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Hello. Im looking into being a astral milab myself. So i thought it would be great to have a community dream log. Anyone can post dreams and astral activities here. 

I will go first. i have dreams with very minor powers. Like fly or teleport. Also a minor combat power like weaponized umbra kinesis. Then something happened recently. 

I got angry in a dream and had powers in dream time.  I was flying and hovering while generating high force winds and lightning with clouds. i generated a storm on steroids but could not get electricity to come out of my hands. this is not like me. While this was going on i made explosions at will from a distance like modern artillery fire.  i just hope no milab was in the same dream space. I dont think im activating. As a milab but who knows. 

Shortly after my manager joked about thor with me in real life . thats called syncranicity. now its your turn. 

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@Nate YPX Grey interesting dreams. Also some of those seem scary. I hate to see the night where i have a dream that is about abduction and being expirimented on. If im looking at being a milab the abduction or expiriments is one thing i missed in both astral and real life. One reason why i look at if im actually a joe citizen. i heard of falling in a dream but thats extreme falling. I mostly fly in dreams if anything but wonder what being simply anti gravity is like. if the anti gravity dream was in another star system it would kind of make sense. i also heard of accidents on mars via youtube. I guess one could be on mars or the moon via dream. Same with starships via dreams. Im not a expert. Just giving it a thought. 

Update: hello everyone. Last night i had a odd dream i should record on here. In a dream i worked for george w. bush . if you dont know that was the secound bush president of my country. In the dream space i was a willing pilot if i had clearence to do so. when i told george bush i cant eat meat he got very angry like its a requitement to eat meat if this worker was supplied with it. He even asked why. While in dream time i was curious if he was a non earth entity in hiding. Its a curious dream because its a old leader and the real life choice of no meat for me was questioned . In theory my okay to meat is my kryptonite as a unusual humanoid. This is not the case for everone.  Which means i may be joe average forever if i choose to have meat. have a good one. This dream post is for everyones update on interesting dreams. Not just mine. 

Been a Vegetarian since 1985 . Im a wannabe Vegan . Veganism is the Antidote to the Illing n Killing ,   Pestilence . Worse than h*** making n Galactic Collaspe , Affecting ALL   Creation  . Cosmic Veganism ( is directly affiliated with e " n h " = p*** machine erectus ) The mech , tech machine of e*** | Hatetors = Dark energy , Dark matter , nodes ( now moles like Cosmic Cancer ) , Binary Pulsars n other Nature n Cosmic Macro Universe anomalies  ' that are from anti - matter | dark mindz , e " n h " = pain machine with olde ' n new Technology = Anti : Nature , Love , Providence  , Humanity  , Children ,       Yin ~ Yang , Heaven on Earth = As Above So Below n Vice Versa Love n Respect Rules Respectively .

Failure here = Failure of Humanity  , ALL Creation  ! Centre Axis Good, God , Goddess n Father ,  ALL Beings n Beingness . Transmutation Transmuted mutation of Nature n Providence Producing directly ,  Humanity . Not by trolls/evil LIE n Liars/ Posers/ jezebel/Haters/ Deappreciators/Reprobate/S . 💗

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Oops my comment got moved to here . Im going to have to put back to where I placed with the post in regards to the topic  )

I have had Prophetically Dreamt , like the 911 Towers as it was occurring n a lucid dreamer n lucid daydreamer n doer in astral ( affecting in the 3d n basically in every  d when traveled there ) .  N My Dream Dream ' Is For Humanity  , ALL Nature Creation Sovereign  from e " n h "   design , assault , attack n or rule  .

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Greetings readers. It looks like one can indeed be trained in dreams. I think alot of milabs claim training. Im close to not doubting it at all. I will tell you what i mean so stick with me weather you like martial arts or not. in this last dream there was a lady teaching martial arts on the fly. She had weaponized hands and nails. Seemed like Comic book like metal.  This person put her hand next to the right side of my head and asked "how close am i" i replyed by guessing a 1cm in american and i moved her hand while learning to block before it got there. she said to spin her around so i did a motion to throw her with a leg out for a controlled trip. she proceeded to rake/slice a metal finger nail across my eyebrow area from the outside. Nearly blinding me in the right eye if it was real.  The metal nails where not to a sharpened point. It was more weaponised in its natural shape. As she did it she said "how close am i now!". I had cut damage over the right eye i needed to inspect. As if close range eye attack is hard to block. Hmm...What is the physical lessions? Well i will do food for thought with my backround. 1. Maybe watch the distance of your oponent and block early if effective enough to block. I say if because some teach simply counter strike. Thats the main one 2. close distance is indeed hard to watch and the eye strikes are effective. A very small action like horizontal motion across the eye may actually do something. Even on accident. i have no nails but more respect for fictional characters that do such as lady death strike. Anyway thanks for reading.

