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hi. i should probably put this post in the members only section but i have the power of a pen name. hehe. however i went from brother off the street to possible future interviewee person on a laid back show.  yes now i understand how not many want to step forward. 

anyway im eclipse as you know. if you dont know about me im currently looking into being a astral and multi dimensional milab. some projects i may be involved with is project surrogate, milab/mk ultra, and umbrella corp. my odd things i have is a rare blood type which might affect my physical ability and i have ability of potential hyper focus while doing readings or in sticky situations. this is so far my only odd power when waking. 

im not sure how to start this idea but this is another post about how things are connected. plus a little bit about my milab super soldier background. anyway i noticed that im possibly involved with bases and i traced it back via dreams and astral . i have located those bases with info so i will connect the dots on this forum . plus make this a discussion post for current and future members. 

so one dream i was talking to a guy that knew about milab. he kept confirming stuff i was asking. then i asked where my soul was taken. he said berkshire. well i originally questioned if there is a facility under windsor castle. its a possibility but i never heard of any confirmation. however i learned there is a base in peasemore in england. its on of these secret bases. they are even said to have done project mannequin. which the basic idea is working with things like waves. as in radio waves and brain waves. so anyway i feel this is most likely my original facility as a milab. these secret bases seem to be involved with aliens so soul capturing tech can make sense. ontop of all that one of my claims is i sparred someone who looked like casbolt. well casbolt was at that base in real life. its in britian but America has a hand in it. i kept hearing the nsa is involved with secret bases. then i noticed secret bases might be connected with each other. its sort of like how all programs seem to lead to a form of mk ultra. my example which gave me the feeling that everything is connected is i had a dream that i was talking to australian soldiers. i was there because was a kind of scout or something. the only thing i remember being said was one guy said to me a milab secretly likes pain. hmm. hard to explain that one. it was similar to a ex navy seal saying he rather do something that sucks every day. anyway i walked away from the australian personnel. then i was stabbed in the back. i felt that one to. so i wonder if it was the astral form of pine gap. my dream had rolling hills and pine gap happens to have a backdrop of hills. my next example of things being connected and possibly a part of my story is a base in new mexico.  well i had a dream wondering what project i was with. this was after i fought a being with weaponized umbrakenesis. well a guy mentioned mexico and x-2. well i was thinking it was x 23 who is wolverines clone. it also seems like they are a big player in a project area that i am in if x 23 is not the one in charge of that project. well x 23 is possibly from a lab in mexico but i think dolce base is in new mexico. which gives me another connection to bases. as in i might have been spawned in peasemore and now a base that is in charge of my milab case is possibly dolce base. even though i claim umbrella as a main project. sort of a satallite location for activities. so if you see some kind of clone of mine then say hi. hehe. actually i did take a dna test for ethnicity so now they can clone me. note: thanks to the dream informing figure i feel dolce might know about x -23 if she isnt directly working with them . also i feel umbrella might be interesting in healing power mutants with a sort of super soldier background. That kind of being seems to be right up their ally due to their interest in genetics . 

esoteric dreams can still help. for example i had a dream where i was supposed to go threw a unknown portal. i wanted to scout it out first to see what it has on the other side.  i chose a quartz stone that helped me to move fast and a kali stick as a not noticeable weapon . well i noticed that im used as a scout or even assasin that takes beings on in one on one situations. last but not least please use your intuition in your own case research. like by my own intuition i can tell some things exists like cloning, space armor that looks like its from tron, nano tech/ black goo in injections, and possible facilities for mutants (even schools) that the public knows nothing about. 

anyway tell us something that helped you trace back your project. such as a dream or astral case. even multi dimensional accidents/ off world accidents. maybe  in waking life such as being taken to a facility. i even had a dream where i woke up on a dry area of andromeda system. it looked like a dessert town in starwars. so its whatever.

anyway thats all for now. have a good one. 

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

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@Nate YPX Grey i heard of mysterious marks but i dont have any. Seems like being stabbed on the astral Australian land was just a clone loosing his life. I wonder if marks can be disguised as natural. like i have a hole from a in grown hair. The thing is its near my tail bone when the dr said it can happen anywhere. when i checked myself right now i noticed i still have my birth mark. Its a large freckle on the back of my left leg. 

