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I noticed The Moon in the Eastern Sky looked Not the same shape as before. The bottom part of the Sphere , Circle was irregular and Not looking like the bottom was spherical  , And the Clouds were not obscuring the visual.

I took 3 pictures , that did Not   include the Moon in the Sky in the pictures   ( attached below ) too . Which should  of according to Lens and view  finder on the phones interface.  Very concerned .


Also Update , still beyond belief with the Tablet device ( mentioned in last post thread on the 2 nd page of ) those FamiLiars , jumping to do furthermore in 3 Level Density  . Including the same one in the video that Morning mentioned with a naked bottom Person ( baphomet  , lilith  , the d , s in the Mind Space ) on Yt ( posted and image of ) , then jumped to a 3 l d phone store later that day  , towards the other Person ( another F in cahoots )  ... To the actual customer service Person on the phone about a month later , asking ?s , saying No refund , reprimand... type of nonsense , said 7 business days to see if they would refund  , and canceled the case the next Day .

[ the automated out going messaging and promtps still in real time sedna , d , s too . Not just that company I noticed with. ]

Called again the customer service  , escalated the canceled case , then the new case # canceled the next Day  ...

Called again days later , and waiting for the refund to be resolved. Not even proactive to refund the full amount too $$$.

Now another purchase with another type of Home Business format , the same type of thing occurred. With a sedna , the same onez in cahoots.  Still waiting for a purchase for Detox and Healing ,  Ionic Foot Bath Device ( which I purchase before from a few Years ago ) and EMF Grounding device to correct My Blood Cells ... still waiting for , It been about 11 days now , and wasnt shipped yet. I wrote a long friendly revelant email to the owner ( I purchased from before ) and was answered by a Familiar' ( sedna , b , l , the d , the s ... ) instead.

The email He sent when trying to see if the order went through , was altered recently to say the package would be sent early this week ' and an email to give the tracking will be sent .

It wasnt and the Person who answered back My email was ( intercepting the email exchange ) I wrote back an email ," I wrote that as a reply ... , and when can I expect the shipment  ? " Mentioned 2 Days ago " as the reply I didnt see on My email log  , crafty crated apparently  ( And this happened  , that I had noticed before with some other communications , including a ghosted Grey suggested sentence or phrase to write in Gmail as typing ) email mentioned the owner out of town , no mention about when shipped out ...


Still working to finally send out 2 all inclusive Care Home Care Essential Packages To Gaza  ALLLL PeaceLoveJoy Is ALLLLWays Today . Good People helping Me with that.

🀍 βšͺ️ 🀍

Copy and pasted , blocked 5 times to put this as a attached file. It appears they changed the greeting this email too ! I wrote Hi again ... * " Its Not on the Gmail now.


... The Foot Bath again. Im Being honest with you Im totally inept with Electrical , Its sketchy to Me. Hopefully I am able to do without a hitch again. I appreciate Your simple design , with less housing to trap the yuk.

A Childhood friend was doing a Foot Bath detox expose' for Her yt channel ( about 12 years ago ) as She was having the Ionic Foot Bath done on the video , the clinician pulled out a long worm from the basin , and asked if She walks barefoot and have Cats ', and the kitty litter ? And She said Yes.
And the EMF grounder Im really looking forward to it!
I actually had seen My Blood under a Darkfield Microscope at a Alternative MD in Los Angeles in His office I saw My Blood Cells ( for micro amoebas from India , The one trip to the Chinese Herbal Medicine Doctor in Downtown cured Me! ( Even though the Alt. MD Dr. said I would never get rid of them. " ) After everything else I tried didnt. If they are still in Me , maybe they are like Good Bacteria :  ) Or turned into supersouldiers protecting My Body . I feel I contracted from the Temple Water.
I wish I had access to that type of Care still.
I am wondering if You have anything that can assist with Kidney , Liver and Lymphatic detox and purge too ?
Also , I was wondering if You thought ear coning is a real therapy ? So many Years of others saying Not. I allways thought It was.
Thank You so much * for having these much required products available.
* I forgot to mention in an email that the Owner was out of town " re detox and Healing.
** I had reedited , what was changed  ( Not by Me ) on this post just now . Re the jumping occurences , and confusing sentence explaining how with the Gmail prompting suggested sentences and phrases to text as typing in the Gmail body of the letter.


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And another shipment too Not the whole thing sent this month. And It takes 10 business days to send the missing item. And its connected to the Government , Shipping , Postal service.

I called to find out why , after I received the email , and customer service gave a jumbled not making sense excuse , and then said their system went down and fixing It now.

*  Oops , I read the package kit and Its says You have register prior to the other item mailed ! A digital scale.

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... also Today sheerist evil , I left a comment on a Video for Charity for Children with Cancer this Morning  , And It was moved to a totally different Video on Joan of Arc.

