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I was first introduced to Max Spiers around 18 months ago when I started watching Miles Johnston's Bases series on YouTube. It was while watching another Super Soldiers (James Casbolt) series of interviews that I discovered the sad and tragic story of military mind controlled and programmed one - Max Spiers.

I since came to watch his message on humanity and our evil planet being run by these Satanic controllers that I embraced Max's message of the feminine side of man being attacked and manipulated, his message of the evil doers trying to 'break' Man's heart and his spiritual message that the only way Man can defeat these evil reptilians controlling humanity and keeping us pinned down with only two strands of our given 12 strands of DNA thus keeping us trapped in the third dimension was by promoting Love and genuine affection for our fellow mankind. His message was strong and sincere.

Max had a tormented and divided soul and his soul was being fought over by two different factions of the Illuminati. The Red Rose Team and the White Rose Team. R.I.P Max Spiers.

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So I found out something interesting, the name for the Great White Spirit is called Wakantanka, and this means great white buffalo, for the Sioux Native Tribes,

I'm thinking that these " white dragon, white bear, white wolf, white horse, white lion and white snake ,white griffin ,etc, they represent countries where certain super soldiers or agents live...?" could represent something that comes from that great white Spirit context?



Still trying to find out about Pegasus and Hydra..

Whitelion 342 Max said he was White horse and in my dream, that was the clue that my dream was about him.

Could be bloodline/tribe abilities. I have a white wolf in mine-Red riding hood bloodine. Although I have also been called a Gyrfalcon. This is a white falcon with blue eyes.

Theory: So when a white buffalo has been born, it means that someone has been born with the white buffalo ability. Then when one dies the human has died or the ability has been lost and that is why they mourn? Just thoughts.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

Angela, very interesting idea, found some info;

looks like this red and white tie in to the aspect of the Duality of the system, the one is red and Merovingian and the other is white as far as I know represents all spectrum together, you know like all light coming together in one place as one white point of light.

I'm thinking that the Tribes as bloodlines as you mentioned has to do with types of DNA factors in our blood that make us super soldiers in the first place, don't want to say super soldiers lightly, but in reference to my explanation.

 Your Theory: So when a white buffalo has been born, it means that someone has been born with the white buffalo ability. Then when one dies the human has died or the ability has been lost and that is why they mourn?

I feel that abilities have come with us irrespective of dying, sounds also similar to the white lion myth theory. where one dies, a part of the stars fall...something like that...

The white buffalo representation of also the old earth shamanism and also represents Great Spirit the uncreated Creator, as an aspect to the medicine wheel, which incorporates the white tribe or the white- I believe this is as you said a bloodline thing, It does not represent race, more like a frequency.

Now as all these elements are weaving together I can see that there was reason these elements were mentioned, I feel that it could be to do with simply coming together as a whole where we have very specific gifts and or powers, after all this also represents , the four elements, as I believe this was round about the last things that was discussed.

Something Else

Project Pegasus has to do with Andy Basiago, Time travel

So Timelines? and Project Hydra As was mentioned are many heads perhaps coming together?

Project Hydra

also software open source as Linux is open source which is basically the mechanics for Cern.

Shit, things somewhat muddy, but getting to a point...

Do we change this timeline to another one?

Or do we clear out the malevolent entities?

Trying to lay it out so it makes sense somehow...


Timelines have already been changed by the Uncreated creator using the 4 Royal stars. They are quasars and were used to change our timeline.

This is what the Mayans call the Time of No Time. They calculated it would last 25 yrs. It started in 1987 before the Harmonic Convergence in August of that year.

So 25 years would have ended in 2012. I got a vivid dream in January 2012 that many spaceships had time travelled (Operation Pegasus ability) back to 1987, (23 May I found out later) and they used the same weapon they used on the Two Towers on 911. They vibrated everyone to dust as it was a sound/frequency weapon. In the dream vision I didn't hear the sound and I was one of the Remnant survivors. We became the Earth Defence Army (few hundred thousand) and although it took many years we beat the Enemy. We had help from many off world races.

Have you heard of The Miracle Of Stairwell B of the 911 attack? A man survived that day and the weapon they used (not airplanes nor explosives as they were the cover story), as he was of a certain bloodline-Benjaminite and Davidic. There would be no bodies found in the towers' ruins because the weapon made them into dust (and a lot of the infrastructure). People of New York were breathing in human dust that day. The weapon was fired from space and the evidence is a report of a hole in the magnetotail of the Earth for several weeks after 911.

There is a Black American Pastor that wrote a book about the 1987 war and the sound weapon. I heard about it a few years after 2012 but never read it.  Ezekial and the Valley of the Dry bones is basically describing time reversal of dust to bones to bodies. (This has happened before and written about by J.P. Farrell The Cosmic war.)

There is also information that January 2012 was the actual date of the Abomination of Desolation. In late 2011 USA had some Emergency broadcasts on TV. Someone worked out there was a time frequency between each broadcast and it led up to January 2012. He died before he knew for certain but he had discovered the Abomination of Desolation date. Many people don't believe the A of D has happened but I know it has come and gone.

