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hello. i guess i owe the community my timeline. this is sort of practice for me in case i go public.

i made a pact with the matrix as an entity. then i stepped in as an ancient hybrid in yet another avatar. a side effect is im also able to be an energy vampire but use my environment instead of others. when i gain energy i gain more vibration. when i gain vibration i change timelines. also changing myself, how i think, and possibly abilities.

my soul was born and placed in ohio. it was an abusive birth family in the first place. especially neglect. my cells remember my brother climbing on the counter in order to get food. when he was under 4. when i was 2 i was in a house fire that someone could have started. the county thought it was my older brother but he claims to have been in bed. the house had multiple generations and we lost my grandfather to smoke. we stayed at a friend's house right after and then it was off to child services with me and my brother. the county attempted to place us with a family. i wound up biting my brother since we had some greed over blocks. so i wasn't at a home for even a day and i was taken.

this is when missing time sets in and we are talking about a 20 or 40 and back. when i was with child services i was most likely with pizza gate and ultra had a hold in the hospital system in northern Ohio. with a hub being ohio state. i feel i was apart of ibis programming and then transferred to something paranormal like mantauk. the thing is when i discovered being with ibis my stomach turned. when i thought of being with Montauk i felt tingles. the scorpion corp also had a hand in Montauk and was between earth projects and the ssp. then i was most likely transferred to Canada. i feel there is a giant Monark solutions base there. not sure what happened here unless they had training and a stargate. from here i was in the ssp . as a foot soldier, i remember project omega. which is avatars. i remember at least a reptilian commander avatar. other versions of omega seems to be project hulk and iron man. the big faction i was with was the umbrella corp. they seem to have been big in technology. in fact with the ssp memories im strong in tech. when i think of tech i think its my imagination but it could be my training. as far as alien terrain i mostly remember dry desert-like places. i don't doubt if i was a small ship pilot or mec armor pilot either. after this i oddly remember being a pre ww2 era german citizen. to be honest there might be apart of me that remembers that i had a little brunette wife. actually, an ibis super soldier who was with the ssp and Montauk as well said she remembers me. then i was regressed and put back.

i was then put into a second family as a 2-year-old. when i arrived i had a shot in my leg so i couldn't walk. why wouldn't i have a vaccine before the first family?  i had a teddy bear in tow. which was given to me by a creepy nurse. a total mk ultra move. it had a red b on a yellow hat. like the color of pizza. it was named for me and it was called lu bear. lu means love. like in love bomb. On a side note the father was a dentist and his dad worked for nasa. Its Like the foster family was carefully chosen or something.

i had a normal childhood the second time. yet i had to constantly go to the dr for vaccine. one time i went to the dr and the excuse was my nose was bleeding alot. so they proceeded to poke around in my nose. when i struggled not knowing why they decided to hold me down. it took an adult at each limb. so i had an odd medical history as a kid. then there was a time where i could have my first gang stalker. i had a store-bought secret admirer card at only 12. what girl that age does that? after i graduated high school i wound up in a group that ran like a cult. this was more of an accidental move on people's part. On a side note i had tonsils out when i was in third grade. So I was knocked out in a hospital with a mk ultra history. Thats creepy because im not sure if i had implant work to.

after 30 my suicide programming kicked in. i defeated death and fully came to in 3 days. this is when i started switching timelines in a way. i wound up in the starseed faith and spiritual. i guess alot of people in the community are not only hybrids but starseeds to. if you know starseed culture you might be familiar with orion and sirius personality. thats is def my major traits. i did learn to hear my intuition which is a nice tool. then in only a few years, i was looking into the super soldier stuff. it all started with researching rh neg blood group. then seeing Duncan, Casbolt , and Max in interviews. interesting, well i kind of stayed in the community because i at least woke up to possible astral milab experiences. the astral milabs are continuing to this day. i also pick at psychology and discovered that im personality fluent. which means i do have a core but i do have different sides. even sides that are a result of things like ultra. even a side with basic derealisation which is the beginning of disassociation and may have a hyper-focus that can be weaponized.

well thats it for now. its hard to make this stuff up. talk to you later.

- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

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You described a lot that I have been thru, abilities and such. Only I was abused thru and with religion due to who I am and what I came here for which is true for every one of us in the programs.

Yes the milab astral is stronger than ever. Wake up a lot lately with the erasure hangovers. 

Have you tried catching your smaller alters when they are triggered and incorporating them into your core? They are no longer alters once you do so giving you more control over your life. I feel I've done the same with some major ones as well. The knowledge and abilities become one with your core being .

Intuition is everything!! I can't stress this enough.  It is your true authentic self,  your immortal spirit being and is coming to the fore when engaged thru empathy and intuition.  Psychic abilities are your true self as well.

Love your life/lives histories and how you have handled it all.  You have a strength you are is the real you. Keep moving forward in this direction and you will conquer all you have been thru and what is set before you. 💗💕💗


@eevie thanks for the awesome reply. i can also see why your a valued friend in the super soldier community. Anyway i will look at work with alters and directing timelines with positivity. Im also looking to get out of my body at will when i seem to be locked in. I just know all is possible. Thanks again

- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

@eevie well i kind of got a taste of religious trauma. So i cant imagine what a real project would do. a side of me thinks being the fifth horseman is a cool thought. However i dont remember that kind of programming. Its nothing like your expiriences but i mentioned i was in a cult. Well it was actually a christian group but i dont mention that since i respect all kinds of faith. The group was in a cult news documentary called mind over mania. I posted a video about it. My family was religious in the first place so i found public groups and churches easily. Here is the link.


- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

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