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I don't know..since I've been exposed to all of this super solider and secret space program info from YouTube and the net I've been getting these intense dreams. They're all horrible and I get this strange feeling after waking up that it actually happen to me. I just don't really know my logical brain is fighting against it and all of this is just pure bs but I'm get such strong reactions from it like my soul is crying out. As I kept watching the interviews hearing their stories I get this vague sensations like I've being there before especially the trauma stuff. Maybe I was abducted by ets as well. I just wanna know how you guys regain your memories and was it from your dreams?

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Yes they are. If you go for regression you MUST find a person who innerstands milab/alters, etc before you are regressed. Bad things have happened with those ignorant of how to handle alters and booby traps in our minds. People have died from accidentally triggering an alter. 

The dreams....just allow them...don't become attached to them...just allow....


Peace and Love is what saved me from evil spirits attacking my brain, no joke I was hugging everyone in the dream like I had enough control like I'm lucid dreaming and the assault dissipated. If I reacted differently and make it less serious than what It was, I probably would go mad lol. It was pretty intense it feels almost like just missing a bullet.

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Yeah I kinda do that , what Eevie.  does .    I think of it in Word/Mind- Form N Formula now because I have to streamline as I'm stressed n under duress  . So how I do it is like : 

Im thinking n feeling  , ' This isnt what Living is about ! its obviously evil N I OBJECT N ReJect - Eject Evil rule/use it for Intel  (even covert n overt e " ) . However try not sweat the small stuff N  Resected out of MySelf (wanting  And Stating my own reality perimeters/ para/Moment of Space(s) Continuum Momentum ~ At the same time Be in Appreciation n Gratitude to continue normal scale of People N Society/Organically (with form n Formula too in an Synergy N Affiliation way , OnLy Affinity with Nature Spiritually Humanity in        God Lord Jesus , Almighty Father, Goddess POV as my focus as much as possible in Experience! Knowing in Mind , Body , Body ,  Spirit  , Heart       - ( That the crime/s are designed by evil/hate/liars = LIE ! , its false Anyway , right ! ) . As alkaline blase ' cool astere n visade , as "rabid "  sadosts attacking  N targeting You . ??

With old skool n new skool hi tech in Form n Formula  [agendas/psycho schisms' ] +💟💥💖🌌🙂/Just  NO !  They are egotist/conceited thinking ,  they are like fancy sexy'/alive ' hooligan bullies , as primitive predators with company/like it's a biz ' a profession'/career choice ' n/or lifestyle choice/?????? TOTALLY  Insane Inane ! They are "Not of Flesh (evil minds) , however attached to Our Flesh as psychopaths cognizantly , some who look like normal People , some like Gods n Goddesses .. Obviously NO Gmo jezebels !

There are only TWO that are ~               Yin And Yang . That are Sacred Divine Union of Masculine/Man/GoodLord  N Feminine/FeMaL/LoVe (Lo ~ Venus Magdalena ,,,,,,,,,,,)* . It wasnt ever Necessary And Or a Necessity for Anything but that ! Its totally out of balance n Harmony , we are in critical  crisis now  because  of the Jezebel  Crime design , structure and scene  . Its so evil , they have even sandblasted attack on God even (a Mortal Being too , Its Not doable what has occurred to Humanity ) it's the Highest Crime in The Cosmos , The Macro Universe  ! A Total fall down , collaspe into black hole , melt down in Creation/ALL Macro Universe *) There no Organization to fix it , its chaotic) They are ALL Free to the World as King Kong ding dong zing zongs zingzonging it with People/Creation  zoiding And wiggling out ? Nature totally freaking  n Wiggin/In Physical  Pain +*💖  ! That's what occurred ! Does that seem happening  ??   It Better Not be ! It has to stop  ! Total Yin~Yang Disfunct !  We obviously have to OBJECT with Objective !

Never Assume , Always have the Highest Expectations " for The Good of It , Never take for Granted  ! Always in True Appreciation And  Gratitude  )  ~ What else is there ?

I try to take it (the liars effect ') out of the equation as : false , faux , lie/ingenuine . Not ( ' )  with Purpose/ Humanity .    And I keep the math ' basic with no gmoed  LIES/That Better Not Be True ~ O ' Heaven Almighty  Father And Good Lord , In.      LordGod Jesus Christs Names , Loves Humanity  Names  !!!!!!!