I discovered that by defaulted phone Not able to take screenshots now . I do with My writing. So I decided to record by copy and paste , and then email to MySelf.


πŸ€β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸ©· How come Nonpsychoactive of Cannabis , Kanna Bosm ( KJV ) is Not utilized for Cancer Cure ? The specific strains researched in last decades as Affective for different Cancers. In 1970 American Lung Association regarding Cancer in the Report * Journal cited Cannabis was Affective for the Cure then. That was @ 54 Years ago .

I really like this Charity to give to because of helping Beings that really require the help Whollistically  .  * Please consider Cannaboids as a viable Cure for Cancer for Children , We are too as Adults in that.   πŸ€πŸ’—


No Shame


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... I tried to find another video from Them to post the comment . The first video , the comments turned off msg.

The next video ( I put the comment on ) I noticed after I copied and pasted has motion graphics of a Heart point on the bottom piercing the top of the silhouette of a young Childs head , with an indent ?? Sadistic looking

The next video , was a total Black screen with no type or anything , 3 .. in the yt shorts , and one yt video , comments turned off.


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... however  , The packaging says , at the top " This kit has everything you need to instantly print discounted postage from your favorite carriers including USPS , UPS and more. Print from home , work , and even your phone. "

Without the scale , thats supposed to come with ( free ) ?? There were other digital scales , more than 5lb ( the free scale ) limit.  Which I  tried to purchase the to 70 lbs ( they had higher too ) limit , for an extra 50$.

My purchase was blocked. However , got an email It did go through the next day , but not with the 70 lbs upgrade. On Bank account ledger , It showed a 1$ charge from the company  . And It was removed from the Bank account ledger the next day .

[  Thinking I can make supplemental income , with what I kept getting blocked from doing since 1994 Home and Bathe Essentials products  ,Crafted Candles , Herbal products ...  with Social Media ( store with a Ticker display , like the Stock Exchange , of Conscience... part of the Company motto , one liners ) of  Social Consciousness , with also different Charity cards' to add to the gift basket(s) . The Charitys to make alliance with Organization(s) that see and record If they are Legit.  A very Special Cafe Gift Shop I really wanted to make.

Another Company  Years after that I wanted to make Natalias Tea Party " , also blocked. ]   

* Same with Stargate FamiLy PermanentLy Rescued! Since @ 2010|2012 TooπŸ€β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—πŸ™πŸ©·

... so I was also thinking the easy Shipping can help with the Community around here with easy postage and shipping . As this Address would be a , " Standized Address " according to the Company  .

I did get another packet kit sent Yesterday  , again no scale. And they did email a couple of days ago stating 10 business days . And they are in the same City


Whats going on around here where I reside now ?

Now , this building was just purchased by new owners Yesterday we got the notices. They laid off some workers. HUD , Gov ,  and Volunteers of America are out , I dont know .

Really Rude the whole experience'  here.

HUD | OPC ( FamiLiars' ) liasion gave Me a several page official letter package out of here for 80k $ . I Planned My leave ... And they reniged  last minute. Stating I was not eligible ... No follow up since , about a year and half ago . Now mentioned better do the work to find another place type of verbiage from workers around here.

I dont believe to chase the Carrot' furthermore with , It That. Probably going to wait to see what happens.


Finally finished the 2 Care Kits for Gaza ready to Go , that was blocked Yesterday too . And Today We are supposed to ?? It almost 12pm , and havent heard from the Person helping Me to deliver to a Mosque nearby giving It ~ To FamiLy ( Humanity ) in Gaza . He was talking to another Person regarding and getting an Okay to come by and drop It off.


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... the company in 1994 starting doing protypes. The following Year met My Husband , got Married , Pregnant. In 1996 Pregnant registered the Company name with the Los Angeles County Registar the name Mood & Light Company . We werent Not monetarily comfortable  , it was allways a struggle , having to move , getting evicted type of things occuring ... I don't know how He managed that on His own , Me Not really adept in Accounting and juggling $.

In 2010 I look up the database on the Registar and Mood & Light Company . was still on the database with My name. A couple Days after It was removed off.

Then about 3 years later a customer service call with a major Bank regarding moneys missing out of My account ( several times = $$$ ) and asked that I answer customer service ?s later , they asked Me odd and Personal  ?s like if I knew this Person ... and if I had affiliation with The Mood & Light Company ( the logo a Woodcut' Victorian Moon&Sun ) Which I wasnt able to do business as  , Not even as a small scale cottage supplemental income.

So if off the database and not any records of business transactions ,  how and why asking about ?


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... apparently the image blurred and     un-hilighted. It says " Bio Engineered  " and " Gelatin " .

