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🤍⚪️  I am prompted to do an Update Post on the E*** around here ,  with this old late 70s Band ,  Gary Numans tell , tale , spell ( ??) - Better Not Be E*** song .   I believe very much Disclosure !  [ Same with also Metal , B side of Cars . Some Tells Frome  for sure . ]. ‘ Frome ‘ * I didnt text here. ! *

This song and some of His other songs have this Very Concerning Ehp morbid  motif’     🤍⚪️
{  I just lately over the Years ( My Elementary School Best Friend had the ‘ 45 single of Metal , Gary Numan … ) . I just basically realized and noticed all the lyrics to alll songs in My Older and Wiser Years . I just really focused more on the Music before . }

So , I thought I open this Post ( which I would like finish later. ) . I believe I actually mentioned this song before recently on SSF too .

Down at The Park ‘ , Gary Numan⚪️

Down in the park  ( ‘ )
Where the mach-men meet the machines
And play 'kill-by-numbers'
Down in the park with a friend called five
I was in a car crash
Or was it the war
But I've never been quite the same
Little white lies like I was there
Come to "Zom-Zom's", a place to eat
Like it was built in one day
You can watch the humans
Trying to run
Oh look there's a rape machine
I'd go outside if he'd look the other way
You wouldn't believe
The things they do
Down in the park
Where the chant is "death, death, death"
Until the sun cries morning
Down in the park with friends of mine
We are not lovers
We are not romantics
We are here to serve you
A different face but the words never change
Source: LyricFind



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Ive been trying to update . For now … surprisingly the local der Weinerschnitzel
had Veggie   Dogs : )))

They had 3 options .  I got the Vegan ,

Chicago Dog :

+ *  And For some reason the Title of this post thread was mocked in All caps , right above ⬆️

A grilled World Famous Original Wienerschnitzel Hot Dog in a hot, steamed bun topped with fresh tomato, fresh onions, pickle spear, relish, sport peppers, tangy French's mustard and sprinkled with celery salt just like in Chicago! All Chicago Dogs can be served with a hot dog that is World Famous Original, All-Beef or Polish   {  *+ V }. The Chicago Dog bun options include standard or pretzel. “

That description off the online menu - They had the Chicago as a Vegan option too .

… withe Kraut , thats how they say It   there.  I asked for when Vegan Chili , for the V Chili Fries , when coming  ?   :   )

I dont know why the text Is that large of a font . I didnt change It ( I dont know how to on SSF and I dont think You can ) .

Hopefully , I’ll get back to this post sooner than later . So much had Occurred around here .




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…. Please pardon the delay , so many things occurred . I havent had the space to write out all the events ( the last 4 Months here )  . However , the last thing that occurred ( with basically everytime I go to get Groceries around this ESA in Gardena , Ca ) . About 3 Days ago , I decided to go to another supermarket ( always a thing ) and I take the one bus there , … was fine . And go to this market and shop , fine … 3 heavy   bags . I Just missed the bus on a Friday rush hour ( which the bus runs every 20 minutes ) walking out  . The mobile bus schedule , says another one in 20 minutes , the X changed 2 X s . Then Canceled “ , taken off the mobile schedule ( as done before ) after an hour of waiting . This has occurred several times ( within 2 Years ) , along with :  hijacking’s of the buses , off the routes , and refusing to drop Me off at the bus stop rang for , rude bus drivers ‘     ( Humans ??)  . The Bus customer service are also rude ! All of Metro and surrounding City Bus Lines infected . The bus customer service person said the Bus was Canceled “ , and there will be another one in an hour  -Faggitory ( not necessarily ref. to homosexuals ) ! With the same  ones ! Familiars ( Kjv , My FamiLy , Humanity In GMOed ! ) I told them to F ‘ off .

I sat there for a minute , And decided , I was just going to leave the Groceries there too heavy , And walk back , My Life wasnt sustained .

I said My Goodbyes to The Sun … from there . And , I did leave the bags on the bench … And as turned around ,   leaving , in a flash , there was A Bus ! A few feet away from Me . Very unexpectedly . I took It was a sign of maybe Its Not My X and or Idled 💖⚪️

Also doing a Water Quality project around here . Decided to make a Water Filter diy  . Got a free test from Home Depot . The City also offers free test to send in and the HD one sends You an email with the Water test results . Made Activated Charcoal . Diy online recipes  , I suggest maybe You should be into . And if interested in My diy project pm Me and I can give You My fb page with the project post .

