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hello. i will talk about a subject that almost no one talks about. this is not professional medical advise.

well.... have you thought about the subject of food. i will up this into sections. all advise is if you want it. take what you want and leave the rest. i simply tell friends to be healthy which is whatever that is for them.

super soldier topic. control by food: well it looks like some of use where trained by withholding food to get a point across. if we where going to eat well we had to please whoever had control. especially effective on kids. there is different variations of this but that is the general point. I'm not going into person to person social stuff. however there is accidental lack of food as well. such as neglectful parents or projects with no decent caretaker. it shouldn't happen in north America but some kids don't have decent food because the parents cannot afford it. side note: I feel I was hit when I was trying to eat. yet I don't remember that. i simply feel it happened and I feel bad if I see it on screen. interesting. so I only eat in safe places. like home or a quiet cafe. side note for yourself: yes there is people who feel shame when eating. each person should think about why when they are ready.

eat for strength. not enjoyment: some people have pleasures of choice. for super soldiers/mk ultra that could be over eating. i binge eat in a way. maybe its better to eat healthy so I feel fast and light ( for lack of a better word) hehe. perhaps for ancient warriors eating less was a life style. good thing is self validation is a good replacement for over eating and other addictions. i will not talk about self validation because im not a professional or life coach.

food control for health: apatites expand and shrink in my observation. plus im interested in eating healthy. which would be pretty much whole foods and grain group but not animals.  so im tempted to do just fruit for the most part. if I think of protein it will be eggs and nuts. then there is my energy vampire exersizes in my case. this might give me a bunch of benefits. please remember that fruitarian may not be the best for a diabetic. im not going to talk about breatharian but in higher vibrations i might be able to replace food all together. yeah not in this timeline but nice thought.

suppliments: perhaps supplements can keep your strength up. i rather take natural stuff. in my opinion I discovered oil of oregano and olive oil the benefits of olive oil. I needed stuff like anti viral and anti bacterial without messing with silver which turns your skin blue if you overdose. i also discovered cell salts. there is something called bio plasma. it assists with multiple functions. guess what?  my arthritis pretty much went away. stuff im open to trying is shilajit which is nick named the destroyer of weakness. however im not sure how easy it is to import real stuff in current times. last but not least there is stem cell supplements that I might try. for me it would be Interesting to do something like cell salts and stem cell supplements if that is a real thing. then olive oil to manage blood pressure and cholesterol. note: there is detox to which i will not go into. however i wonder about pancreas detox. i think that is the one if you need to manage weight and if your diabetic. fruitarian diet may effect diabetic people so its the major reason why im mentioning. suppliments to stay away from: chia seeds. there are side effects. including choking because you drank water right after a giant spoonful. be careful with this one. stay away from silver. i never touched it because i didn't want my celtic skin turn blue. i have seen someone with silver/blue like skin so its not a myth. last but not least ormus and gold is a waist of time. including ormus made of salt. its hard to get the real thing. i have found nano gold but its to the point of wondering if its snake oil. the only thing i noticed was unusual dreams.

bonus topic for autism,PSD, etc. : there is cbd oil with no thc. which is legal. you can consider this based on your condition. its a little to expensive to take just because. its probably better to try cbd if your tempted to get a card due to autism. i dont mess with it though.

well that is it. have a good one.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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