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Four warning dreams and Astral rules you need to learn.

I hate writing titles, too wishy washy and no one reads it, too sensationalist and you get slammed.

 I hope this helps someone, as I had stopped telling anyone my dreams (outside of my family) and just sorted out them out myself, even the warning ones. But these seem to need to be shared.

I have had four strange dreams recently in July, one turned out to be a precog. dream, so I am also sharing the other three, to see if we can do anything about it. Or if anyone reading this, can do something about it (especially the 12 July one).

On 6 July 16 I (precog) dreamt that I and my family were staying at a Hotel (means temporary residence). and a grey haired lady was singing Opera (lit. means ‘labour’/work). Then I saw Boris Johnson talking to a ginger haired lady who was his mistress. Then I saw Obama and he had decided to leave the Hotel.  At the time I was incorporeal (no body, just spirit).

(Theresa May (grey hair) is now Prime minister of Britain and Boris is Foreign secretary, after Brexit.) (So just waiting for Obama to leave now.)


5 July 16 (I don’t know if you know what an Inceptor dream is but it is where someone/s in a tripp chair and choreographs your dream to get a result in your life that they want=fear, anger, tiredness, helplessness, etc. I have had it done so many times to me that I now find them in the real world and cease them (wink). And now I can even go into my own children’s dreams and win their battles for them, when the enemy is overwhelming them. They can even tell me what I did sometimes.)

Well that day ‘they’ did something to shame me first (it is a trick they do to make you compliant) then made me look like a teenage girl in a uniform; pale blue with grey piping. (This was to make me feel as if I belonged to a group, with peer pressure. My personality isn’t driven by peer pressure, fortunately.)

I was being driven via an open Jeep with another teenage girl and a tall male leader in the same uniform, to a Euthanasia centre. The nickname used was Suicide Hall. I kept saying “I don’t think we should do that”. The man in the Jeep replied “It’s alright. Lots of people do it.”  I kept on repeating “I don’t think we should do that”.

When I get stressed in a dream I have a ‘get-out’ ability, which I used. When I awoke I heard a strange ‘plane’ overhead. (I have been getting what I call ‘checked that I have returned safely’ from my astral travels lately, well since I moved to Iceland. I even saw a UFO in the middle of the night when I unexpectedly awoke a few months ago.) So I projected an illusion that I had died in my sleep, just in case it wasn’t my usual checker but a bad guy. (Neptune and Pisces are strong in my birthchart, lol)

I also have an ability to telepathically ‘hear’ what someone is saying about me wherever they are in the world and I am on their wavelength, it works like when your name is being said at a cocktail party. Well I heard “She’s dead”, some started crying and the males just stood in stunned silence (I remote viewed the rest). One man didn’t believe it and as I couldn’t stay in one position for long, I rolled over and this man saw the movement on the screen and started shouting “She’s not dead. See, she rolled over.”

(I did feel guilty about pretending to be dead and I did not expect grief over my passing but in my defence it was a survival tactic.)

I am not telling you this in poor taste but as a warning that we have a new tactic on the block. You see there is more psychic energy about and with evil intentions, someone can get more done in a shorter time. I can now incept dreams (without a tripp chair btw) by using the new energy.

This is how the new ramped up tactic works; They are trying to get us to make deals with them, for example if I had committed the heinous act of suicide in that dream, they would have every right to make my life end in this world. We would be doing their dirty work for them. It may not have been suicide but just a simple stopping of the heart. It is a kind of Temptation. I have definitely thought of suicide before but I am determined to finish this mission and to get Home for my cuddle with the Uncreated Creator. Therefore fame, fortune etc doesn’t impress me. So you need to make a deal with yourself that will supersede all deals made in your dreams. And just like in Fairytales it has to be kind, for example; No matter what, I will be kind to myself and be kind to others and nothing in my dreams can make be anything else.’ Say it every day when you awake for a month or longer. It is much easier if you have a personal relationship with the Uncreated creator, as you can make a covenant with Him, that death will not touch you until He says. And, Those who curse me, let God curse and the same with the blessings.


