It's too much to re- write so I'm linking to my FB post- thread from last night . 


FB post text , without the comments to follow . You would have to go to the FB link  for more  n about the Twilight Zone thing - about 6 comments .

"  Okay You Guys  ' , here it goes . You ALL probably think I am crazy ' anyway  . However , by Now You ALL have noticed the unexplainable n or at least the curious occurrences around the World And around Us by now .

I am guided to share this text . N by the way I was removed from my ( finally settled placement for a few Months at least in my fresh start Studio ' ) after Years of Upheavals in Los Angeles n elsewhere  , away from my Childrens placement (?? , n Excommunications n Family  Bond since September of last Year ) .

N I am Now in Beautiful San Luis Obispo . In an Airbnb , awaiting a suitable Home supposedly ! Anyway I am posting a text , I sent my ExHusband today :

"  N I forgot to tell You regarding    Max Spiers in another Body before He was hyjacked as He was right next to me on a bench ! After He told me that The Stars up there put their Bodies together , up there ! Without MK Ultra ! Quick Old School I guess . N that crazy ketu , who did it said He has His body for 3 months ( screaming at me ! ) . That was about 3 months ago . N Max isnt looking Good now ( in other polyfragmented  ways " ) . It's looking scary ***** .

- N  ( * I recalled ) I saw that on an Interpol video , Lights " | n Rest My Chemistry song  . Showing Star Beings | Stars putting a Mans Body | Form together  ! 

N other People told me about that too ,  in different occasions.  A Person on the bus said that they come from Outer Space to down here  .

- Also Mobys song , We Are ALL Stars !

Versus album title - " The Stars Must Be Insane " !

- Another Person told me in Mar Vista , He was trying to save the Amazon , that they were trying to destroy , Two months before we starting hearing about the Forced Fires there -  He also told me His ancestors said the Outer Space Peeps ' were not supposed to be on this Planet - He said , His Family said , We dont belong here " !

- Pretenders song , Back on The Chain Gang , descended like flies " ! , they hyjacked my Planet overnight ' - N Morrissey covering of the song . N How Soon is Now, I am The Sun ..... He does a lot of soft Disclosure there .

Pixies song This Monkey is Going To Heaven , one of the band members was glowing as a Celestial Being in the video ! The lyrics also pertains to what I'm fyi-ing .

N that Ketu , the South Node - I'm telling You is doing that -  as so black now . I saw Him near Redondo Beach house too ( * last year ) , when we were there , Walking to the Gas Station  , were I made a Friend ( a Manager * ) n It was so scary when I saw him approaching the station , He look inHuman Black Shadowish n very Creepy !!!! I believe the same person I saw at Black Sheep pub on my Birthday telling me I have to take responsibility for Criminals n their actions , over n over ..... N I kept saying NO !!!!!
Ketu is a Karma control thingy ' in Sanskrit !

I'm telling You they are down Here as Jezebels beating up People , Nature , Humanity as hatetors Actually calling Us CLOTHES ! It's so
e " . When He took Max Spiers  ,  after He pass away next to me n that ketu entered His Body n I noticed what had occurred ( as He slumped over and leaned and rested on my shoulders * ) -  And then  ketu | south node , was screaming at me and saying Max's body He had for 3 Months !  This after Max told me He was put together by Stars Up there ! Like what I saw in that Interpol video . P . B .  = Jupiter .

[ * N I saw a recent interview ] - NO In that same interview  !!!!!! 3rd party line there censored *  ......  ( *  Right after Max Spiers in another of His Bodies encounter n Horrible Crime....... ) , with ketu in another Persons Body saying that " The Person in this Body is melting " ....... ( and other things to that point ) laughing to P . B . obviously concerned , knowing exactly what He was saying n very bothered , However Not able to elaborate in the obvious Double Dutch Talk .

The day after that Interpol interview ,  I re- posted a FB Picture , I had just seen * , of a Baby inside a womb n the Illustrating as He was torn up n beat up , in the caption saying this has to stop ' ( basically * ) !

Before all that I already knew this , n figured it ALL this out . N getting all these connections of confirmations n validations dropping down here like flies "  ( lyrics from above mentioned ) ........  Disrespecting ALL Creation ! Not joking , very serious , And I'm not delusional  ! They said the greatest trick of the D ' \ e " is making it as though He never existed ! So True , I never thought that until about 15 Years ago ,  He did ( * n is )! N how crazy it is Now !

