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hello. so i have had at least one complete dream about monarch solutions. my confidence with monarch involvement is increasing. as i write this i would say monarch is the one i would blame if i had a case in this life. i am indeed a survivor of the foster care system after all.

so what was the dream? well i dreamed a man had a donut like machine. it was to create things like black holes or similar. yes like cern but different. like they may be going into phase 2. the second part is this man who was called paul serine had a ride that was similar to a old school ride that would stick you to a wall without straps and spin. in this case the floor dropped. this machine looked different thought. i told paul to stop the machine if people were passed out. i could say that because paul seemed to know me. my name in that dream was agent x. when i woke up i looked up that ride which is long gone. then i also looked up agent x. he was in a old comic book as a government agent and hero. in this case it was agent x a man of a thousand faces. well maybe i do have a thousand different alters so that was interesting. there is a agent x in marvel but i have not seen any similar things yet.

in modern times i did hear that there is a new worm hole and it was possibly created by monarch. i also had a dream of a blond mother figure who had translated into a possible handler. i also have confirmation she could be a handler from the same person saying there is a new worm hole that is concerning for a few things. i will not expand on uncool happenings unless i need to. for more information on monarch you can visit. then go to the worldwide military corporations.  thanks for reading.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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Hi Eclipse  , that song from the Pixies , This Monkey is Going To Heaven ( from 1989 ) . I just posted , I beleive was a Disclosure in song tell format. Was telling about ,  " There is a Hole in the Sky " about Apocalyptic circumstances.

Something about that song , when trying to listen to It in the first London hotel stay with My FamiLy ( 2016 ) . I actually ended up in Hospitalization Incarceration because trying to charge My phone to listen to It. " .... " In a foreign Country  , England        from Los Angeles .

And then that exact song ( Ecletic music ) was playing in the outdoor patient courtyard of the Hospital , with a male nurse who looked like Orlando Bloom , singing the Words to It while It was playing

2016 is also when Max had passed * away , I didnt know anything about SuperSoldiers until I saw a Fb post of His passing , I didnt know Him or Vanessa , However,  I left Condolenses. I had No Idea I was going to London shortly then after  too .

[ They canceled a huge Camping trip I planned for My FamiLy  , ALL up California , San Simeon Camp , Big Sur , to My Favourite Campground in the Old Red Woods reservations  , and a special Father Day camp reservation spot prior , purchased all the Gear .... so much Into It. Nope !  Days prior I was sent to a Hospitalization Incarceration for over @3 Months Again!  And then to a short tour in US and Canada .... to move to London , UK [ My Husband  , allways really loved London , He would go there by HimSelf a couple of times when in His 20s. We were as Legally Seperated " Marriage status since 2010 , Married in 1996 ) right after , to move their with My FamiLy was a hoax too !

A Whole , ( Hole ) dflective farse !

{ Oh , and some Person looking like a Saturn , an old man in a wheel chair * London Hospitial Patient  gave Me a Astronomy Journal Magazine  , that changed Magically ! Not My Imagination.  I had just noticed an article about " Crazy Black Holes " ( ??? ) and I mentioned to Him about that , and said , He thought , I would be drawn to that article ". }

Also with another Person there , He had agreed with Me when , I had mentioned That Planet Earth completely Flipped. The North Pole , is now the Souths  ( about 3 Years prior happened , It felt 3 L d , Etheric ?? ) ! The quiet one ( another Patient who had the unusual special mobile phone technology there  ) said Yes , It Did " ! Definitely not My Imagination.

I believe Max visited Me ( on the streets , platonic @ 2019 ) after He passed away in 2016 , when I was able to get a lease in Mar Vista , Ca * + . Which somehow They ( ??? )  managed. Evil had occured There Beyond Belief.  Like moving wardrobe boxes ( People inside ?? , 2 boxes , I was told ' He was , God in there , consistent told )🤍💖

... A Familiar' bphtmt , neighbor blocked Us , with snarky and tech to try to investigate with a building maintenance Person ( who was injured and let go after that ) . B' , actually went to the boxes moving It , and saying that It was normal " , We were awe' and shocked how , Beyond sheerist Evil and rude , and lost our stride to actually look in the tall boxes that were moving before ! ......... ]

* Digress

.... He ( Max ) was then hyjacked right next to Me listening to music , on our way to help Him [ ketu , satan , the d , jez. , L ] took His Mind Space.  I called It out , as His Head basically fell limp on My shoulder , and I noticed. We stopped at the bus bench walking towards My dwelling , trying to slow but for sure off the street , because allready a Gulik ' ( Sanskrit , ketu , lilith  , L , the d , s ) in another formula of anti Mind Space , jez. instead' thing  , that looked like Rosanne Barr , who I was talking to , and It wasnt Good ) and H ( ketu ) said " H' , had His Body for 3 Months " !

... supposedly legal??? And somehow , I got out of It , even though screaming at H , in Max's as walking away , telling H off. Feeling NOT OKAY ! NO RIGHTS to do that to Innocents , Decency , Nature Beings!

About a couple weeks later , I see an online picture of Max emaciated  , naked and appearing like in a holocaust.  I wrote about It here before , It occured about 4.5 Years ago .

And supposedly Orlando Bloom is connected to Max Spiers. I think He might be a real old part of L ' too 🤍🩷

Sorry that it seems like convuluted thoughts there , Its actual Convulted Actual Incidents ! I m Not It making Up ! Actually Occured ! Its regarding Ehp Sra 666 , Abvious. INTP , As Beyond INFJ , The Poets , Gods , Natalia💚🌲🤍🩷

F ~ FD !


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@CosmicDancer I always atleast sort of follow what you put. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 p.s. I see you mentioned the word pixies. I understand but I hear pixies may show up to protect if you mention corporations to much. like how someone was talking about groups and they had "something in their eye". It was someone else's opinion so I didn't even note who the story was about.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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Note related to the post: I had a minor bloody nose as an adult the night after the post. In that case I might have struck a cord within myself or with the corp it's about. 2. Also fireflies was a suggestion on my phone. Which reminded me of the zombie game the last of us. That kind of goes into murg or monarch umbrella refugee group. I can't explain how they are related. at the same time murg is on the acio-official website.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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Your post here came as an email , Not knowing It was Your Blog

Itz  A' L' one group Affort in divied down factions , therfore  - The Same.

Anti , Antis , AnTied InKarmaed. Neutralized , Eradicated!

The Basics of Life , To Be  , Its Not a question.

Word Is Poetics = Poetry  :  )

ALLLL Due Cares ( Action(s) speake' louder than Word  )  Mental Bod' pre destined workjobbed' as mental cases

[ The d , s , jz. Not of : FamiLy , Humanity , ALLLL FamiLy ,              Flesh ,  SouL , BLood,  Breathe ,  WorLd , SecuLar , Civilization ,  Natures , Breathe , Heaven ,         Gods   :  As Provdential Equipment , AdulthoodeD! ]

Producing , Humanity ~ ALLLL Due Care Of Being (s) , Reverence Poetically🤍💗

Let Me know if You want Me to transfer and delete All of the comments on Your blog , to My recent  post thread. I dont mind to , If You feel Its clogging the Space here. I didnt know if I should do that , or leave a record , because I copied and pasted some of It allready



Tech' kept on changing the typesetting to rude on the final with the paragraph above.  I tried 4 x to correct. Also that 3rd elemental Happy face emoji icon ( was infecting before , came back )  they put on this comment , and I was able to edit It out.



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