There are rules in the Astral world, just like this world has the Laws of Physics. One of them is; If I beat you in a fight, I am the overcomer and you now default to me. If they keep coming and do not back down, they are using Black magik and is probably a Black witch, and therefore can be beheaded. This can cause Sudden Adult Death, through shock travelling down the silver cord.

This is the information you NEED to know;

The Evil types, using Black magik, are using another tactic; If I say something is going to happen to you and you don’t say NO,  then it will happen. The NWO uses this all the time in this world. It’s like Faustus and his deal with the Devil, except they are making the deal on your behalf, with the Devil. Once you know about the deal, it is an easy matter to null and void it. This is the whole principle behind making Supersoldiers, they make the deal first (generations ago or with your parents) and then the trauma happens. Then demons are bound to you or your alters to keep the deal and these need to be cast into the Bottomless pit till the appointed time.


Continuing on 5 July 16, I then incepted my children’s dreams and found my youngest alone, with a sniper aiming at her and was now aiming at me, I put up a shield and the bullet splatted, so I reformed it and sent it back with the same velocity, up the rifle barrel and blew it up.  I found my eldest was projecting an illusion, that she was a tiny insect in a jungle she had conjured up, to evade the tallest lion I have ever seen. So I changed into a green dragon and decapitated the lion. In the morning I asked if they had seen me but they didn’t remember their dreams that day.  But the lion was a regular nightmare of hers as a kid, unbeknownst to me.

The dream on 12 July 16 was really disturbing. A smug man told me that the Nazis were leaving Earth to go to Mars. When I awoke I thought Brilliant (because they have been the bane of my life). But one of my Alters was really angry and absolutely horrified, so I asked her why. She then said “They are planning a scorched Earth policy!”

This is bad for our types (this means you too) as we would be on top of their kill list, as we are the ones, in the astral realm, that could stop them. (Probably why the targeting has got worse for some lately). They have lost 9 portals over the last two years, that they were assured eons ago would be theirs and they are a bit pissed off and confused, making them dangerous.


There is another Astral rule I have rediscovered. If you are in a battle in a dream and you win, it takes two nights for the results to be felt in this world. And vice versa. That’s why Jesus was in the tomb for two nights and rose on the third day. He wasn’t in there for three days, as is commonly mistaken.


The 14 July 16 was probably the weirdest of the four. I was invited to a party that became a wedding party, that became a Supersoldier conference, that became a dance party with music. At first I was recounting my stories of being a Supersoldier one to one and my struggles against them since I was 5yrs, for the last 43 years. Then I was handed a microphone that I didn’t want but I was willing to use if I could help people. It was the conference now and I said, “If you are here then you must know you are a Supersoldier and have abilities. But you are a weapon that has been programmed and sometimes you are working for the wrong side.” I was then interrupted by a man that got up in abject terror; he picked up his short coat and ran round to the back of the stage. I psychically realised his Wernicke’s commands and booby traps were still intact. I and my eldest child then chased after him and met him coming out of a room holding a long urban machete (a long straight tapering black blade). A ginger haired lady came running out screaming but was not hurt. I disarmed him easily (using my ability), with my eldest’s help and her ability.

We managed to bind the demons operating his commands, and disable the booby traps. I then ‘psy-pushed’ him to fall asleep for exactly ten minutes to get refreshed. I thought I had saved his life, as his booby trap was to kill himself, not others.