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

Yeah I went to a hospital where there were they put people with government clearances and mutants on the same floor together, it was a strange experience.  I met a guy who was fired from NASA this was when NASA was de-funded and fired a lot of people, i met a veteran from Department of Naval Intelligence and storm was there working as a nurse or some sort of staff strangely enough, she had white lines in her black hair it was very bazzar, thats how i could tell her apart from the other old black women that worked there.  I think some of the staff where men in black, I talked to one of them that said he remembered Namor and that Namor lived a very long time and that i was similar to him in some ways.  It was while i was staring at a fish tank, i thought that was pretty unusual.

well I have a suppressed memory of being drowned and surviving, perhaps that is what the guy was talking about.  I am pretty sure he was a men in black.  I don't feel comfortable going into the details of the memory though, I remember being flashed and hypnotized afterwards to make me forget about it, they did a pretty good job distorting my memories and making them unreliable.

your fine bro. glad to hear your still with us. so then they have a device that can mess with memories. hmm.  yes you could have a mix of things going on. like how Deadpool in the wolverine movie had different kind of genetics from various people. i did not care for how that character wound up to be more of a special made up version of the guy from mortal kombat. anyway some beings are drawn to water. im more drawn to air like powers as a theme. like flying and lighting. i will throw in teleporting to. things like that. im just a brother that is possibly dormant. however i think i accidently astral projected once. i felt the feeling of floating . i didnt feel a crash back to earth. i was just laying on the couch when i was trying to see. 

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

I know , if I remember I wouldnt be able to motion Upwards n Forward most of the time , if the Circumstances required  . Im definitely ,    a s.c.a.r.e.d.y. c.a.t. .

However , have natural Affinity with going on hikes ' .. and mortal athlectics n Arts before .. I would have Loved to been able to Travel extensively  .

Its obvious the extremities as counterintuitive.. I dont know Truly in that regard now .  Too much , I want to do an extensive Post - Thread on whats occurring in Los Angeles right Nows  .  Grand scale Technology thats was also Abnormal Paranormal , as I recorded before - Beyond Beliefs  .  Also totally like GhostBusters Movie | Feature , Serious  . LaBrea Tar Pitts Not Good for Children around here or Anywhere Apparently .    《{ I want to Be with My Family too . I havent seen or heard frome My own Children since September 2018 ( almost 2 Years ) ALL here in Los Angeles too even  , Supposedly  } 》 . Especially at the Park ! They completely Obliterated LACMA Los Angeles County Museum- Even removed the Signs ! Freaking Devils Mindz - attached to Humanity n walking Everywhere  ! Crap Everywhere . A Gargoyle, is on top of this building now too ! I took many Pictures .

+* ThanksGivings there is Humanity Love Anchored here : on this Street n area , SmartFinal , RiteAid ( both looked boarded Up from The Main Street view , like maybe they ve seen some rough times  . ) , Ralphs , 99cent Store , IHOP was Open , n a Mexican Cafe on Wilshire Boulevard has been Open the whole time Ive been here .   * Oh , Walgreens was Open however , completely boarded Up . And The Korean Arts Center down the block seemed active too . I am Airbnbeing   it , so to speake  . Ive been trying to stay Normal , cooking and baking , .. having a few drinks here n there .. Quit smoking cigs for over a week now though , watching soap videos n short docs ... the usual . No TV . That should be utilized for Humanity  Respect n Rescue ! Somehow , You ALL . I dont know how the small Mom n PoPs Stores are doing it . I saw a Cannabis Store across the Street frome the 99 Cent on Wilshire . Please Be Safe  and Easy And Salved +🤍 BetterBe   Okayed .

Also remembering  that Gary Numan song I posted about here in SSF recently  . Down At the Park . With the lyrics .  Probably Not Good to Post that Post - Thread I was debating . Maybe My written account is enough . IDK PLmk . I dont want to s.c.a.r.e. You ALL ) + 💟


OnLy in Good Appreciation and Gratitude . ForeverInfinity Humanity        ~ ALL Creation Transmutated ( unaffected ) . I m HopenWishing We ALL can be in Complimentry Freedom and Liberty . Perpetual PeaceLove JesusChristLord And ALL Loves Names , Its Creations Story as WeLLer . Resoundingly still and steady Progressively . BetterBe corrected in Better , Betterment  +🤍


* Additional details 

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