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Hello. In this topic i will explore combative abilities in dreams. What are your chosen abilities or weapons in combat as far as dreams and astral? I guess i wont stop random ability talk but i was curious about things like fighting styles. yes there is even stuff like invading dreams which im not here to judge. So feel free to share anything as far as combative accidents and abilities if you feel its safe to share. It would be interesting if you have similar accidents or fighting stiles with someone else .

I will go first.  My powers in dreams after exploring being a possible milab. my chosen weapons in current dreams are as follows. Umbrakenesis or weaponized solid shadows. Optic blasts like cyclops character. Tenticles of omega red but they glowed a orangish read. shooting poison ooz like toad character. last but not least... Hand to hand with friendlys. I seem to be a mimic of super powers. Note number 1: my empty habd sparring was with someone who resembles james casbolt or clone, lady death strike, and psycic vampire author michelle belinger. Note 2: accidents like these make me think they would have equipped me with tenticals if i was forced to work for my country or something. Note 3: when i was fighting i couldnt really make out much in dream time accept for phantom apponent.

Anyone can also update what happens as far as weapons and abilities in combat. I have used powers of thor in anger and powers of banshee in fun but it wasnt combatm however i will be watching for those to come up. I dont do psycic things like invade dreams or astral feed like a vampire at this time. Be well. Now its your turn. Maybe tell a story or two? 

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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What are You fighting for Anyway ?         I Know How to Fight "| But I dont believe in War Ever ! As First Blood Cosmic Yin when I awoke with a Light Saber Sword In My Hand before a Planet was even Created  . Supposedly first Warrior that way . Now stylistically speaking Im mostly Aikido with Spiritual Purpose Only ( As ALways n Usual ) ! - And it BetterBe worth it in an Entertaining way too ! - IF Impositioned . So I put comedy n pun intended into it too , to make it Worth it . 

I never liked Boxing too . I dont think beating People down is a sport ! I think it should be based on style n points ,   4 corner format with protective gear ! N the Heavyweight vs. The other Heavyweight  . Not the Heavyweight against the Lightweight . Human Mortal fragile doing it is more Real and sexy'/alive . Its beyond Pathetic to do that to a more fragile and sensitive Person , what does that prove ! That You are walking n talking Problem NOT fun to be around n NOT of Society Civilization And Really have to be quarantined or in a Mental Case n or held down in InKarma/finite already !

Id rather be watching Cooking shows, listening to Music , Arts.. as an Individual N Always Being with My Husband N Family , My Children -  Humanity Sovereign is Firstly .  Who have been hyjacked n excommunicated from   Me !

I dont believe in Fighting - I believe in Karma to evil mindz Not of Flesh " however Illegally attached Ours ! Its beyond stupid And in a Pain machine isnt what Living is about ! Obviously its not the baseline However , looking like it  . Its SO Serious - Cant You tell ? We are about to be swallowed down Not ever to get out of P. H*ll ! Macro Universe Affected ! Existence isnt a game .

This Morning I woke up with somebody touching and moving the Positive Plus symbol I Purposely taped CENTRAL on The Tapestry On Top of My Bed while I was sleeping .  So many times sombodies '  taking n vexing       ( get this , even a Peanut Butter jar from my pantry here ) . Its so pathetic Loser cheeseball Mentality too . These Peeps are supposedly Rich , sex drugs in Rock Roll even ! Is this worth for fighting for a f ' d down stupid evil.  World ?

You cant even go to sleep in Peace or have Peanut Butter in Your Pantry if You wanted to !  ?? Because its the same  ones ' for Trillions of Years Full Circle Finite already !     Shut It Down . 

Then maybe it would of World of fun , games n smiles ....

Practice Martial Arts And Law Enforcement or something Under The Father , God n Goddess  - Providence | Humanity , Appropriated  . Human perspective POV . Respect is the baseline of Existence  - Allowing Love tobe InLove Existence  ! Good Appreciation and Gratitude as the Baselines .

