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I am told that people with this condition are hybrids with an alien race called Mefeen.  

"mefeen look like the scowling faced what we wrongly call greys. Seems to be a common look away from earth. Their knees are backwards to ours. Anyone with backwards knees is a mefeen hybrid/crossbreed. They are shapeshifters as well but forget about the knees bending and get caught. Hard to know who is a hybrid and who is full blood because of this."


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I think I need to expound on this further as there is a connective tissue disorder that can produce a similiar picture to the jeans photo, it is called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and they are so not Mefeen. In fact from my research they are (if autosomal dominant) from Benjamin, son of Jacob/Israel.

I know about this because I and my family have EDS. So I don't want anyone to shoot any of my bloodline/family.

Image result for Knee anomaly in EDS

Image result for Knee anomaly in EDS

But saying that, if their knees do this they are most certainly going to be using a pair of crutches, braces or be in a wheelchair, human anatomy can not cope with this anomaly without support, if they need to walk without pain.

Having seen a Mefeen in real life, I can assure you the sight is odd and I saw no crutches, therefore I deduced it was a real Mefeen. I  got no feeling from her, just the shock of seeing a Mefeen shapeshifter. She wasn't following me though, so I was alright. The angle looked like a broken leg though.

This is where I learnt about the Mefeen; (What worried me about this video is that the Mefeen are being watched using a camera with the frequencies of exactly visible light spectrum?????? But they are suppposed to be invisible! So are they not invisible to digital cameras?)

This channel did have another video that showed a Mefeen shapeshifted  into a woman and her legs were clearly bent backwards, almost 90 degrees. Now she was clearly not human  but she was a beautiful slim woman in a red dress at a bar and she had been following Dante. I think that the key here is there are only 400 Mefeen, are you doing anything that would warrant an alien following you?

What worries me is that the photo of the man in the jeans could easily be a person with Hypermobile knees symptom of EDS, they have a had life as it is without being accused of being an alien or hybrid and if they are going to attack as the video says they will be invisible.

So don't just assume a person with bent backwards knees is a Mefeen shapeshifter. It may just be a person with EDS.  Also is the person actually following you, if you can see the bent knee person?

Keep safe everyone.

lol no one is gunning for hybrids or crossbreeds, but i have it from the horses mouth....there is mefeen some where in your family. They call it a defect but it isn't. Doesn't make you anything....just born into a family with Mefeen DNA. All of us in the mind control govt programs are hybrids and crossbreeds of various aliens/ets. 


there is nothing wrong with being a hybrid, Angela. Not an accusation....explaining to people who all is what so there is innerstanding and no bad mistakes made one way or the other. If you weren't a hybrid this would be the only life you ever have. Being hybrid means you have psi abilities, etc. It's all good.


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I must be a hybrid. 3 types apparently. I wasn't too happy when I found out I was part of the Beast bloodline. The other two are alright they have me saved on tons of occasions. Just don't growl at me, lol. I try to be good and follow the Way of Love, keep the 10 commandments, etc. Help out when I can and with what I can. (With my health issues it's getting less and less lately. I am becoming more specialised though.)


But all I am saying us, I know these Mefeen are viscious gits and you need to get them before they get you but the video on Dante's website (that unfortunately he took off) was quite obviously an alien. The bent knees I saw, if seen in humans would make walking impossible.

Even EDS knees would never be THAT bent. And I don't believe that any Mefeen essence would be in an EDS sufferer (it could be in individuals though). It is purely a connective tissue disorder and a genetic mutation that is centuries old and not a skeletal disorder. EDS causes other problems too, like double jointedness (in layman's terms) and eye problems, ligaments too stretchy, in fact anywhere there is connective tissue.

According to Dante this bent knee thing can happen well after birth, often in childhood, when the victim is abducted and it is very painful. So the victim is born normal, then becomes abnormal. The knee is reformed.

It sounds gross.

The alleged Mefeen I saw, had shapeshifted into a woman in a supermarket. I am pretty sure she was one, as the knee was bent totally backwards and no sign of crutches. (I just hope she wasn't following us lol).  No pictures, I'm afraid, as I was with my family and we were rushing to get food.


I didn't mean to stir up anything up, just trying to save the life of a fellow EDS sufferer, lol.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

To Eevie   I watch Dante's videos but I use discernment and my own experiences to deduce their truthfulness. They are fascinating and informative. I had only watched the video on Mefeens that week and then I saw one (alledgedly.) That is sort of my MO in this life, I learn something and then I have to use that info asap.

I haven't met that many aliens (seen many UFOs though) and if I do meet any in astral dreams I chop their heads off, cos that is probably why I'm there. The one dream I didn't chop a grey's head off, I remember nearly strangling him. I don't think I like them. lol.

You said that from the Horses mouth I probably have Mefeen DNA. (Personally I hope not.) Can you tell me more?

All my research and info that I have, is what I myself have found out and I am very interested in finding out more. I find it fascinating that I still do all the stuff I do, with so little information and so little encouragement. I have retrieved few memories of what was done to me and what I have done. I really would like to know for certain who I really am and where I came from before this life.

I can't say I am not supported, as I have had angels leave me physical messages that tell me what is going on, such as constellation maps (got photos but who would believe me, lol) and fairies have helped me contain an evil frequency designed to kill us.

Keep safe everyone.  (is going to be my new signature and I mean it!)

Yeah, computer problems here all the time. We have lost so many laptops and my latest one has been 'Black bagged'. How do I know? The cover on the hinges had been broken-about a month after I got it. It means that whenever I am on, if there is a satellite/TR3 over head it will be sending microwave down at me.

And now apparently I sent an email to my oldest DD about 4 days ago and all my contacts. Last time I sent an email was 5 September 2016.

Maybe we should open a thread about Targetting Issues we have all had. I could fill a book.

Keep safe everyone.

I have to copy to my PC before I post anything. It's as if they are reading whats on my screen in realtime and just as I press send, I lose Internet connection, so I lose the post. But because I copy first, I have saved myself lots of time.

Once in UK we lost total internet connection. We were told a fox had chewed the wires in the local hub box, I remote viewed and it was not a Fox but an ugly alien.

Keep safe everyone.

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