* That's why Natural Procreation is where it's at,  Like God intended  ! You meet ~ Fall In Love ~ N maybe Your meant to have Romance , Beautiful Life N Children ........  Existence  , Extraordinarily Naturally of course ! +💗

Definitely without e " troll hatetors assault n infection n total hijacking to destroy !  ?? We | Humanity  , Human , The Children of The Universe dont deserve those e " mindz attached to Our Bodies n Breathe of Existence . NO GMO With jezebel - Now Men too ....... It's so Stupid evil  !

Be careful *****  +💥💟💖💙🦋🌌😊⚘ ))))))  "

- Sorry to ask to be heard , I'm sorry to tell You this And I am HopenWishing The Intricate Truth ~ In Absolution We ALL Are Free !
I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!

Nanette + 💟

The * indicates additional  information  .

The Pic below is the FB repost , the day after I saw that YT Interpol interview  ! "

* N posting my text to Nate here           ( from this Morning  ) , who is supposedly comfortable in the Extremities  ? Very Scary !!!!

" Hi Nate , I HopenWish Everyone n Everything is Okay . I wanted to let You know I posted an extremely important Paranormal, Supernatural , N High Tech FB Post last night , to supposedly the normies ' out there . Experience with Twilight Zone type of thing too . I want to post on SSF when I get a chance . Maybe I will just put a link to it on SSF ??

Please let me know if You are Okay. ? I havent heard back from You recently. N I'm assuming it too much rambunctious ' around to go there with doing an Interview . I certainly HopenWish You have extra Support n Security ! I m in San Luos Obispo now . I was removed out of my Studio there in Mar Vista, Venice CA again .

Anyway , nice here in SLO . Trying to lease a House , ( right now in a rude Airbnb ) with my ExHubby .
Your Welcome to visit anytime if Your in the Hood here ! It's really nice here even though , CAL Poly town too .

Anyhow , I think a very interesting FB post - thread about Star Beings , Max Spiers , A lot about Music Bands mentioned n references | with Soft Disclosures , 3d N crazy Ds with Parallel time lines ?? , N High Technology , even 3d comment (s) alluring from the opposer who was a poser ' in my growing - upbringing , who I see in my MindsEye constantly ! N With interesting History n Pictures just had here too .......

PLmk if You are okay , Thanks +💟 "

+💜🌌 Thanksgivings To N For The Ones Who Protect You And  I ~ Humanity  !Please be careful out there People And Peeps in Jesus ChristLord Names N To The Ones That Protect Him Too , Not InVain Ever !  Perpetual Peace And Love , Resoundingly StiLL +💖


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Original Post



N somethings Not Good occurring here at this Airbnb too !

From another text :

" ..........And somebody touching n moving my things in my room when I got back from a walk in Downtown . Touched , crinkled n moved my Elvis    ( On The Smiths | Morrissey Tee  ) n Joy Division T-Shirts I had layed out on the Chair . Elvis then  ( when I got  back ) had a large crinkle on His forehead , which wasnt there before n the Joy Division Graphics , which I Purposely Show from underneath the Pulsar was completely hidden n not showing !

It's not Good here . Airbnb ...........  ' precusor to my TShirts ' messed with .

..........  '  n

I HopenWish You n Everyone Is Okay !
6 Hours to get back - it's totally out of control ! Again for Who (s) , troll jezebels , evil | hatetors mindz ?

Please call n let me know if You're okay . Are You okay with ALL this stuff occurring??
What's up with this Airbnb ? It's not safe feeling here ! "


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Some additional to the initial FB Post - Thread in the Comment section ( 7 comments there ) :

