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The Maitre - Aliencyclopedia Episode 03
The Maitre Alien Race is one of the most violent and sinister alien races on Earth. They abduct people openly and their aim is world domination!

Aliencyclopedia is a web series that discusses the Maitre alien, other alien races, and UFO and ET phenomenon, featuring different types of alien races revealed to mankind. Subscribe for updates on new webisodes:

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It's all part of the subterfuge they are waging on humanity. The Anunnaki are the humans. Everyone get used to it...we are their their image...they are human. Speaking Sumerian makes people believe he is god, a human type being, but he isn't. Their true voices are more like swishing sounds and esses..whispers. I suspect some type of device is used to sound metallic. But then i heard the same thing from every voice when my clones were trying to take my em field. i think it's's late lol I"ve had voice mails that sound just like them in their own language. No phone number attached to the voicemail. Figured triggers. 


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