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MK-Ultra, DID, Milab, Monarch Super Soldier, Targeted Individual, Ritual Abuse's Questionnaire

This list is not an absolute means of determining if you have had an experience and there may be many other explanations for these occurrences. If many of these questions apply to you, please see a qualified researcher or therapist. No name is necessary; this is an anonymous questionnaire. You may however email

if you desire more information.

  1. Have you seen aliens and military personnel together in the same environment? Was it in an

    underground base or in the alien’s environment (ship)?

  2. Have you been abducted by military personnel without any aliens being present?

  3. Do you or members of your family have a connection to the space program or the aerospace industry?

  4. Do you currently, or have you ever, lived near a military base or facility?

  5. Have you ever had experiences with Men-In-Black?

  6. Did the aliens instruct you in their technology or show you how it works? (I.e. have you seen propulsion systems?). Have you flown or navigated a ship or worked the controls?

  7. In relation to your abductions, have you had any forms of the following harassment: Black helicopters, telephone interruption/noises, calls at odd hours of the night, mail tampered with or missing, email tampered with, being followed, being outright approached, or had run-ins or confrontations with military or govt. types.

  8. Do you feel you’ve been “remote influenced” (thoughts not your own) to cause harm to yourself or to harm someone else?

  9. In your abduction memories, have you had any forms of intimidation from humans like: Verbal warnings, threats to you or your family's life or safety, physical abuse, or been beat-up or roughed-up?

  10. Do you have psi (psychic) abilities? (I.e. do you astral travel (OBE), remote view, perform psycho kinesis (move mater with the mind), or do telepathy (mind reading)?)

  11. During an abduction, have human doctors performed any medical procedures or surgery on you?

  12. Have you been taken to an underground facility by aliens or by humans?

  13. Have you ever seen human uniforms (especially military) during your abductions?

  14. Have you ever seen human military or medical equipment?

  15. Have you ever seen human military vehicles or aircraft? Did you travel in any?

  16. Have you seen human military weapons or alien weapons or been shown either during an abduction?

  17. Have you ever seen any of the following during your abduction: Elevators, long gray hallways, partitioned rooms, tents, clean rooms, haz-mat type tented environments, bright florescent lights, or any light fixtures?

  18. Have people ever interrogated you during your abduction?

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19. Do you have any forms of the following: Emotional trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress, Dissociated Disorder (DID), tremors or involuntary shaking, or do you sometimes feel your body is "running energy"?

20. Have you had dreams of military bases, military equipment, or military personnel? 


Original Post

hi. i dont think this is very solid for some of us. my answers are very esoteric. such as ansering with dreams. possible ptsd and odd body jolts  like im paranoid. any possible gang stalking is excused for other things like keep getting calls asking for someone i dont know,or police in my town questioning me when im walking down the street, or a car out of place in my building parking lot. any millitary equipment seen is in passing. such as waving to soldier convoys as a kid while on a road trip or odd low flying jets in my area that i reported . i was not shown tech but i get some futuristic tech things. i personally think about what we can do with holograms and computing. so i dont know. on a side note people have asked if i was in the millitary due to the way i move, hair cut, or how i talk sometimes , ect. then i say i have a airforce or cia personality if i chose to join. which is odd. i like research quesions like this though.

- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

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