And I Declare MySelf As a True Element of Humanity/Love RuLes (I have Purpose) - contrasted to non-purpose and evil intent/whether covert n or overt. To my very best ability, intent, with integrity in Honesty for Love  , Purpose = Humanity . So I can have a basis of normal baseline to be in comfort and Freedom Without assault n perimeters from evil ! It's a much better place to be/begin  ! 

In compromise n or attack , I Pray for Help , Assistance  , even  Assurance  . That's what I do . If the situation doesnt serve me immediately personally/Humanity too  .

Does evil have Purpose ? NO !!!! However in the Mean - time You have Transmute to Purpose /Love / Humanity  ! They are evil trolls that equal hate = finite concrete pain , No Mercy - Including fall out too , after affected??? . KARMA  Technology please with Providence . And that's is not a contribution to Society/ Civilization/ Creation/Nature/Humanity  , let alone Doable  ! ??                                         

Mercy to God And  Goddess  Authentic  Love ~ Humanity 

The excuse mech alibi is they're think they have spiritual "purpose" as contrast to know the difference between Good n evil  . { By the way/The Tree of Knowledge = Not Everyone/ Body of Mind Is to the Element of God N Or Goddess* . It's not just a look thing } That would a no brainer N a Yuppy/materialistic troll hatetor(s) con excuse mech to be a sadist/jezebel*/narcissistic cannibil/ pizzagate/archonconmen . Beating " up Goddess, God , Almighty Father And ALL Children, Everything  , Nein Nein Nein to the wannabe 666's /sex sex sex ! (they not even that ! Less than z▪︎r▪︎s  //   ~ Divine Division ~ Divine 22 ~Divine DuBouzet             +💖💟🌌💥🙂 

The evil minds , are not of flesh , they are Mental Cases * /Technology with Providence /Love ~ Respect ~Respect ~Love Formula, that didnt get a room by now apparently, if You know what   I mean , to be Contained) !  So in extremities I have to make the end Product = Humanity . Producing Humanity out of a horrific  Dichotomy ! If You can seize the Moment with a group Hug (Hope and willing a Real one) that would be the most AHSweet💖))))))))  ~ Thats Humanity )

The evil last statement would be ALL Creation that turns into a Black Hole/In Astro Physios With Immortal  Maglignant Cosmic Cancer with ALL the tortures in sins mixed in blitzkrieg p. h.  ! 《 NOT OK !!!!!!!!!! 》 Down the drain with them ! Galactic Creation Love Collasped , total M.D. (melt down like the Salvador Dali painting n dante's inferno I saw in my Pineal too n spilling into 3d reality now even .      I dont whose still raping Humanity       - IT MUST STOP!                   

~ So never again God , The Mother / Creation Or Nature Where we ALL come from in Peace n.      Comfort/Love  ??   No Thanks to that undeniable reality !  ~ Humanity Invictus Amore Adoramus ~ Adoramus Invictus Amore 

Only take the Good out of ALL situations, as Treasures , that's what I take out of Anything . Only that is Good , that only serves Love/Humanity !! Humanity is The Treasure of ALL Treasures it equals Freedom to Be Truly Happy Autonomous Authentic Genuine ~ EveryOne , EveryBody And Everything Sovereignty by Providence ! +💟🌌💖🌅💥💙💗🙂))))))))))))

*totally compromised post . I tried to fix the Whole  Truth .

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The evil minds come from the malevolent ets/aliens who have no spiritual concept or heart. The worst to come to earth so far are the Maitre and they are a failed experiment. We can see why. Evil fucks. No heart, no care. Even the Vlash reptilians fear them and they run our world together. 


Oh yes...our dreams are memories of past lives and ops of every kind. Our dreams are our real lives. This life in the body conscious is bullshit and only a cover for our being here. Got up this morning with the damn memory erasure hangover. Horrid head pain, nausea and confusion. Electro shock to the base of the brain. So yeah...milab ops that we think are dreams/nitemares. Rogue ops usually don't erase memories unless it is something of extreme import. They know milabs are questioned under alters. 


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