This means we in the Valley of Jehosphat (decision) and we are here to choose Uncreated Creator or not.

CERN is being used to find a way out of this timeline. But all the 188 day earthquakes were a way to stop them, by making the Earth day slightly shorter and making the time coordinate calculations  impossible, so the spaceships couldn't go back again.

The Mandella effect is actually the Daniel prophecy of 12v7 where it says, 'that it shall be for a time, times and half a time'. I read a webpage that says there is a better translation of that verse and it talks about 'one time, many times and a dividing of time'. Add the word line after the word time=timelines. We are in the dividing of time ie two Earths. We were moved to a parallel earth 21 November 2015. And how I know that, is the basis of another thread and a puzzle I solved just in time.

This is all off the top of my head but I have better notes written down that are more precise, if you need me to be.

One thing I have learned in my life, I can worry all day but God still has it all under control. He is working on our behalf all the time.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

VERY INTERESTING!! Thanks for this Info !

So here goes, something that is worrying me at the moment, I know that we are protected by Great Spirit/Uncreated Creator, but there is something that we are going to go through soon, been trying to get us all united in capabilities so that we can stand ready for this, A New Shift in Time using our DNA in FREQUENCIES, not the same as before, to create some sort of stargate out of our energies, using state of the art freeware such as Hydra and pegasus, still gathering Intel.

I don't know why I'm getting this info coming to me in dreams at the moment, so I guess we will see, all I know is that something feels off...could be messing me around or not, but am keeping vigilant.

Could even be directly affecting the country that I am in....

Had a dream visitation from Lee Backer, nice man, don't know him from a bar of soap but he told me that he was busy with busting something open, and this info is wiped away, before he could expose it.

He knows a lot about tech stuff, so trying to get more info, there is more emf pollution in the ethers than even in this realm.

 ET ships outside this planet  waiting still, stationed. I've had some info shared with me that we are all being armed in some way to become aware, it is a silent attack, corresponds with the sound frequencies, maybe why I feel like I'm going deafer by the day...(pondering)

Thanks for your Insight , I'm working on placing all the pieces together.

It all makes sense now, had some dreams that corroborate your findings, about the earth becoming an alter of itself and so on.

Wisdom and Protection!

HI Whitelion342 I don't know if Hydra and Pegasus are in the hands of the evil ones or not. My intel tends to be global or universe based lately. Only some intel is for my local area.

The Earth becoming an alter- could this be the same as there are many layers to the Earth, as she lives in all the dimensions at the same time?? I think this is the Pearl of great price? As a Pearl is made up of many layers. Currently mankind is in 3D and we are supposed to be going 4D soon.

I am really not sure of the jargon as I haven't been taught, I discovered all my knowledge via books or Web and seeing if that matches up with the Bible (no matter how mistranslated it is, I always seem to get corrected somehow.)

I am still learning and I feel that I could get into conflict with people over the words I use-as I was programmed to be a Born again christian and I still use the words I learnt as a child. So if I don't use the same words as you, please forgive me.

I find what you say fascinating! But somethings this forum talks about I haven't got a clue about. Shocking isn't it? Lol.

I am a Follower of The Way now.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

Hello Angela,

The Hydra and Pegasus info was simply relayed to me by some spirit , I agree with you that the earth seem to be going through some " alteration" at best its also as you said layers like an onion, saw during many astral projections that she is truly like an orb of creation, using time as pockets for portals to be formulated, along with leylines.

Don't worry about the jargon, have the same issue myself in terms of simply just putting info out there so it at least make sense, until I've noticed that saying it as descriptive also works, We all go through this communication problem, I have had a long time battling with this, wrong stuff come out and not, nothing to forgive.. lol

I have also done research in the same way, books, experiences ,dreams, been talking on and off with friends and faced the anti-nut squad too...but

Your material / experiences and knowledge is refreshingly honest, and hope to communicate more so about these things.

There is a moot point in shift at the moment , shaking up the old dregs of the system simply by talking about it,

There is not much of activity in terms of experiences, just the far and few and it seems that simply also talking about it as you said is also a weapon.

This I agree..





noted. white rose? well i did have a dream that i fought for max spiers when they attacked him at a building. my soul might have been friendly with the white rose faction if its milab reality. i guess i have to tag some people to see if they have any information on the white rose and how they may be involved with illuminati. @Nate YPX Grey @eevie

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

page 2. i did a quick search with white rose war. seems like those groups and war of the roses terms have been actually used. so far the white rose is resistance but that is all i got in the real world. wonder if white rose has anything to do with the faction called kruger. both seems to be resistance that have history with germany.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

@PatriotNewsOrganization  Miles Johnsons channel may have been banned from youtube.  It has been a while since I have seen a Max Spiers interview

@PatriotNewsOrganization yeah this video topic seems to have been deleted. im not against journalist but im ok if people like project camelot/ bases project and miles johnson gets removed from youtube. i feel caution should be used when talking to them and i was lucky i had tech difficulties when i attempted to contact miles johnston on his website. oh well. anyway im sure you can post anything in youtube if it has something to do with the community

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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