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i feel that super soldiers and mk ultra have traits. like how a doctor diagnoses with symptoms. so i will try to talk about my symptoms from scratch.

1. odd dreams: i will start with this since i feel i specialize in dreams. i had a black wolf in my dreams as a kid. like in the movie 300. facing a big wolf is also a mk ultra thing. then i use powers in dreams. then i ended up with dream informants and fighting zombies like an umbrella soldier in a different timeline. things like this can be milab

2. alien contact: there is physical contact that we know of. then there is ufo sightings . like i seen a light come from behind the moon. plus i had dreams like being on a space ship hallway which made me think i should look into milab. then there is the dream i had where i faced a reptilian in his human form. he preferred to keep that image up for some reason. he was really interested in my skin on my left arm.

3. learning as a hobby: self explanatory. i have no raw passion for anything accept learning. i might drop what im learning but i will go back to it. this can be simply fun things like guitar. active things like martial arts. or academic things like learning computer code and teaching myself math. recently i got my typing speed up to 40 words per minute which is basic pro typing speed.

4. interest in the truth: i wanna learn whats really going on. including the elite  and mk ultra. im also open to other timeline possibilities. some timelines take life to another level. i also pursue truth in my faith. please follow whatever faith you think is correct.

5. autism: a unbelievable amount has autism in some form. like its a project. if autism isnt caused by mk ultra like treatment and implants then autism is being weaponized in a way. im not surprised if autism is used for computer and artificial operation.

6. surprising martial ability and tactics: my martial arts instructors said i have potential. one even joked and said he needs a chainsaw to cut me down to size when i get good. when i operated the wing chun dummy for the first time the class reaction was to say interesting. i have not operated fire arms but i have shown battlefield tactics in video games that have surprised me. it looks like at disney world me and my partner where a top 3 in the toy story shooting arcade. the secret for me was rapid fire with a single shot gun and i kept my awareness open for valued targets. @Nate YPX Grey discovered some government involved stuff after playing a video game for fun.

7. the interest in a language: im oddly interested in language. i understand language is also weaponized. i consider even things like math and computer coding a language.

8. trouble feeling emotions: like many abused individuals i have trouble feeling emotions. when i feel good im just like.... is this even ok? only thing that functions properly is my blood can boil in certain situations. im chill in my older age but some people just keep pushing or antagonizing. oh well. my personality seeks the nutral ground.

9. gang stalking: i didnt know what to think about this till i saw some interesting  aircraft passing. like one night i seen multiple helecopter passes in a hour. when i was almost home a cop had to stop me on the sidewalk just to ask if im ok. one time i even seen a plane which looked like it cloaked infront of me. i guess a super soldier once said its milab fly over and they can make them self look like any aircraft. i had calls from the red cross asking for blood when i watch youtube. plus wrong number phone calls which asked for the same person. of course one was child services when i was with them. they asked for josh carol if that means anything to you.

10. adoption: alot of mk ultra didnt have the usual parents and family. after a house fire i was given to child services and then adopted. i think the house fire was arson because they blamed it on my 4 year old older brother.

11. vibe of being from the military or possibly a cop: yes in bad areas a white guy can be suspected of being a cop. with me it doesnt matter. a ton of people thought i was with the government. one vet once said i talk like another vet. yeah well i might have been with the secret  space program. some think im creepy to. all i have to do is walk down the street or have anxiety in the store and a suburb cop might say hi.

12. wisdom beyond your years: well i guess some secret space program plus 20 and back have wisdom beyond their years. simply because the soul has lived longer. im not saying i have this but some people who are cool with me said i have my own kind of wisdom.

13. living paycheck to paycheck: hate to say it but alot of mk ultra and super soldiers have little money and have trouble finding a job. alot of them are on disability. unfortunately they dont seem to be paid for their service when they are still inside the programs.

14. personality fluent or alters : alot of people have alters. alot of times these alters are programed for whatever the goal is.  a couple examples are assassin and entertainer. im personality fluent myself. i have a side that disassociates and has derealization. or simply put a quiet side that thinks life is a dream. another side will say something to anyone. im sorry but even give people a new one. you guys are cool but it doesn't care if your a manager or with the government. unfortunately a police department helped me integrate these two sides. so now i have a side that thinks life is a dream and will mouth off. i hope this side never fights anyone. when i was at the gas station i had to walk away because this side was stepping forward when some guys where makeing fun of me. it will definitely challenge all three of them at once. i do have some fun sides of my personality. the one who is close to being a real alter is my greaser side. i had a greaser heart for a long time but not the hair. its also the historical type. not just the romanticized image. watch out for switchblades friends. they still make those.

15. courage: the other day i seen several cop friends parked in a corner of a parking lot. the same department that helped me integrate my ugly side. i drove into the parking lot to see if they stopped a citizen and are acting professional. it was all cops so i drove off. it was my mk ultra side that gave me the courage. it will face several trained people if it has good cause. even if i will loose.

16. intuition: i think i was selected for my intuition. im guided by intuition even though i dont use it to make money. i also write posts and discuss this kind of stuff with intuition.

17. unusual memories: do you know the movie total recall? the recent one where a guy want to live a life of a spy? well i have my own recall moments. odd memories about super soldier things. my first memory was a battle suit like in Disney's tron. however less flashy. it was on a reptilian humanoid. its most likely one of my ssp clones.

well those are the major points for now. if you wanna point anything out you can leave a comment. I didnt mention implants because i never had a mri but that is a symptom to. stay safe.

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

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