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I wanted to order food for delivery . A popular restaurant in Los Angeles ,  feeling like a rare treat for SeLf , And was prompted Claraudiently to order from Pf ***** s . From Southern California especially in Los Angeles  , accommodation for Vegetarians and Veganism has been around since Time In Memorial , basically .   

I was disappointed And took several online screenshots and a Text about It (  to My Excommunicated FamiLy ) . We , on special rare occasion would eat there , as FamiLy Supper out . It was pricey ' for Us however , an extra Nice Experience too .

So Its Not offered on their extensive online menu , of different types of choices of ... No onions ... of V . No Meat ( It still should have. ) option for Vegetarians And Vegans . For Years I ordered The Kung Pao with Tofu sub instead , like at all the other Restaurants of cuisine alike .

For @  20 $ a Dish You would think they would want to also to continue to offer the Tofu sub from an economics pov too ?  Not offered online as a choice , like before  ... And acted very strange and odd when I asked for The Tofu sub instead over the phone.

The Childrens option of Fried Rice enforced only Chicken . No V option. Every other option , that You could  omit were basically Vegetables (  with the interface field check boxes. )

The Regular Fried Rice offers a Vegetarian option . Why Not for The Childrens meal ?

They were definitely Not friendly over the phone.  Didnt seem like FamiLy at all . Didnt order anything from them . Fyiing 🀍

Stay Safe

PeaceLoveJoy ALLLLWays



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@CosmicDancer great post. simply because i noticed there is a anti vegetarian agenda. this seems to be multidimensional issue in general. try going to disney and not eating any animals or animal products. to be honest consenting to eating meat is my kryptonite. being a hybrid is the only reason why i would be a super soldier in waking life. especially without anything like code words. yet i require high vibrational foods. they never have anything straight from the animal. i learned that products from animals are a grey area when talking about vibration. not sure how i can live without dairy choices of all kinds. yeah try quitting ice cream for good. not completely out of the question for me. anyway thanks again.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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Good to know You noticed the anti Veganism thing , and mentioned. You dont have to quit Your favourite Foods. I Veganized ALL Recipes basically . Ive have allways been a Foodie'. I would watch Julia Childs at very young age.  From  Los Angeles  , Vegetarian since 85 ' , pseudo Vegetarian at first. I would pick out the Potatos out of My Moms stew . I have a foodblog on fb , Veganizing recipes , with No excuse , tastes exactly type of recipes. If not only comparable , Id rather actually level of saiety , hankering Fullfilled , Spiritually Too .  The Real Curriculum Vitae !

+ * Including the necessary Protein for Energy.  Notice the anti V with the       0 % " for the value of Protein , and more expensive?? Not Nutritionally a substitute for the trade'.

Also , lately It got tricky on My foodblog , trying to take a Hiatus Sabactical and finishing up the Post Thread and leaving them with a Recipebox craft to do while away too ...  They kept on removing My Vegan Tuna Sandwich picture. And changed the actual picture [ completely  , not even on the bias shape of the actual , no Cucumbers ... ] on My photo files ! The Sandwich recipe and picture looked too Great apparently  πŸ’—


Initially here to Update about          der Wienerschnitzels food place.   I visited again a few days ago.  I had the BBQ Veggie Dog  and Fries , the Cucumber Lemonade . And I truly enjoyed My meal  :  )

*  The Veggie Dog with the Cheese , isnt Vegan Cheese though ( I asked ) fyiing . Also They said the Veggie Dogs were popular , a lot of People get them . And I keep on asking for Vegan Chili too .

And I dont know if I have the picture of about 8 Months ago , when I was at Der Wienerschnitzels, at night and notice after I posted about them doing the Veggie hotdogs )  here on SSF -  the 20 inch metal pole holding up the about 10 ft wide and big W constructed signage ( about 20 feet tall ) was totally bent down , to the W titled on Its side.  As if a huge Logo Being did It !   ??

I asked about that , and the  Employee said Yes , It was bent over .... and about 4 months ago It was completely removed. They came to work and now gone. "

And I asked about the Person I made Friends with on the street right next to Der Wienerschnitzel ( She was there for over a Year ) She isnt there anymore. Comes around still though , some Peoples helped Her is what I heard from there. I would give Her $ when I around , and the last time I saw Her ( about a Month ago ) She had a Tent ( instead of not being able to be on the soft ground as before , under a tarp . Recently apparently was forced to stay on the cement instead ) .  I mentioned , She got a   tent " ,  and She said Peoples came to help Her because , " I Prayed for     Her " . I gave the money I had out for Her  , I didnt say or ask anything about that statement ( I was kind of stunned )  , I just smiled and said Gooday and quickly left. I Pray for ALLLLπŸ€πŸ’—

