad i have to watch my own videos just to relearn shit ive learned 10 times before - spinoler

"my mothers side genetically goes back to the indian tribes which are martian or "atlantian" in origin. she is also related to john brown. look up john brown and the birds club and it is a illuminati hang out and he owned the fucking thing. then my grandfather on my dads side was a 6ft 200lbs blonde hair blue eye arian with all the signs of a mentally unsable psychopath with memory gaps and multiple personalities. to this day my aunt has a box of her shit nobody can touch because things fly off the walls and demons swarm around chanting at u. my father a talented medium became an athiest minister and molested me at age 7.. he has no memory of the event." - spinler

My chips were removed last week. Been getting codes every where i turn since then. My head is reeling. I hope they are unable to rechip, implant. My eyes have been very blurry since they were removed. 

Was heavily triggered over the weekend, found myself in a setup, milab or who i don't know. No way out of it, overwhelmed. lol I was rescued by the biggest baddest ass reptilian in my memory banks and he did not take names. I'm still here. lolol


i have noticed a few new implants lately. i had only noticed one near my lower left rib cage, one in my arm and one in my neck. but lately i noticed one appear in my ear lobe like 2 small bb's. ive never had my ear pierced so its odd. i also found one in each leg. near the hip. but as of late, the chip in my neck has not clicked in a while. maybe the new implants smoothed out the process.  very recent implants. i noticed them within the last month. they were not there before. there is no scar, no abnormal tissue surrounding them. i also noticed if i hold the tip of a ipod connector for a car or stereo most produce a static sound. i produce a different sound. its more steady and its like. 3 tones then 1 then 2. and it repeats. its almost like the sound when its half plugged into the device its made for. im just full of oddities that i always assumed were just normal. until they were pointed out,


True evil comes with many faces.

Originally Posted by Nate YPX Grey:



care to explain this to the forum


this is a tr3b transport craft while uncloaked. how they got this picture is beyond me as they tend to be invisible due to their jamming system. i tried i had one at tree top level above me and it didn't show up in my digital cammera. if i had a Polaroid it would have shown up im sure.


True evil comes with many faces.

Mikhail, all milabs were recently implanted with new implants. I don't know why. I do know that someone did brain surgery of some kind on me about a month ago dealing with implants. 

I don't know what the fuck is going on as they have taken my lucidity and memories. Had a rough bout with scopolamine week before last. One of the roughest yet. Best to purge what ever is inside. A lot less painful than digesting. 




This patch belongs to the U.S. Air Forces 509th bomb wing crew who flew B-2 stealth bomber test flights in the late 1940′s and early 50′s. I definitely think that extraterrestrial technology had much to do with secret air force air craft, and still does to this very day.

It looks like a pitch fork on the left side with a couple of lightning bolts on the right side. It looks like the stealth bomber is being grasped by an extraterrestrial. The patch reads “Gustatus Similis Pullus” which translates to “Tastes like chicken”.

Damn. Sorry to hear that eevie. Review was my overwatch in real world missions. Not Sims. Not milab. Real covert ops run by the shadow government. But we also made candidates for milabs and other projects following the one we were in together. She is older than I am and was in before inwas even born. And was overwatch to my active asset missions. In short. A very good source of Intel.


True evil comes with many faces.

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