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I just remembered,waking up one night,maybe a few years ago,I was kinda blindfolded,but not the usual 3D way,but some more advance sh.t.

Well,I just heard some kind of scraping unpleasant sound and felt that some crazy ass machine or whatever,was digging through my nose cavity deep into nose bone.I was fully awake and felt no pain whatsoever.I guess that was implant implementation,but that was no regular implant,cause it took some time while they finished.I felt like nothing was "violated",so maybe my group or allies(I dont know what group it was) were doing some augmentation on me.

Even today,I can feel strong magnetic force from that spot.Staples and some smaller metallic things are magnetically attracted,so that is my "proof",even though,I dont give a sh.t if someone believes me or not.

One more thing ,I was abducted all my life,so all those things your saying sounds familiar to me,but,I cant remember what I was doing and for whom,you know...So it is not easy for me,not to remember a thing,well some things like learning to fight with swords and knifes I can remember and being in "combat",but not like you describe it.I will talk another time about that,now I just wanna said that I could ,with my own force/thought,make my arm,somewhat disappear,but strange thin is that it like blew up in a billion little peaces that were roundish and grey.I thought,what if I just made my hand disappear?Could I loose my hand in this 3D matrix?!I dont know how,but I got my arm back(Im using it right now hehe...).

Well,I could write for days what happened to me and where I went to and how...I think this is enough for start.

Thanx guys for the chance to know what the hell is /was going on in my life.I hope I l find some answers...   

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Im sorry that you have such bad pain,in my case,I dont even know its there,until I put something metal near the nose bone.Staples usually stay on my face/nose bone, cause  (electro) magnetic force and I can feel that magnetic thing inside .Thats just one,Im sure Im full of them all over my body.They took me almost every night from earliest memories...I had really fuc.ed up and hard life and still fighting those bad emotions that can trigger,who knows what.I have many "powers"like some movie or cartoon character,but I have to be extreme cautious about my emotions,cause big power comes with big responsibility,you know.Im fighting possible PTSD as a war participant/victim (91-95) ,my town was 2nd most shelled town after Vukovar.I saw and experienced things that you cane imagine.Death was following me every day.Sniper bullet vent through my pillow(!),half a inch up and my head would explode or who knows what.That is not even 1% from 1%  that happened to me.I was beaten by drunk crazy ass father,almost every day,from my 2nd or 3rd year.My mother and sister went through that also,but they were not abducted on top of it all.Ther was bad magic stuff too,psycho-physical torture and god who know what else.I was thinking about writing a book,but I think that no one would believe me,it is so messed up.

Today is little better,but doctors gave me some pills,I dont know why,but thing is,if I dont drink them,every day,my heart will stop and thats it!Bye-bye!I almost died few times,trying to get rid of those hellish pills.Im searching way out from that hell.I am still positive and there is good out there,but pills,are not letting me to be free and happy.I hope someone will be able to help me,eventually.I have hope.

Thanx and bye,for now.

Nate YPX Grey posted:

do you want to be interviewed about it?


Your not the first one that wanted to interview me.A-team send me an offer,but I m not that kind of guy that needs or wants publicity.I dont wanna be famous,not even a little bit.I was famous as a drummer in certain new bread,band,name is not important.I was even a millionaire,but I lost it all in 2008.I hate money!The best thing that happened to me was that 2008 world crisis.When I lost it all,all my"friends"left me and girl also,but she dident tell me that she was pregnant with me.She did abortion and killed my perfect child.That almost ruined me totally,but Im still alive.I had many friends that were in special forces in Croatian army during the war,but sadly,lots of them died from alcohol and pills.Many died from drugs and this year I lost 2 of my best friends.One threw himself under the train and other died from not eating food,hunger and septic poisoning.So much sadness in my town and in my life,would you like to go in front of camera in state that Iam right now?!No way Jose!Even if you pay me 10 000.00$ I would rather be incognito. I know that Iam from Light and I am happy that I see ships at night patrolling our Solar system keeping bad guys on the leash,if there are any at all any more(for now).I could tell you stories that you never heard before,that are 100%,not99,but 100% true and you wouldent believe me.I dont care,I know that it is only be better,thats all.

Thank you.


Its not,that I wouldent like to tell you as much as I can about myself,but the thing is that Im very rarely,in such a state that allows me to even write!

Im a total wreck!I know I look healthy and normal from the outside,but the ugly truth is ,that Im a "prisoner" of so called doctors that ruined my life by giving me some pills that they give to people that are drug addicts.I dident know what kind of pills that really were,so after 2 weeks someone told me what they really are for.Imagine my surprise!On top of that,he gave me bunch of pills for depression and who knows what else...Now when I know it all that,for last 4 years,I tried not to take just on of 5 different pills,once(!) and I almost died from cardiac arrest.My parents ,luckily came to visit me and they found me barely alive.It was in such a bad state that I would be gone in a max 1/2hour.I was gasping for air like fish on the ground.

So what am I suppose to do now?To sue that dr.Mengele?!He cant bring my health back again!Mothef f....r!

Do you know why he did that to me?!

So he can get another 15% more money(!?) by giving as much pills to as much people! I was so freakin mad,that I wanted to ki.l him and maybe myself after that.But Im not that kind of man.Im sure Higher forces have something "special",waiting just for him!So I try forget all that bad stuff that happening to me.But its not going so well.Maybe after some time...I really dont know.

Freakin grays and mantis beings  abducted me and tortured me so many times that I dont know the number anymore.Drunk father beat me so severe from the age of 2 till I was cca. 20ish .I had to be strong enough (and by doing martial arts),so I could at least defend my sister and mother from that monster.Did I mention that I survived real,the worst fuc.n war after WWII (91-95)?!No?!Well I did.I dont know how or why,but that sniper bullet was meant for me and I still have that hole in my roller blinds today(bullet would go through my head,it hit my pillow).I will only say that after Vukovar,my city,Karlovac got the worst bombing after WWII.My house is 30 yards from main military barracks,so daily,there were 1000+ shells landing on top or few yards next to my building.That was my childhood.Oh,I almost forgo,my "brave" father that likes to beat children and women,disappear for 5 years!How convenient for him!Isent it? 

I found strenght in me and I forgave him(!) many years ago.Now,he is getting olde and my sister doesnt want anything to do with him.I understand her. 

He and my mother,are now living with me,again(!),(she has to go to a leg surgery), for 1 more year and then they will return to their house. Its not easy,not at all,but the worst thing is,that hes pretending that nothing happened(!?) and my own mother is sayin the same!!Why?!How?! I dont care  for them and their lies no more.I am just trying to stay alive,you know... 

I can only dream about love,wife,marriage,family...

I will survive that too,alone.There must be a good enough reason that I wasnt killed in war.That I dident kill myself when my girl killed our perfect child.That I dident kill myself and that evil bastard dr."Mengele" that put me,perfectly healthy(!),on pills,that totally destroyed that little life that I had in front of me...

Im not complaining,maybe this sounds like I am,but no! Thats my life!                 My everyday life,that I have to live in pain and agony till I die from old age!Who wants to live life like that?!For 50 or so more years?!I dont know what shell it be.Im asking for help in every corner of the world and nobody wants to help.What a fucked up world is this?Only one dude from Green Berets understood me perfectly and I get him too,but Im not American,so I must keep my head high and endure this constant pain that is eating me alive.

I know that,at least you know,what that really means...Lets be stronger than pain,but pain is so brutal...

Nice to know that someone feels the same pain,it hurts less,even for a sec.!  

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