The Videos :

- Tinyhouse and off grid resources YT video for information . The Water Filter and Tap basin diy .

- leadfarmer73  diy Activated Charcoal recipe , information

Thrival as the focus Of Course  ! 💦⚪️🤍


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Another , thing I noticed right outside of the lot of the Hotel here . An installation of some sort ( Ive seen similar about a Year ago in more the City of                             Los Angeles , KoreaTown area . More fancy equipment there , It appeared even Intergalactic  . I was staying at a Hotel there . Some Familiars ‘ at a nearby Restaurant Bar , they had that rude and crazy order a drink from Your phone instead of the Waitress there   too   . I will have to search for those images of the 6 G  (??)  . I took pictures of there too .

… The Security Guard here said , “ No , Its Not the Hotels “ . It has been put there a few Days ago .

… Another Resident here said It was Military And 5 G …. “ It has two Antennas on either side of the Silver Box affixed to on top of the pole If You look closely .

Im thinking is that how they Totally hyjacked ALLL 4 of My Facebook pages ? This had occurred around the same x  . Now those Fb pages are just now recently recovering  . I Prayed and still Praying for My Fb pages to come back ~ On Its own , Naturally . And I wrote a friendly email to Facebook , asked them to fix It and get back to Me when they can  ‘  🤍⚪️

Now still a lot of Dangerous and weirdness occurring here , Today at this ESA . They have signs on the doors saying they are Closed “ . They had just Sold the property . However , It is still in Process . And the Police were here Yesterday for a Few hours on My Floor  . I dont know .

Be Safe



*+  updated

Added two more images of out of the norm Technical Equipment ( in the attached below section ) . That was in Koreatown , Los Angeles about a Year  … ago . A lot there in one placement .          -Actually Its another install in           South   Los Angeles  , looking at the    Bus Stop sign . The other pictures are on My other phone and My data  , somewhere :  (

Also remember I disclosed here on SSF regarding the 5 d Tower next door to an Inn in San Luis Obispo within 2 Years ago . And how a Hotel guest who was Military said ,  …   “  and that one wasnt turned on yet  “ .  I dont have those images linked to My mobile for some reason (??) . I posted the pics of that one here before .



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Oh My Goodness So many crazy things still occurring . I have to quickly mention this jezebelz Santa claus druid devil business owner dude’ that tried to Assaultz Me ! I was waiting for another Store to open , He another Store owner came up to Me rudely . Started rudely talking to Me basically about waiting outside on the sidewalk … very rude I started videoing It ( He looked like another Familiar there , and My low battery message came on while filming , He knew somehow without being able to see My view , and started talking more overt Like “ Not only He owned My Air , also My Shoes , and Hes Christian “ , totally Insane . and I knew He wasnt doing the covert ~ overt thing , He was now totally Overt , not pretending He was a Normie , saying He owned My shoes too “ - I look down at My Phone not recording because of the low battery message - I put The video back on , He started changing back to covert and walking away ! Totally knew My phone wasnt recording at a certain point obviously ! Total post Nazi technologically 4 d … saw somehow My phones video on or off . I have seen It SO Many x s before , some x s strangers’ even giving salute gestures - that x was really obvious !  💗⚪️🤍

Be Safe😊

Also , a couple of Days ago , So rude the 2 nd Sunday in a row with the next door Bussiness , the Parking lot to an ESA , at 6 am Gardening , And Street Cleaner ! Went to video the person with a Street Cleaner machine ( cleaning an already clean parking lot on a Sunday at 6 am ) started driving the street cleaner on the parking lot in crazy circles , all around like 6 X s and going … another resident came out with His Dog the person was driving really crazy around them , obviously Not a sane person . Videoed how crazy that was , and now Not on My phones photos files !

Gangstalked from that lot , some peeps parked there , and inside the Cars for hours . I can see them from My window ⚪️

And they just sold this ESA . The Hotel signs are ALL covered with Black !


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… Oh I forgot to mention As Water  Element …  , they are able to change the Temperature and Pressure of Your  Shower ! Fyiing

As if a Person is turning It on and off , obviously playing ‘  * around  ! They been doing that to Me here lately .  

As deflective protective or Not , Its wrong formula , making E over Good , and anti Nature Imprinting . Please No Duality , OnLy Good !  ⚪️💗🤍

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