Nate, you are manifesting your true powers in your dream time.  And remember......dreams are real. They are where we live our true lives. You can do these things and more in 3d. Remember who you are. 🤗 your abilities will blow your own mind as they come back online.  With use they will become like breathing,  second nature to you. 

In times of duress mine have manifested and saved lives including my own.  And at times they have manifested with no thought at all. Lol gets interesting.  



@eevie glad to see your still on. Yes i understand abilitys can be in real life for some beings as well. So i was surprised to hear confirmation but not really. It will just feel odd to have abilities like thor or even storm # shrugs.  I cant think of anyone who can create creaters from explosions with only intent. Maybe a telekenetic. anyway real abilities other then flying will be odd. I consciously floated out of my body once. 

@Nate YPX Grey yes metal nails. I think it was more of a full metal gauntlet. the material was like tentacles omega red has in comics. as far as death strike ... Well dream figure had nails that where not sharpened to a obvious point. Also i did not get a sense it was anyone. If it was a invader the person had the identity cloaked. However beings with a image like wolverine seem to be involved with my life. Im not saying im genetically related. People in my life even called me wolverine or logan for giggles. So chances it was intentionally lady death strike in a form increases if the person in contact has dna of wolverine or is from weapon x. possibly a mutant that hates the wolverine line and associates might show up somehow. I would hate to see sabertooth in real life if he isnt cool! I would still post about any phyiscal meetings with real life characters. Used inner knowing for this post. Thanks for your reply nate .

I have had many, many "dreams", oobs.  Most were about battle. Astral battle is all of the mind, not so much the body. AI will hit your weaknesses and cost you your confidence. Any weak area is in truth your greatest hidden strength. AI mind fucks you if it can. AI runs the battles, the weapons,  etc. 

I've fought various branches of milab in this manner. Once I was abducted and taken to the astral to be killed.  I looked away from what was happening and said. I'm not looking at this. Instantly I was out of there. I didn't internalize hat was happening to me which if I had I would have died. But, I vocally rejected it and looked away. 

Another milab faction was working ops with mine. Each team entered a building opposite of each other.  The building was empty. Before I could act the other milab team opened fire on my team. They mowed us down. I drew my weapon ready to go down and I was the only one left alive. I was hit from the right side by a winged being who wrapped a wing around me for protection from the weapons. All in one move and flew me out to safety. I know the man who lead the attack on my team. I was the target.  He has refused to convo with me since this took place. And he hasn't tried anything on me since. 

One nite my team and I were in heavy battle in some huge city. We had been compromised and I had wounded all around me. Nate, you were with me that nite.  My main concern was my wounded warriors. I had to get them out. I saw a ship flying low and I flagged it down.  It instantly landed beside me and took us onboard to safety. Never saw a ship like it before. It's lines were more sharply angled instead of smooth rounded edges. Still haven't been able to id it. 




@eevie Do you remember when that operation was?  I some times wonder if people who have done operations with me have also done operations with my clones.  I think I remember you talking about this operation a while back.  What kind of winged being was it?  this story interests me.

Nate,  I think 3-5 years ago. I'm not good with linear time, sorry. Could be more or even less. 

The winged being was Karistus, what Terrans call angels. They have rescued me too many times to count. I'm from their world. I'm Anunakene but winged  like the Karistus. 

I think it was you that nite,  not a clone. We knew each other.  🤗 

When the boys are back in town plays on the radio it means I'm being picked up that nite for ops. Lol always come back bruised to  hell and in pain but they're worth it. I call them my laughing boys. They take fun at my expense when I ask stupid questions coz I don't have my ancient cosmic memories like they do. 😁 but they mean no harm. I'd probably laugh too. 


I only remember the one but that doesn't mean we haven't worked more together. 2009 my memories were tampered with. Since then it has to really stand out, something unusual about it for me to remember.  I can wake up with full memory and it leaves me like water down a sieve. I can actually feel it leaving and I can't stop it. Whatever they did to take my memories was and is insidious imo. Not theirs to take. 