When Agar Agar and Carenngeen ... was allready in the Food system lately with the same Taste ,Nutritional Quality and Value  ~ without harming Animals , ALso Gods Children. Thinking Soylent Green too . That 1973 Feature ( Movie ) with pellets of Food' , Cannabilsm!

* And other wacky things' occurred also with these types of Foods ... .


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Short Updates :

Beyond belief' with Metro further.  Too much to write in.  Ev*l.  Refunds canceled a couple times more , customer service , The last wanted Me to ask the store ( with My FamiLy in FamiLiars' , the same ones , and also Blatant stole from Me , who also @ 3 months ago told Me to get from the 800# . The customer service prior , said " in Your account later that Day " several times , And next Day was Canceled again ( About 4 Xs ) . Got into a Thing with the next call to c.s. It was direct and Personal from the " customer service " Person , very abvisious , Ev*l.  * +

I did get the Foot and Emf devices  final. I didnt get a response with the long email though.  However , wrote another email asking questions about the devices. Safety , safest way to ultilize ... and It does look different than the Ionic Foot plates I purchased several Years ago  from them , that was the same on the website image.  The shipping was to come today April 1st ", but It came on Friday , Days early . Was showing held for over 16 hours in a mail hub ... then Not trackable after 2 - 3 Days ( Not the 5 to 6 Days " from a mid West nearby State estimated " delivery date ". )  It was Delivered.  Like regular Modern Day Secular WorLd Is supposed to  Be Today :  )

Really Good News , Nice to see this Afternoon Yoshinoya in Gardena , Ca vicinity is serving Veggie Teriyaki bowls , Veggie Spring Rolls , Sweet & Spicy Edamae ,  Boba , Thai Ice Teas ( * but to bring the Vegan Sweet & Condensed Milk' with to make It V  :  )

You ALLLLs really budget Humanity Friendly prices.  I havent been To in Years , because they were mostly serving Beef. My Husband used to eat there before.

Was blocked again .. from sending the finally compromised ALL Inclusive Completed Kits to Gaza .

Sent late Valentines Day ALLLLWays Be Package(s) , To My FamiLy in Burbank . Husband ' supposed to be way out of State ( for almost 3 Years Nows ) however came to Burbank to pick up the " Not Sign For " | Supposed to Be signed For Package(s) ???  At Our Mailbox , We ALLLL had for decades. Said , ' a Man came in to pick up the packages ' , that at first didnt sound like My FamiLy , then said so ??

I made really very Special Teddy Bears ( 4 , And I have to make a matching one for MySelf too🀍 )  , and sent alot of very Special Specialty Foods , Pink Salt Slabs ... No mention from both FamiLy Text Threads at ALLL If They received the Package(s). 

Nowz Not any Husband'  responses of texting  [ consistent for about 2 Years Now , lately None ] ???   EV*L!




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Also a couple Days ago , I tried to leave this comment on a Yt video on Cats. On what happens when They come upon Your Life. ' My comment kept on getting removed.  So , I just copied and pasted to My email , since My screenshots and phone camera arent really functioning well , of late.


πŸ€πŸ’› I dont know what to do , residing at a hotel , I was sitting outside and noticed this sleek Egyptian like handsome Black Cat. As I noticed the Cat a couple of times , He looked at Me.  Kind of a sketchy feeling of this is Not a regular Cat. I left Food out a few times. Feeling Its Not a Normal circa We ALLLL are in too . I havent been leaving Food lately because I m trying to be Vegan too . So I was leaving Tofu with a little Marmite mixed in.  And a Yt poster said definitely Not good for Cats to eat. The last I saw the Cat , I saw the Cat looking up to the Sun , crossing ... then disappeared in mid stream , and then in another Level Density Reality [ * very faint Astral Etheric appearing ]  Shape-shifted into a Blonde Mans form just after disappeared , as jumped about 15 ft away . Im thinking that movie Cat People.

I also had a troubling experience with My FamiLy adopting a Cat that was a Familiar ' ,  at the Animal shelter , the Cat , hugged Me like a Human! And My FamiLy insisted on that one to adopt , and It was this whole thing We had to deal with.

What do I do with this one ?  I have allways Love Cats and Animals , they seem to be the center of My Life when I adopt them and vice versa🀍🩷


This Is very concerning Topic. And Coptic Egypt , 10s of Thousands , from Cosmic Aeons.

A Lot of WiLdLife around here too . And the anti , Gods Creation , Literally Doesnt Mix !




Because NO EHP IS !


Respect Is The RuLe Of Law

Natures PrincipLe Law  , Naturally

Respect Love Love Respect

Love Respect Respect Love ~

Should Be the formula , formulaction of Mind MostLy

ALLLL YEA To , UNDER , FOR , GOD The Son The Sun )))))))))  JJesus Is His Name Too  🀍 πŸ™πŸ’› πŸ˜‡ 🐰 πŸ‡ 🩷🌺🀍

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