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receive this message about Sean David Morton and his wife Melissa.

* I’d like to take a moment to ask everyone to please pray, send good vibes, keep in your thoughts and prayers – Sean David Morton and his wife Melissa. As you may or may not know; Sean and Melissa were convicted by jury on 25 felony counts on Friday after a four-day trial. * * During this trial, Melissa had a arachnoid cyst burst in her brain causing her to go into a coma. She was taken to the emergency room unresponsive and not breathing. Sean has been with her all night at the hospital and is in distress emotionally. I will advise you of any progression. At this time there is inter-cranial bleeding and she remains in a coma. There is a fair chance she will not make it. Please keep them in your thoughts. Thank you.*

Does anyone here know anything about this.  I am not Facebook friends with them but apparently a lot of my friends are

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i was gong to give the same warning and this is the perfect place to alert everyone. I know she was targeted. They alays use the same ammo...heart or brain. 

Oh they have many ways to take us out while we are driving. I was nearly tboned by an ambulance in an intersection...i did not hear the ambulance coz my ear began screaming in the same tone. 

I don't put up with their shit and they know what i will do if they keep the shit up on me. Only way to get their attention is to take them out. and make good on your promises if you threaten them with death ..........or you're fucked. 

I have had allies picking me up when i sleep so milab cant' touch me. I will not fight against russia. 


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