@Nate YPX Grey yes i saw the wolverine solo movies. Good to hear wraith survived that encounter. Ontop of that My spiritual side doesnt like killing for nothing. Teleporting is the one official power i would choose. I even payed close attention to nightcrawler. Looks like wraith was weapon x according to the fanpage. so its another person i will currently look out for but i dont know why anyone would contact me. Real life diversity is great so i can see sabertooth as a giant celtic decendent. Im a celtic decendant myself so i can say that. I thought Sabertooth is another who might use nails as a tool. I have no doubt healing factor exists in some form. Thanks for the thoughts.

@eevie interesting dreams. Yes im starting to notice i should watch out for artificial intelligence. infact i mentioned lady death strike to nate and comics says she is part cyborg. perhaps she is someone who would mess with your confidence when i thought she just had agility. infact my dream invader had decent agility and my confidrnce was kind of low. hmm 🤔. Atleast they aproached as a teacher even if it was a possible cover for a kind of sucker punch. I been through the spiritual community so you can tell me your anything you want i don't doubt entitys and hybrids exsist. I kind of mentioned on the site that i am a kind of jinn human but i dont think i mentioned that term yet. Anyway...

Those in the programs are hybrids. Many of us are too powerful for a human body. Our energy burns them up really quick. 

Entities and such are very real. I've had to deal with just about everything in this life..  entities included.  I do wish ppl would stop calling all aliens demons. 😂 too many species to list on all levels, realities, planes, ad nauseum. 😂😂😂😂

A good sense of humor helps. 😁

Thousands of years ago we had to create hybrids to battle the Vlash rep hybrids. We aren't talking about DNA or just DNA hybrids. Essence hybrids and they are still made today.  The face eaters they blame on bath They were given too much rep essence.  They say they feel possessed at first.....its the essence taking over. 



Nate, Vlash are the reptilians that took over earth thousands of years ago. They have controlled our history since then. Trump is the only president who is not a rep hybrid. This is why they have fought against him as hard as they have. Trump is a Maitre hybrid. Maitre look like Greys but they arent. They have a permanent scowl on their faces and have no voice box. They use devices to speak with, electronic sounding voices. They are a failed hybrid species and are the most malevolent to come to earth so far. They are the ones who abduct my family members, but not me. Reps take me. Reps and Maitre don't get along. 



Yes, those were the Maitre in the movie. 

The Jews have always served the Vlash.  Both consider themselves gods of humanity.  

Maitre are from another galaxy and they destroyed their home world when they left it. Like the Vlash they destroy worlds. This is most ancient cosmic history. Millions maybe billions of years ago. 


@eevie hmm... I have heard a friend talk about energy burning up ones body. it was actually a arcturian walk in. Her walk in soul must inhabitate a hybrid body to have high enough frequency for lack of better english terms. Or walk ins can burn up to :/ Im personally just a fledgeling creator that has a avatar. Well as far as in this realm. The thing is i guess it can go on over drive with frequency. I will try to still be nice if i become a telepathic thor. hehe. Yes humor can come in handy. Maybe its the culture calling spirit beings demons. so i pick the term jinn. Im not one but i guess muslims say jinn are spirits in general. Some are ok and some bad. the genie are simply a kind of jinn. Well i hear that humans are still considerd universal royalty. i also hear human dna was engineerd. i owe apreciation to whoever created high vibe avatars. Alot of beings are here cuz of such dna engeneering . Interesting if public canibles where a modern expiriment. Yes i think alot of rep side might do that. I can see how trump is different in some way. i can also see grey like species using a hive mind and prefering telepathy. if trump has no voice box then the soul must have inter dimentional tech wich is interesting. I usually say the programmer does not make mistakes when creating beings. Sorry if these beings messed with you and your family. i personally say some beings need to be pretty aligned with themself to have abilitys. Im thinking Perhaps personal alignment is a part of my personal journey.  I personaly dont think i would post if i develop something like flying. 

@Nate YPX Grey and readers. Well i know reptillian, grey, and annanaki giant are historicaly involved as far as the dark forces. Multiple species variations instead of just one species each. as far as good the most attached seems to be pleadian species. another word for the giants is nephalim which is a word for angels. Just something i heard in passing. I would be surprised if the president is something other then what i mentioned. unless its super advanced artificial intelligence. 

Anunakene aren't dark. History was altered to blame us for what the Vlash have done. Every fucking day I hear or read how me and my ppl are responsible for the ills of this world. Total bullshit! The Vlash have done a wonderful job conning all of you to hate the good guys. We lost the fucking battles against them and had to withdraw.  The Karistus came to help us. But then they got caught up in this bullshit too. They were lied about as well. Stupid ignorant assperts who think they have it figured out.  They work for the Vlash....duh


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