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hi. im eclipse. welcome. thanks for the post. the more posts the better.

im actually adopted and that puts me into the pizza gate/sex!ual possibility. the Jesuits should know about me because my mom is a ex nun. this is an example of why im open to your background. i personally dont really remember a project like mk ultra in this life. when i actually could have been involved because the state had custody of me for a bit. just as far as the usa and secret space program side of things. i at least have dream/different reality alters running around which made me stay. i guess i will stop there for now. the others who mostly come and go should be on if you wait a bit. anyway have a good one until next time.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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⚪️ Hi 👋

I have also been through that hospitalization | incarceration series for over 40 x s starting 2003 . Definitely Not psychotic . Some of My Doctors and Nurses … were Good .  I witnessed and , they tried to Assassinate , and Poision … Me a few x s Too  . Even False Pet Team , Police | Phoney ID Cards the last 2 x s ( 2018 , Very Scary ! With Black Demon eyes ‘ even ! ) Dr s and Nurses , Security Gaurds , Court , even crazy Judges !

Many fellow Patients … told Me that too . So obvious too .

Hospitals mostly in Los Angeles , Portland , Or . And Even once in London , Uk . Which I was just looking up the town the Hospital was in last night Tollingsworth Uk ( Not there , on Google Maps and now its   “ Hollingsworth “ ?? Huh ?

… The recent Piccadilly Square Disclosure . And that whole molly thing and the pz ph was already Disclosed . Julian Assange still in Belmarsh . He didnt seem like the Right Line   Produced . Totally crazy E too with that . And Max Spiers …  did Reveal too . And That was a while ago .

A lot Matrix and Above Ground Technology Apparently Sheilding Attacks  , And Protecting Me It seemed . Many People I met in the UK ( 2016 )  were Familiars ( Kjv)  . In Portland It seemed like a lot of Layers of Dimensions ( withe The High Technology ) of the Astral Sras ( I could see in My 3 rd Eye Astral  , and spilling into 3d Physical  , I experienced  . Still attacking Me Astrally too to Today    even  . Seems constantly .

Still somehow here ~

Throughout ALLL of                               that Praying 🙏🏻 🤍⚪️

Actually My X was just there , now Amsterdam

I was going to write an update on occurrences around here . Maybe Tomorrow

Stay Safe🤍PeaceLoveJoy



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⚪️🤍👋Andy , …

Dont think Its Normal , and or the new norm ‘ , Or the norm’ , or now up from under rug - n It always been that way , with blasé ‘ meh too now ??? ⚪️

Its Not of Nature , PrincipaL | PrincipLe ( Word , Care , Poetry ) . Natures Law , The Duh . Is ~ Respect RuLe Of Law !

🤍Respect Everyone +* 🤍 , Everybody And Everything ! 🤍

Love = Respect RuLes                                      ( And RuLed ) !

🤍⚪️To Be , Is ! Being🤍⚪️

The other ‘ ( Not of Coin too ) Is A Liar , Lie That is Ouch ! - Ehp Sra dhp 666 mfu - h machinE ! Posers , Imposters , Imposing as sadist with tech ‘ - ALLL ILLEGAL ~ Until Neutralized withe Karma 🌌⚪️🤍

They are evil mindz ~ Not of Nature , Society , Cilivilization🤍

⚪️NO Archon , devils satan , Drageth around Us ! Totally wannabeez jez . { Not Of Flesh Kjv } InKarmaed ! ⚪️

Completely Neitralized And Eradicated !

No means No ! No Gmoed , No zing zongz on TOP Ever , Evered !

They have No Rights Or Authority Over Nature And Creations Reality or Story ! Like it says in Kjv too .

⚪️💖WorLd Is WorLd 🌌😊💗🤍



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CosmicDancer “ frome  Marc Bolan s              ( TRex Song | Tell . Morrissey & Bowie did a cover of too ) .

Dancing * ( INFJ , Nature , Sage ,  Muse  & Trying to Disclose as an  INFP , Mentally Dancing | Thinking And Doing for Humanity . Freedom out of the d    scape ‘  !

Infj , INFP … Dr. Carl Jung 16 Personality Profiles. For short description of .

Under , Withe And For Gods Kingdom🤍🌌🤍⚪️

Felt like I should clear that up . So anyone wouldnt be thinking something else . Trying to put that ( in short form ) on My signature line , however wasnt able to .

Be Safe



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yeah im sorry to. you and anyone here can contact me if they remember a chris bryant. from umbrella or dark fleet. its my possible mk ultra name and i feel safe mentioning it because its no longer my name and it was sealed by the state.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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