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.... unfortunately I wasnt able to locate the W sign post bent picture. Really a sight! I didnt want to post It prior because I didnt want Others to be discouraged - Not to Be and Do as they wanted , in Progressed Modern Day  Secular Society Civilization  ,                   Humanity  ,  FamiLy . Heavens Providence , Firmament , Terra , WorLd which was | Is   ( To Be Returned , Resumed , Restored ) To ALLLLWays Protection , Sheilding by Heavens Principals [ not Principalities " ] And PrincipLe | Word. The Whole And Wholistic Truth  , The SaLve [ To Ending the Pain MachinE of Satan. ]    Gods 🩷🀍 Respect Is The RuLe Of Law , Natures PrincipLe Law 🀍

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Esclipse as far Ice Cream , there is No excuse too . You can make any Vegan Ice Creme ' that tastes exactly the same ( do a blind' taste test ) within 3 Hours ( Quick and easy , most of all My recipes , the picture with only 2 churns ( stiring ) without an Ice Creme maker even.  I made Strawberry & Marshmallow  ( Vegan Marshmallows were available then as the new ' norm. Now not ' consistently since  , then was last Year ) , Rocky Road , Bourbon Chocolate Chocolate Chip  , Peanut Butter and Concord Jelly flavor. Ive made a mock Pineapple ( I dont Pineapple anymore for Spiritual reasons ) Sherbet  , Sylabub ( Everlasting Sylabub period recipe a precursor to Ice Creme ' . Fruit and Creme. ) . Something about Ice Cream ( Ice Creme parlor ) and Pizzagate , from a couple Years ago to wear I cant even call It Ice Cream anymore or purchase It , same with PizzaπŸ€πŸ©·πŸ’—


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... And also to mention the Person I gave money to who was on the Streets  ( the One that was basically several yards away from der W ) I noticed within about 3  + Months that a Mural painting ( I beleive I posted a picture of in an update regarding the incident there.  ) on that Kannabis store ( a block away , same area ,  where I was maced by the parking lot securities' about 5 Months ago , and posted about on ssf. ) ... the same looking Person , on the Street a block away , dipicted as a Lady Goddess Being , Illustrated in a Flowery Mural on the front of the Kannabis store.   πŸ€πŸ©·

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Also , I dont know where You ALLLLs are but Im in the outskirts of                     Los Angeles  ( about 20 Minutes on the Metro train to Downtown from where I am .  I had to take Uber across town to Mar Vista area Yesterday ( 35$ Friday rush hour trip , the way back ) for this So worth It Health Food Market.  The Co - op type of  pre packaged bulk Foods , Spices , Herbs , Huge extensive Natural Apothec Medicinal Selection , Cosmetics , Dr. Bonners .... At the miscellaneous section for large and small solid Pink Salt slabs ( I like for clearing dense Physical Negative eter' , And producing negative Ions , for Good Affect , $ )    some People use for culinary to cook on  too .  They even had huge Herb garni size Tea ball infusers for $ , Ive seen usually priced 7 xs higher. They have expensive items too .  I discovered this place living in the vicinity for less than a year.  I highly recommend for high quality Health Food Store. Family owned since the 1980s.  Lots of Vegan choices there  , they also have a Deli style type of  Cafe . Very reasonable prices too .  πŸ€πŸ’–

... and they had the Vegan Marshmallows ! No where around here for about a Year It seemed carried them . Even the National brands were putting Agar Agar , or Carreegeen ( Seaweed Gelatin ) as the new ' norm in the recent couple of Years I noticed prior.

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Update  :                                                     8 | 8 | 2023

I went to Der Wienerschnitzels ( ' ?? ) last   night , got the same BBQ Veggie Dog  , Fries and the Berry Lemonade . The Fries seemed to taste and look like McDs' this time .  The Berry Lemonade was Good. * According to the Secular World of American food chains , seems like they made progressive effort to provide a better Lemonade.  Some Lemonade still have that IDK what that is flavor and aftertaste. Still maybe a tiny little of that , however better.

.... The Veggie hotdog didnt taste and have  the same texture as before ( I ve been a Foodie , Food blogger ,  so I Notice ) even suspect , like It could of been a mix of the Veggie and something else that was Animal Kingdom ( ?? ) I dont know , but just prior to trying to get back to the hotel' I threw up , vomited , I didnt even try It yet. I felt too weak to try to ultilize the intentionally failed Bus system ( again for the millionth' time last night ) , the Uber was sketchy , made Me cross the street to get picked up , drove Not even a block away to make Me .... type in the Address again ( He had to type It , and He said the system is completely off too .... ) and the front desk Person coming in ( the room keys removed about 4 months ago , so a sec Guard has to let You in each time You want to go out Nonsense , was rude and yelling at Me for No reason , never seen the Person here before too ) .

When I was at the Bus stop , I couldnt even try to help a Person across and on the streets [ I have , want  to go back and see If Okay ] He looked to be an Innocent Blond Time 🀍🩷

... I felt also a Witches Covent energy Assault Attack on Me  then . Right before I vomited sitting at the Bus bench. I noticed everytime I felt Nausea , there was that Vitches Covent Id marker invovled. In My Minds Eye I can see Them with Black Hoods.