 I wanted to tell the Conference (before I got interrupted in the dream) that we need to help one another to get our freewill back because of the battle coming up (weddings in my dreams are always battles with the Enemy). We don’t want to be anyone’s puppet. I was going to say that I had been suicide triggered but survived. I even survived the four men team that jump-roomed into my house at 3.15am. The brain bombs in my family’s heads had been disabled by me. And a demon of death had been bound and cast out of my eldest. And I had done it all using the power of the Name of Jesus. But people had started dancing in front of the stage. I lost hope that I wouldn’t be able to say these things and that I couldn’t help the people there. So my eldest went to the organiser behind the stage and showed him a list of notes, she had made about what I wanted to say. She had also drawn two horses; neck, manes and heads; one black in front of a white horse. I thought she had drawn some ‘warm fuzzies’ for me as encouragement.

I now believe this could have been Max Spiers. (I remember faces really well) I am not 100% certain but the white horse is his ‘other name’. I know there is controversy about his death (or whatever) but the man I saw still had alters that had not been integrated and they had been triggered but not by me. I believe the booby trap had been triggered a while ago. It places a great strain on the physical body, that even a Supersoldier would eventually succumb to and it would look like natural causes. (If he was a clone, then he must have realised he was going to die and that could have been the terror, I felt. If not a clone, then the terror was part of the booby trap effects.)

I personally know what it feels like to be triggered by the suicide command, it is like an electric shock (a neuro-excito toxin) going through your body and then absolute terror, causing fight or flight symptoms which then die down . A few years ago I had been sent a Yahoo instant message and a code was inside. I only glimpsed it and knew immediately what it was and erased it. But the damage had been done. Fortunately for me I had recently integrated all my alters (the demons had been cast out years ago) but the software programming was still intact, which the handler knew, as they were still using me. I got all my alters to agree to not harm the body as we all had to use it. I found out later that one of the more mature alters had been holding a grenade, with the pin missing, for two weeks. I had to (telepathically) go to a friend I have in the Arctic, who is good at this kind of thing. He basically saved my life; I then learnt how to do it, which I used to help save the man in my dream.


If you believe you are a Supersoldier and you haven’t integrated your alters, cast the demons out, null and voided the booby traps and Wernicke’s commands, and cancelled any deals made on your behalf with the Devil/Accuser/Enemy, you could be triggered too. helped me, as I had no one to help me then.

I hope I haven’t upset anyone, as that is the last thing I want. I may be a newbie on this forum but I have been battling this crap for decades. I seem to be an Astral warrior type and an unconfirmed Berserker, and my research is extensive in this area. I am still learning, so if you are a Danite witch and you ‘know’ something different about the magik info, I would be willing to listen.

It’s not over yet and we could be all that stands between humankind surviving and oblivion. But I have been there before (1987) and we won.

 Sorry it's a long post but it needed to be thorough.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

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People are dreaming of Max the last few days. I have to wonder what is going on. 

I was making great progress in integrating my alters until they implanted me with a memory sieve i call it. When i awaken i can physically see and feel my memories going down a drain. And still with the electro shock memory erasure. I need these brain implants disabled. I'm told a natural magnet might do the trick. 

I was abducted into the astral by black ops agents. They had taken me there to kill me. As they ranted at me i turned my head from them and said..i am not looking at this and instantly i was out of there. lol Yeah very different modes of operations when in the astral. Everything begins and ends in the astral. That is where i go when someone needs taking down. Their negative magic begins there....their power is hidden there as well. Find it and take their power from them. 

I oob every time i close my eyes and i have seen so many different scenarios for this time we are in. But i don't know if it's different realities or warnings of what to avoid....or even both. 

When they implanted the memory sucker it also took my lucidity. 





Sorry Eevie I didn't realise you had replied to this thread, even though I have it permanently tabbed.

I and my family have just moved again in 9 months, so life is a bit hectic. I got told in a dream, we would be moving to a Safe house-not safer but it is a specially made house in Iceland. Basically we now live in a geode as it covered in quartz and obsidian. We three have noticed we aren't picking up stray thoughts anymore-the world is a lot quieter in our heads.