 " Now I noticed something weird ! I was walking Downtown SLO earlier today n I noticed that the K in The Black Sheep signage is reversed ( n kinda looking imperfect ) , which I didnt notice the couple of times before , n I thought odd ( the place I mentioned in the post above ) . N I saw a Google image earlier of the Signage that was published from 2 years ago , it shows as a reversed K too - However a different typeface from today ! N I was there again tonight , and took a Picture , the top Pic ( n something else weird happened again - when I took a still shot without anybody in the shot ( about 5 ft infront of the Pub ) it produced a few seconds as a motion shot instead - n I took two Pictures . One as a regular Photo " n the other as Selective Focus " - NOT as a Video " n or Motion " Shot ! And with a person walking past with a big cardboard box infront oddly as I took a still shot ?? ( a Photo " ) as I was taking a Picture ! Which I would have waited for just a few secs until He past completely ! Extremely perplexed n confused with this whole thing here for sure ! The Signage obviously without a Person crossing infront with a big box in the way of course , right ?? Anyway , very Twilight Zone ! I have had many Paranormal , Supernatural n High Tech happenings that has happened to me before ( with some I was able to take Pics for proof , which I posted on FB before . The Hearts Post ~ Thread n The $ Dollar Store Post with the cleaner just  recently.......  ) However , this is really strange ! In any rate , I did make a still Pic from the motion Picture n I noticed the K 's look like different typefaces too ! The top image is from my Mobile Phone camera . Very strange ! Hopefully these Pictures n comment transfers well n You can see the difference in the typefaces at least . I will link the motion picture too . It's very confusing !! Anyway, I dont know totally what that is about , I really dont remember that Guy with a big box infront of the frame , n I would have waited for Him to pass as I wasn't in a hurry either n that would be the ideal way to document too . And I definitely did choose the functions on my phone camera as I described . The bottom two Pictures in the collages are from Google Images . "20190929_211334-COLLAGE


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To You ALL , concerned Citizens of Humanity  ~  with Human Compassion N Affinity  . Now I'm in Morro Bay , Airbnbeingit .

From SLO 20 Minutes away and they were getting infiltrated too . Now I'm noticing a horrific mess here too . I am posting texts explaining  :

~   +*  , after I left here to try to do Transmutated (* because rudeness at the Airbnb with the TVs Not working n with Picture however without sound    + ........ ) .  I sat at a bench nearby for about an hour n I didnt want to go back into the house . So I ended up going Atascadero ( Which I had a negative feeling when I saw that name looking a map about 1 week before coming here n seeing the Street sign of the Atascadero when I arrived here . It's the Street to the Morro Bay Rock Beach . A Beautiful spot however , There is a Toxic dumping facility right there by the scenic Rock n Beach there . With RVs n Houses where People are supposed to Live , living , life ? It smells sooo Chemical n the spewage of Sewage also there ! You can taste the Chem on Your tongue . WFT is going on here ? What are they doing to this.  Planet , Its So Evil ! 

-  What is going on with Morro Bay n Baywood next door too ? Baywood was written in the newspaper as a toxic place too . Its so toxic chemical n Sewage here . Its Illegal !!!!!!

-  The Planet N People cant Live that.  way ! You can't Breathe without it being overwhelmed. WTF With that ? Hows is that allowed ?

-   I read about Baywood being the most toxic place in the US about 15 years ago . When I walked back last night , I still didnt want to back to the house . So I went back to the bench n the Sewage smell was now even there !

-  N also last night , as I siting on a Tree Stump staring out to the sea , The Rock there . I looked at The Moon , to the Left of the Morro Rock n I saw it was that infamous ( Prophecy ?? ) scary  Salvador Dali painting where Everything was melting even the Time watch , The Moon looked like that .

-  N No , I'm Not Delusional ! What's Psychotic is that Toxic chemicals dump right there at the Beach , With Morro Bays Rock scenic Place n RVs n Houses right there with ILLEGALLY using n Abusing n mockery of this Planet , The People. Humanity - Being Allowed ! The chemical smell is so saturated in the Air , to where You can taste it ! It's so Sad +* 

-   N supposedly I'm done ( * I was told to stop (??) last night  with Hard Disclosure . I also heard saw other thing saying I have Speak Out too , n ....... this Morning . How can I not say anything about that . Should I ? It's So Horiffic !

 ** So there is a Hazardous Waste  Plant , And  a Water Treatment Plant | Sewage right next to that ,  The immediate across from The Rock n Beach n  park  .  NThose  3 Towers with also Airborne lights are Oil Refinery things (??) , behind those Plants about 3 Blocks away .  At the Coastal Towns scenic spot of Iconic Morro Bay Rock . N RVs n Houses directly right next to that Toxicity .  ?? The Stench n Chemical , with it so bad You can taste it ! Its  so saturated n overwhelming ! Its horrific who's Allowing that ! N nobody says anything n or questions about it  ?  The Antipathy in Entrophy is Extremely dangerous You Guys ' . This Planet Is Providence Gods N The Mothers Planet  , not troll jezebel n evil/hates n now extra alien ' hatetors here . ALL is seeming into the abyss of a  Black Hole , we wont be able to Undone it  !