I want to Go back to Der W' and see if they ( or whoever ' ) are inforcing Cannabilsm on the Public.  πŸ€πŸ™πŸ©·

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Another Update :

On the nearest food place , just open a few Months ago at a popular Shoe   Store food court. I think I mentioned prior they had the CA Ceasar " , but the dressing had Anchovies. In California especially , in Los Angeles ( Ive  been getting Ceasar Salads since the 1980s , at a fancy restaurant they put the Anchovies filets' on top of the Salad if You wanted , with or without " ) there was allways a choice at the restaurant.

... I purchased about 4 times there with The Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar instead.  The other choice is Ranch , not V . Allways was an issue with intially allowed to get the Oil & Vinegar dressing instead. Definitly anyhow dictating a  Non Vegetarian  | Vegan thing there. Also the Croutons are with obviously a lot of Butter ( They can easily use Plant Butter for , No one would know the difference , Truly ) and the Salad comes with the Parmaesan Cheese allready in the Romaine. And the other Salad option with Meat.

So the typical allways offering of a  Green Salad , is Not A California , or Anywhere Globally normal ?

Even Germans like Salad                    for Breakfast , True

... the last time I got the Ceasar Salad last week '  -  the Oil & Vinegar dressing was blended , emulsified , looked disgusting , Definitely didnt eat the dressing.

Also the Greek place next door was odd so many times too . Even though Good and Healthy Food there , basically decided probably Not to go there anymore too . There was a thing about the Ceasar Salad there also . They didnt have Anchovies in their dressing , but changed their Resteraunt style Croutons to small mini ones , that didnt match the image of too .

Many places of Public Works , are used to do rude and exploit Humanitys Platform. Many who are Trying - Its Not Fair' to too ~ Somehow False Universe UnaDeleted!

WorLd Is WorLd , Heavens   Civilization ,  for ALLLL SouLs , Children , FamiLy , Humanity Preserved 🀍🩷

No H!


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Update 8 | 12 | 23  :

... So , I went back a couple of Days ago . To where I saw the Person laying on the ground there , yards from Train tracks , a sewer , and the cross walk ( all around that large Secular City block with Walmart and many big stores across the street.  With No cross lights in the middle of The City , Los Angeles. ) and Cannabilism smell coming from the sewer there . I saw some Young People on the streets I had seen a few times and asked if they knew that Person , and they said No ( they kept saying Is an old Man ?? and He , The Person was Young and had bright Blond Hair , reminding of My FamiLy ) They said the other ' Person there on the streets ( that had a Tent  last , that I mentioned prior ) She was around there Yesterday , and knew Her by Name. I gave $$ to Them to also give the other Person that was there the night I got sick right across the street from Him.

Upon going back , The Enclave { just opened , basically on the same block , an upscale recreational Civilization Societal place and space , Coffee , Food , Loungy , Art ... ) with An Elephant ( makes Me think of Ganeesh , A Part of Gods Experience I believe.  ) Mural is At - was pernaciously Hyjacked looking too . *

Also , on the way walking to the Person , there was abandoned houses ( that I took pics of before , as It changed , basically across from The Enclave )  , decrepit and had a creepy Women image on the Window of one , felt and looked like pz.  And then , I saw a dead Crow on the sidewalk ~ Who seemed to have a Human Body quality too . Noticed more than usual Bird droppings on the sidewalk  , basically completely covered , a half block long , around the vicinity.

... the Gardeners again blowing the blowers , now from the street to the sidewalk there ( like a Month ago I saw ) and when walking back down the block , the same one.  Still Cannabilsm smell there for over a Year and a half all on that street'.



Also the extra notes I wrote on 3 of the 5 attached images are Not viewable on My side as Public Pov . With all kind-of extra tech glitchy and tricky writing them [ the attachments label field. ] Not viewable on the Public view too ??

Debating whether to upload the picture of the Crow , I had taken the picture with trying to Respect for FamiLy  , His Face facing away ,  ... thinking this Bird has a Human quality too ... And Nature isnt appearing in Harmony and with Logic , thats why I took the picture. And Les ProfessioneLs can ultilized as Record , To Never Forget what We are dealing with Ever , EvereD!  Very Disturbing And Disappointing to Furthermore. ?   



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  • 20230810_065021: No White crosslines towards to Walmart and Shopping Mall , the picture was cropped not to show ( when taking the pic , jzblz Id ) by unsolicited. To the picture 1 of 2|3 taken
  • 20230810_065007: ... 2 of 2|3 this picture is supposed to show juxtaposition to the other picture of the same crosswalk , another pov. Freeway out right there , the Train tracks nearby , that I mentioned doesnt have No cross walk excuse too
  • 20230810_085549: Coned off at 8 am to do power water cleaning of the brand new concrete Mall ground within , even G blocked off on the side with any logical reasons to . Trying to navigate a Hi with an apprehensive Coffee purchased there.
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