Do You think evil and negative RuLes  n Ruled Only is the Baseline of Existence n  Life ? Evil is backward spelled frome   Live !

+🤍 YinYang Harmony Balance must be Respected  Nows ! JesusChristLord And ALL Loves Names InLoveExistence OnLy !

Invictus Adoramus Amore                      ~ Adoramus Invictus Amore  !

Love Conquers (ed) ALL !                   

The Great Recline And Resolve -

Decline the Crime | Criminals trolls/evil peeps ' dictating Design of Civilization And Existence  .

Humanity Platform Plateau .





* Notice how the Positive sign is shabby too . It wasnt how I made it  !


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@CosmicDancer thanks for awesome reply. When i fought in dreams it seems to be for no good reason. as a kid i would fight phantoms and black wolves. Now it does just happen. Its like a multidimentional group such as umbrella has etheric inplants in me. When i fight with humanoids im just gone. Or i sense danger. I can run if my mind is with me. Actually in some dreams i have a watch to call friends with . with that story i dreamed that i was wealthy and now when the watch turns up its like iron man calling friends or tech to get him out of there.  One reason why i keep my profile is perhaps i can controll myself more if i remember. Morals and reasons for Physical martial arts are up for debate . however i know it has multiple benefits. Infact a style called tai chi is still around for health but thats it. 

Esclispe there is no reason to fight unless there are consenting People there n its for recreation with Purposes - And is with Good sportmanship too . Women And Children .. n This Planet ( many Planets n ALL Universe ) - The Mother Planet of Love should have of Never been in the mix , EVER ! 

I was able to fight ' ( lucifer , baphomet n even Yahweh allowed Me to Mess with Him  .  SomeOne Apparently  Appropriated It ) with My Minds Eye , Pineally  . I think they were psyoping who I am that way now at this point . 

THE reason I came back here , I have to post another ridiculously scary ' occurrence that happened just now :

Yesterday I went to the market spent @$90 on EBT . I picked up some unsweetened made Tea ( about @32oz ) in the refrigerator to mix with my Lemonade    my usual Arnold as in Palmer .    However , the Tea Not there in my   fridge !  [ disgressing : Along with the Positive Plus glyph removed n displaced on my bed on top of me while Im Asleep ( ? ) , which I wrote about above , N other crazy things ' too . Totally looking like its falling apart quickly , Astrophysically Diseases showing it too  ] Not on my receipt but ,  I went ahead to tally my receipt anyway ( now on my newish  phone calculator doesnt allow You total more the 100 characters ) . N the receipt is off too by a dollar n some cents . I did it 2 times n 2 sets . N now I have to go back to the National Chain Supermarket to buy my Ice Tea again n ask about how n why the           receipt is off  ??  !

Question : Is it worth it to be in a WorLd that is Not Ruled by the Respect Divine Law in Order n Rule of Law of ALL Powers .

Obviously Not . 

Rambunctious Peeps can be in Ombre hombre ' Fashion elsewhere Appropriated  !  Good Above - So below n Vice Versa  .


**** OhMy Goodness this was a whole ordeal to post too . I went to another screen to check Gematria n this post was lost for about an hour . Off my clipboard notes too . Whao somehow they got it back . Thank Yous ! I am Hoping Worth It ! I felt like I didnt want to be here anymore . Anyway HopenWishing its fixed with Humanity Divine Union ! +🤍

Dubouzet Protocol There is OnLy One Kingdom In The Universe  - Providence


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@CosmicDancer interesting reply. You dont need to answer but im curious about your version of beings like satan. Just wondering if they are a figure of faith or simply another species involved with the matrix in your opinion. 

Almost no one will argue with no reason to fight. However on behalf of the community im just gonna say some souls are dragged into fighting. Im a simple citizen and possible astral milab. However some are dragged into actual physical violence or even both ..its not uncommon to serve your country as a gifted being just keep healthy and safe .  Im simply dragged into dreams and i have almost zero mind if im astral fighting . If a orginazation is going to mess with me its multidementional corperations . Like umbrella. Unfortunetly peter the insider resurfeced to do interviews and he said umbrella is related to the covid situation so umbrella is no longer a joke. If i can help with odd situations like miss placed objects then i will. Maybe you teleported missing objects while sleeping 😋 hehe. Anyway talk to you next time. 