*  K " is from California , intially from Northern California never did it have to be imported !

-  = A text

*  = Elaborating n or adding 


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I'm trying to catch up with this. California is malevolent alien run, operated. The socialist left runs Cali and they are run by the evil aliens. The K is of import. Backwards is not good. 

Please help me to innerstand better what is going on here. I get the drift but the details no. Max part I'm not innerstanding.  I want to help but I need innerstanding to do so. 



Decided to post my private message to Eevie :

" More about the inners of Max Spiers . Who I believe is still trying to fight against evil/hate  . I think some His SouL Lineage  | Lines has been droned . N I'm seeing the Beginning part that was Good not His strong Body anymore trying to Protect me in My MindsEye . He has also been insuiated in energy marker with Someone I know n talk to on a regular basis ....... Because He has interacted with me in several of instances indirectly n covertly too . I believe He tried to contact me in maybe three attempts , One in a Branch part of HimSelf . I believe He is of Times SouL Lineage n Lines . He brightened up when Mentioned  King Arthur ( I believe He is the Inner Child of ) n I believe He was  King Henry VIII too ....... Many Times "' also when talking to Him as a Homeless person n He started to tell me that He was put together by Star Beings up there , apprehensively . [ I saw Him twice in that Body in Venice , CA at my last Studio apartment ] We hung out the first time on the street there with His Friends there ( some Familiars )  n listened to music , He was drinking  . He knew that a particular song Hendrix ( I believe a part of Mars SoulLineages  ) ~ May This Be Love wouldnt show up on my Mobile phone N it didnt . Didnt see Him for about a few weeks . Then I did.  He had a guitar that time , much more skinnier n was targeted He said after we met . There was a lot occurring that time n we got infiltrated by jezebels n barely made off the area we were we made it to n sat on a bus bench where He was hijacked out of His body by South Node ,  Ketu in Sanskrit . He passed on right next to me , leaning His Head on my shoulder . N the jerk Ketu as I noticed what occurred  , started yelling at me when I called it Out , n saying He had His body for 3 months ! Now I see that ketu everywhere , including Yesterday stalking me , mixed with a bad part of David . After the Time on the bench , I saw a Pic of Max Spiers in another Body looking like a holocaust  Man  , naked , emaciated,  Skeletal  n obviously tormented . That's over 3 months ago . Now in SLO too much horrible Crime design spreed here too  , another branch  connected to nazi Germany with Jungclaus  surname , He was Homeless from Pismo totally Hyjacked too ( He mentioned the Black Cube in the Sky hovering overhead Houses doing programming ) n How His Military Friend told Him about them .  He also had a guitar too . Not totally looking like Max however same SoulLineages|Line Markers * n SoulExpression Energy that seemed Organically His . Same type of scenario we hung out for several hours He introduced Me another Homeless ' Person , an Irishman,  in His 20s they were talking cryptically about Nazi Germany  , n how He was going back in forth . One bystander looked n reminded me of Morgan Freeman n Mars playing Music ( Rush )  n then He ( ** this was removed Jungclaus " to Identify who got hijacked  ) got Hijacked too , by the same entity  ! He told me a lot of things ! I was about to post about some of it , then I didnt  . 

N a few of days ago  I made Friends with a Shop manager in SLO , a candy store . He gave me ALL kinds of discounts on Star War memorabilia ( * for My Children mostly ) n He took me out to an Irish bar in town , we had a beer ( n listen to music afterwards outdoors )  . I saw an Primodial looking Time German , Irish Vrill looking there at the bar , He shone me , He was with jezebels  . The Nice Guy (??) I was with was God n Jupiter at first , Their Bodies , The One Body got hijacked by the same entity n a little lucifer He was Morphing into  !


424.216.**** if You want more information , n or Confirmation of what I wrote here , HopenWish it transfers right . It so rude now lately with them ' completely changing my words more brazen than before , it's easier over the phone to explain . Thanks for asking ! I dont want to be in this situation  . However , I'm in it with my Family that has been Hyjacked too ! I haven't  heard from my Children for over a Year !!!!! N I want to support those trying to do Hard Disclosure regarding reform n especially regarding the pedo n infection of Crime/Criminal design evil\hate of Jezebel machine . It has to be stopped !  +💟 

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