In the last month, I have been having problems retaining my nightly astral memories, but I worked out that S Quad has been turned on after 3 August 16 and it creates chaos in the brainwaves. (The clue was in the movie title Suicide Squad.) Silent Sound Spectrum Spread is S. x4/Quad. So I have started listening to more Classical music as this produces, more even, brainwaves. And I am trying to keep my brain balanced by doing equal amounts of right and left hemisphere acivities. Looking at Sacred geometry does this automatically.

I got rid of my 2 metal brain implants by removing them the same way they were put in-astrally. To remove them, concentrate on what you want to happen=them out. Use all of your WILL and visualise it happening. I add 'In Jesus name' too because I believe He wants the best for me. Mine came out into my ear canal at  night. Wished I had kept them as no one believes me.

There is another trick they are using now, Brain bombs. I had a dream a few years ago that showed what they were doing but I didn't know what they were putting in. Tiny hair sized nano bombs that literally fry your brain similar to neuroexcitotoxins (eg, MSG, Aspartame) except the neurons keep firing and it overloads and you die after the symptoms of a stroke (slurred words) and in some sensitives; a massive migraine. My Hubby had ot have two of these brain bombs removed and this was in the comic Deadshot was in; Suicide squad. He travels for his job, they get him and put another one in. The second one was evil it looked like a red tiny archimedes screw. Focus Intent Effect-that's the key to Magik or Astral work.

Looking back though I realised I had to do it because THEY (in my case the Nazis) were beating me in my life because of the implants, and my personality refuses to give in to bullies, so I made a conscious decision to get as free as I could.

If I am in the Astral and attacked and they don't back down as the rules state, then I am prepared to behead them and I have done that on several occasions. The last one was a female Loki, as she was trying to kill me.

And I know all about the astral form of attempted murder. You can read what they did to me in the Pandora comic-Trinity of Sin. At that time we were living next to a family of Satanists and around Halloween they did a ritual in their back garden in the rain. That was the INVITE the evil ones need. Then one of my rabbits died and we feel our pets are family. So GRIEF was the open door to my energy. Although all four of us were astrally summoned our souls were in flesh bodies which can feel pain and be killed. This is a sort of secret that hasn't gotten out yet. It has been found that our soul's consciousness makes this flesh body around itself and a few bloodlines can do this when OOB, so that there would be two bodies-one asleep and one awake. Norse myths call this Berserker-literally Bear skin. They believed the soul or spirit could put on another skin.

The Nazis wanted me to surrender to them and do some Remote viewing of spaceships for them, I refused. They then shouted they were going to rape my youngest daughter. I lost it and killed two of the soldiers. One rifle butted my skull and caved it in, broke ribs, an arm and a leg. All this is in the comic btw. They then sent me back to my body fully expecting me to die. But just that year I had been taught to regenerate my astral body. When I woke in the morning I felt bad, my head still had an actual dent in it and I had double vision. I took photos of the cut on my knee and bruises. (My youngest also had a cut, which I photographed.) And I had pain in those areas including my ribs. Fortunately I had made friends with a Master in the Arctic, his healers healed the skull problem but to this day I still have a slight double vision in  my left eye. I had an Optician's appointment soon after and he asked me if I had a knocked my head recently as I had signs in my eye. I got him to write a note to that effect but the next day it had disappeared-they had entered my house and retrieved it.

One of these days I will get the opportunity to Judge those that did these things and they will die and their souls will go to the place of punishment.

How we will get the trauma healed I don't know but I cry one day and the next I pick myself up and fight all over again. And I will keep doing that till they die.

What the mind control people haven't let slip is that we who remain of their experiments have very high willpower and that is the first ingredient in Magik and changing the astral dimension that underpins this 3D world. When all the Supersoldiers start to realise we are powerful and that is why we are used, then we will have our lives back in our control.

I try to RV but the last time I managed it perfectly was just after I had removed 20 Archon implants (with help from Arctic master). I can see visions and dreams, precog dreams and I can change reality and do telekinesis but I can't RV. I don't know why. My imagination always imagines the worst and that is what I then see.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

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