@CosmicDancer well if a odd thing happens i might think its the matrix breaking down. which seems to be happening lately. Just recently i seen darting shadows .then tonight i seen a mouse run across the floor. I would need to set traps but then i couldnt find it! When you can see a mouse if it stays still. Ontop of that one ran the same direction about twice! Hmm🤔 i dont know how it got in unless its through the floor which i doubt . So im open to stuff. Like a drink container teleporting from fridge to bed ontop of the bed. :/ i dont think im strong enough to create a whole creature but i might be a milab though and the matrix is in a mess. I been asking around  so you can tell me what you think.  we will see how this plays out. have a good one .

Eclipse  , they are probably messing with You olde skool n new tech '  . Mouse would mean something in symbology  . Maybe also Nature Spiritually playing around with n psyopsing You too  )

Satan is close to the beginning of e " issue . I refer to Satan as a Word - Name of a Being (s) compromised by circumstancial ( its not really a.                   personal ' issue ) , it turned into about vengeance of hate , anti: Nature , Love , Humanity .. by gmoed infliction agenda  . Satan is an actual Person who also got dubbed ,    duped  , disinfranschised .. Basically a Person n Persons circumstancially involved together as One ' . The baseline of Satan , Saturn , Shiva , Santa , Satin is basically Time trickled down in sequence consecutive juxtaposed Timeline n in crazy rabid timelines with jezebel |   jezos ' agenda -  YinYang disfunct n disrespect ! The gmoed by choice ' initially with Cosmo n Time combusting together as One Being , Yahweh ..... dealing with evil erected baphomet as a node  elementally . Combusting together To Protect  , The Mother Goddess  (") . Then baphomet chimed in gmoed cyst mindz attached together resulting as africanized basically , to a confused state of Being .

In the Bible it talks about Lucifer The most Beautiful Angel ' who I believed as Cosmos , the canvas of the Universe . Who was confusedly as Dark And Light Halfs as Two seperate Natural Expressions Prior to the wee Beginning of this  mess . In Vedic Scripture  , Krishna had two parts mentioned too , Light n Dark Half . I feel two Separate Individuals definitely now as bothe Ego-Centric by Nows if not before , You Know how Men are  . After God told Lucifer He wasnt considered  The 1st Man [ Mars RedMon , Adam back then , Borne Naturally after Time the Light Part of 1st Male Natural Expression  , Natural Procreation  , Respectively ]  that caused the Fall n Rebellion into Satan ' gmoed infection n confusion further .

If its confusing n chaos it typically indicates foul n evil mindz design n set down , Not Set Up . Explaining this quickly  .

Nuclear Family - Humanity +💟

PerpetualPeaceLove +🤍

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Interesting. Yeah the matrix seems to mess with me as far as non pets in or around apartment. Recently its a fast super soldier mouse! I seriosly only see it in passing last night but thats it. Didnt catch anything when i investigated.  Not sure if tech can get me to see animals but yeah i can get that tech might throw me into astral mission for others. Yeah it sucks. Thanks for your thoughts on the satan situation. Super soldiers in general seem spiritual and i am to. 

@CosmicDancer Yeah it is a multi reality for me. Even tough i might be a tracked person you can say no worries. carona virus sucks though as far as timelines. People are a bit more on edge then usual. Like... here they placed spots on the floor to stand in some places. Fair enough. i didnt know i was like a foot past so the cashier brother said to step back when i was already at the end. Being rebellious i pretty much said its atleast 3 feet in europe implying that foot made no difference. Then he gave me this stare like he wanted to fight this milab. i didnt know its that big of a deal. im afraid that Its not recommended for A non trained average sized civilian to engage this milab. :/so yeah keep safe. 

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